The book business
By Nicholas Clee - 21 March 12:00

Nicholas Clee thinks the rise of book clubs has coarsened literary debate

Andrew Billen - Hidden truth
By Andrew Billen - 21 March 12:00

Television - The dreaded dossier isn't the only thing lacking credibility. By Andrew Billen


Watching brief - Amanda Platell finds Chris Evans's willy too small
By Amanda Platell - 14 March 12:00

Why the dish of Today is a lame duck, the spooky togetherness of the Tories, and how Chris Evans giv

Andrew Billen - Novel affair
By Andrew Billen - 14 March 12:00

Television - A middle-aged divorcee is seduced by her rogue gardenerAndrew Billen

Falling (ITV1

Andrew Billen - It's good to talk
By Andrew Billen - 07 March 12:00

Television - Paul Whitehouse reveals new depth in a therapeutic sitcom, writes Andrew Billen


Even Desperate Housewives is a victim of the culture wars
By Francis Beckett - 07 March 12:00

Violence and threats from militant religious groups are coming thick and fast, and the targets are w

Secrets and marriages
By Allegra Stratton - 07 March 12:00

Observations on Egypt

Meet Dave 'n' Sue
By David Self - 28 February 12:00

A once-vital source of news and personality, BBC Local Radio has turned into a blandly uniform comed

Diary - Lorraine Heggessey
By Lorraine Heggessey - 28 February 12:00

On Today I'm asked how I feel about Alasdair Milne's comment that women have messed up the BBC. I fi

Andrew Billen - Common problem
By Andrew Billen - 28 February 12:00

Television - Julie Burchill stumbles on an age-old working-class dispute. By Andrew Billen


Andrew Billen - Red-hot hero
By Andrew Billen - 21 February 12:00

Television - A revamped children's classic is good enough for grown-ups, writes Andrew Billen


Watching brief - Amanda Platell observes a very fit PM
By Amanda Platell - 21 February 12:00

How the drama of Ken Livingstone unfolded before our eyes, Tony Blair shows off his six-pack, and th

Andrew Billen - Triumph of idiots
By Andrew Billen - 14 February 12:00

Television - Chris Morris proves why we need him in a yoof-full satire. By Andrew Billen


Andrew Billen - Shock tactics
By Andrew Billen - 07 February 12:00

Television - Ukip exposes its own ugliness in a witty but disturbing film, writes Andrew Billen

Time to pension off Paxman
By Michael Leapman - 07 February 12:00

Michael Leapman argues that the BBC should abandon the Newsnight style of attack journalism and conf

Who do you think you are?
By Viv Groskop - 07 February 12:00

Observations on TV characters

Andrew Billen - Class act
By Andrew Billen - 31 January 12:00

Television - An adaptation of Jonathan Coe's novel is a surprising delight. By Andrew Billen


Andrew Billen - Lethal weapon
By Andrew Billen - 24 January 12:00

Television - A supply-side tour of the drug trade's death and destruction. By Andrew Billen


Andrew Billen - Sunny delight
By Andrew Billen - 17 January 12:00

Television - Men get the women they deserve in a hot new drama, writes Andrew Billen


Mark Thomas writes a column offensive to Christians
By Mark Thomas - 17 January 12:00

Why are evangelical Christians so upset at a musical that shows Jesus calling himself "a bit gay"? A

McCririck follows Brown's lead
By Rosie Millard - 17 January 12:00

Observations on sulks

Diary - Robert Peston
By Robert Peston - 17 January 12:00

A foreign firm may be about to take over the London Stock Exchange but its French chief executive still regrets the refurbishment of the Savoy Hotel grill room.

Andrew Billen - Signs of life
By Andrew Billen - 10 January 12:00

Television - It's not so grim up north in a headline-grabbing sitcom, writes Andrew Billen


Day of the stealth persuaders
By David Cox - 01 January 12:00

2005: The decline of sex - The sexy hard sell is on the way out. You can filter out ads on televisio

The NS media lecture
By Mark Thompson - 01 January 12:00

By Mark Thompson, BBC Director General, 7 December 2004

Andrew Billen - Double trouble
By Andrew Billen - 01 January 12:00

Television - The cruelty behind a comedy duo is made painfully clear. By Andrew Billen

Not Only

Radio 4's little sister could soon become the star of the show
By Michael Leapman - 01 January 12:00

2005: Radio 5 Live - The Today programme was once an essential part of breakfast for the chattering

Andrew Billen - The long goodbye
By Andrew Billen - 13 December 12:00

Television 2004 - From Barry to Carrie, it's been a year of farewells

World view - Lindsey Hilsum's guide to TV's foreign coverage
By Lindsey Hilsum - 13 December 12:00

How valuable is a report about Fallujah by a correspondent who's sitting in a studio in London? To f

The corporation
By Neal Ascherson - 06 December 12:00

Uncertain Vision: Birt, Dyke and the reinvention of the BBC

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