Mwah: David Cameron leans in for an air kiss. Photo: Getty
Commons Confidential: Dave steals a kiss
By Kevin Maguire - 16 October 16:47

“It was like Anne Frank blowing a kiss to Hitler,” said Paul O’Grady.

“Excuse me, who’s that person in my garden? Who are you?”
Why is Michael Gove in James Delingpole’s garden talking about Game of Thrones?
By Media Mole - 16 October 16:00

There is no satisfactory answer to that question.

Migrants check a truck heading to England in the port of Calais, 24 September. Photo: Getty
Leader: Labour and the truth about immigration
By New Statesman - 16 October 15:27

Politicians should listen to the public mood but not be constrained by it. It should not be irreconcilable to address immigration’s problems while making a positive case for it.

Unfinished abolitionists: Britain returns to the frontline of the war on slavery
By Michael Pollitt - 16 October 15:07

After a year in the firing line of a new abolitionist movement, the Home Office is going global with its anti-slavery legislation.

A “game-changing” immigration policy won't help David Cameron now
By Anoosh Chakelian - 16 October 13:40

The Prime Minister is wrong, morally and politically, to seek an even tougher policy on immigration in an attempt to respond to the Ukip threat.

By resisting a progressive measure backed by most Londoners, they have given Sadiq Khan the chance to position himself as the radical candidate.
Why Labour's London mayoral hopefuls might regret their opposition to a mansion tax
By George Eaton - 16 October 13:14

By resisting a progressive measure backed by most Londoners, they have given Sadiq Khan the chance to position himself as the radical candidate. 

Labour must be bolder about curbing the growth of landlord-investors
By Daniel Bentley - 16 October 12:49

The Lyons review is too timid about the principle of putting first-time buyers at the front of the queue.

An XXL size tag on a coat hanger. Photo: Getty
Why all new legislation should face an obesity test
By Julia Manning - 16 October 12:10

Obesity is not a future theoretical threat, it is a present catastrophe.

Relief, resilience and reform: Labour’s strategy to fight hunger
By Jim Murphy - 16 October 10:49

The shadow Dfid secretary Jim Murphy on Labour's three Rs for fighting world hunger.

Deposed: George Lansbury, the only Labour leader to have been forced to resign, pictured in 1937. Photo: Getty
Muzzling Blair’s dogs, “Jihadi John” and cricket’s awkward squad
By Peter Wilby - 16 October 10:00

Peter Wilby’s First Thoughts column. 

Top line: East Coast is Britain's best-run railway company. Photo: Bloomberg/Getty
Leviathan’s revenge: how Britain belongs to someone else
By Owen Jones - 16 October 10:00

James Meek’s superb new book exposes the perversities, hypocrisies and failures of privatisation.

The Labour leader needs to restore the faith of those he believed he offered an alternative.
Labour might not be at war with itself, but Miliband desperately needs to inspire his supporters
By George Eaton - 15 October 21:59

The Labour leader needs to restore the faith of those he believed he offered a new political model. 

Could exclusion from the leaders' debates be helping the Greens?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 15 October 17:49

The furore surrounding the Greens' exclusion from the TV debates could be working in the party's favour.

Fifty years on, the Conservative party's race problem remains
By Tim Wigmore - 15 October 17:02

The ethnic minority population will double to 30 per cent by 2050.

Lib Dem MP Jeremy Browne. Photo: Getty
Lib Dem MP Jeremy Browne will stand down at 2015 election
By New Statesman - 15 October 13:20

“I have come to the conclusion that in national politics my race is run.”

The PM was forced to condemn his welfare minister for saying that disabled people may not be worth the "full wage".
PMQs review: Miliband rattles Cameron with attack on Lord Freud over disabled comments
By George Eaton - 15 October 12:53

The PM was forced to condemn his welfare minister for saying that disabled people may not be worth the "full wage".

Lord Freud's slip is the least of this government's appalling attitude to disabled people
By Anoosh Chakelian - 15 October 12:45

The welfare minister's remarks about people not being "worth" the minimum wage is a small example of this government's persistently appalling attitude towards the disabled.

What mainstream politics can learn from the new wave of feminist activism
By Anya Pearson - 15 October 10:17

Why politics in general would benefit from riding the new wave of feminism.

Most of Britain’s parties could be led by women within the next two years
By Kevin Meagher - 15 October 9:27

Two-thirds of our political parties in Westminster could be led by women in the near future.

Former Environment Secretary: climate change forecasts are “wildly exaggerated”
By Anoosh Chakelian - 15 October 9:15

The Tory MP and former cabinet secretary Owen Paterson voices his highly sceptical views on climate change and energy.

Scotland and devolution: is Gordon Brown making life difficult for his party?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 14 October 17:28

The former PM’s promises could cause trouble for Labour.

Shadow justice secretary tasked with preventing loss of voters to left-wing rival.
Exclusive: Sadiq Khan appointed to lead Labour unit on Green Party threat
By George Eaton - 14 October 17:05

Shadow justice secretary tasked with preventing loss of voters to left-wing rival. 

Why is the UK still behind in the global skills race, despite politicians' promises?
By Andrew Adonis - 14 October 16:18

Sense and instability: Andrew Adonis on a new report scrutinising the policies of successive administrations on skills and employment.

Former Tory minister Alan Duncan condemns the “wicked cocktail” of Israel’s settlements
By Anoosh Chakelian - 14 October 12:37

The Conservative MP and former Dfid minister launches one of the most outspoken attacks on Israel from a senior British politician.

The Mount Pleasant sorting office in London, shortly to become “buy to leave” flats. Photo: Getty
If he thinks £2,800 a month in rent is “affordable”, Boris Johnson must be from the Planet Zog
By Helen Lewis - 14 October 11:30

Offering sky-high “affordable” rents instead of building more social housing is absurd. For the younger generations locked out of buying, the consequences are catastrophic.

The PM warns Rochester and Strood voters against Ukip's "national media circus"
By Anoosh Chakelian - 14 October 9:51

David Cameron has written a letter to Rochester and Strood constituents, who will be voting in a by-election on 20 November.

Why tax reform should be Labour's top priority
By Chris Nicholas - 14 October 8:45

Tax reform is central to the clear, credible and persuasive economic story the Labour party needs for winning the general election.

MPs overwhelmingly back Palestinian statehood in a historic vote
By Anoosh Chakelian - 14 October 8:28

MPs have voted in favour of recognising Palestine as a state alongside Israel in a symbolic vote.

The Labour leader told the PLP that victory is "doable", but warned: "There will be ups and downs which make the last few weeks look easy".
Miliband tells Labour MPs: I won't let victory "slip away"
By George Eaton - 13 October 20:34

The Labour leader tells a private meeting of his parliamentary party that he won't allow it to fall into "the bad habits of the past". 

Tackling apathy: forget conference halls, politics should be more like the pub
By Mark Ferguson - 13 October 15:29

At present, politics is too small, too piecemeal and too insular to create real change for Britain.