Lucy Powell and Neil Kinnock expected to endorse Labour leadership frontrunner.
Burnham set to win further support among Miliband allies
By George Eaton - 21 May 16:41

Lucy Powell and Neil Kinnock expected to endorse Labour leadership frontrunner. 

Labour leadership candidate backs the 2 per cent defence spending target and free schools.
Five things we learned from Liz Kendall at the Press Gallery
By George Eaton - 21 May 15:18

Labour leadership candidate backs the 2 per cent defence spending target and free schools. 

How can Britain celebrate Magna Carta and leave the ECHR in the same year?

So the Magna Carta does not set Britain apart from the rest of Europe. It is the expression of the common European values that we have all come to embrace, but that we must never take for granted.

Immigrants cannot be wished away. Photo: Getty Images
David Cameron's immigration “failure” is underpinning the economy's success
By Tim Wigmore - 21 May 11:36

When will politicians make the positive case for immigration?

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon on VE Day. Photo: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images
Commons Confidential: endangered cats, rebellious Scots and the battle for the Edstone
By Kevin Maguire - 21 May 11:02

What does the Downing Street cat reveal about the general election?

Something new and something blue: the key to Labour's future?
By Duncan O'Leary - 21 May 8:59

Might Blue Labour offer to the key to reviving New Labour? And what would both have to concede?

Tea, builders. Photo: Factorylad/Wikipedia
You’ve had a week to get over the election. So can someone please come round and make me a cup of tea?
By Nicholas Lezard - 21 May 8:49

There comes a point when the shit piles so high on top of you that there’s no point in even trying to struggle.

Why did the voters reject Labour?
By James Morris - 21 May 8:00

In voters’ eyes, Labour’s problem over the last five years was too little change, not too much.

Whoever succeeds Ed Miliband as Labour leader will pursue a more moderate strategy.
Both Labour and the Tories are battling for control of the centre, but will this moment last?
By George Eaton - 20 May 21:19

Whoever succeeds Ed Miliband as Labour leader will pursue a more moderate strategy. 

The front-runner for Labour's deputy leadership on immigration, defence spending and making peace with press.
Tom Watson interview: "There'll be no room for messing around"
By George Eaton - 20 May 14:45

The front-runner for Labour's deputy leadership discusses immigration, defence spending and making peace with press.

“This crying wolf has to stop”: Theresa May attacks the police again
By Anoosh Chakelian - 20 May 14:17

Tough on crimestoppers, tough on the causes of crimestoppers.

Pollster Michael Ashcroft at the Conservative party conference, 2012. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Lord Ashcroft: we can all agree it wasn’t a great election for pollsters
By Michael Ashcroft - 20 May 13:32

Super pollster Michael Ashcroft on where the parties went wrong – and the one poll that (allegedly) got it right.

Vince Cable argues that the Liberal Democrats were defeated by fear. Illustration: Martin O’Neill for New Statesman
Vince Cable on the Lib Dem collapse: the Tories won because fear triumphed over hope
By Vince Cable - 20 May 13:07

In an exclusive essay, Vince Cable reflects on a “devastating” election for Labour and the Lib Dems – and explains why Scotland could become “like Ireland a century ago but without the bombs (hopefully)”.

Labour must abandon the dangerous language of "wealth creators"
By David Blagden - 20 May 12:12

The reality is that everyone, not just business owners, create wealth.

There are no easy answers to Labour's defeat

The next leader of the Labour Party to win a general election will be the one who owns the scale of the defeat, defines the new coalition and leads the party out of darkness.

Tristram Hunt endorses Liz Kendall
By Stephen Bush - 20 May 10:49

Tristram Hunt has confirmed he will not be standing for the Labour leadership, and has instead endorsed Liz Kendall's campaign.

Look behind you: Ukip could do yet more damage to Labour
By Geoff Hoon - 20 May 9:23

Labour could find themselves squeezed on both sides by Ukip and the Conservatives.

Why has Northern Ireland's "nice party" gone to war?
By Kevin Meagher - 20 May 9:14

A continuing squeeze from both sides and an underwhelming leader all add up to a party in crisis.

Ukip's first rule: "Nigel always wins"
By Tim Wigmore - 20 May 8:03

Nigel Farage has turned on his opponents.

The Trident whistleblower should make us all question Britain's nuclear deterrent
By Kate Hudson - 19 May 17:33

The revelations about conditions at Faslane and the security of Britain's nuclear weapons should worry us all - and underline why Britain should lose its nukes.

A candidate's lessons from Hemel Hempstead
By Tony Breslin - 19 May 16:20

Tony Breslin, Labour's candidate in Hemel Hempstead, reflects on what went wrong. 

Robert Halfon wants to rebrand the Tories as “The Workers’ Party”. Photo: Getty.
Robert Halfon wants to rebrand the Tories as “The Workers’ Party” – but what would YOU call them?
By Media Mole - 19 May 14:34

“When we knock on people’s doors, I want people to know we are on their side – on the side of the workers, that we are the workers,” said the MP for Harlow.

A letter from a trade unionist to Britain's trade unionists
By Liz Kendall - 19 May 13:02

Liz Kendall, candidate for the Labour leadership, writes an open letter to Britain's trade unionists.

Is Andy Burnham inevitable?
By Stephen Bush - 19 May 9:00

A series of canny political moves and a slew of endorsements have put Andy Burnham in the driving seat as far as the Labour leadership race is concerned - but the race isn't over yet.

Keep it foolish: London’s “cool” has built an economy around tech-savvy young people. Photo: Wayne Tippetts/Rex
Love or hate them, East London’s hipsters have fuelled a vast economy
By Felix Martin - 19 May 8:44

Most of us rolled our eyes at the invasion of hipsters, but the “Flat White Economy” is flourishing.

Labour's problems in Scotland go well beyond Jim Murphy
By Johanna Baxter - 19 May 8:00

Labour's troubles in Scotland go beyond left and right, and there's blame to be shared on both sides of the border.