The Emir of Qatar
By Sholto Byrnes - 17 October 13:00

10 people - Sholto Byrnes on the leader who is showing the Middle East a different route to modernit

Rory's week - Rory Bremner discovers his inner Scot
By Rory Bremner - 17 October 13:00

I was concerned I was struggling with David Davis's voice. But that's OK, because I won't have to bo

The edge - Zoe Williams has an age problem
By Zoe Williams - 17 October 13:00

So More4, the "adult entertainment channel", launches and we all have to accept, finally, that it is

Diary - Jonathan Dimbleby
By Jonathan Dimbleby - 17 October 13:00

As my brother David and I pay our entrance fee for the Southampton Boat Show, the girl on the till d

Andrew Billen - Love is blind
By Andrew Billen - 17 October 13:00

Television - With Blunkett back in action, satire struggles to outdo reality, writes Andrew Billen

Radio - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 10 October 13:00

Welcome to the celebrity presenter: youth, fame, good looks - and a voice like a cabbie on speed

Faking it
By Nicholas Wapshott - 10 October 13:00

American television - What is Jon Stewart about? And why should we welcome The Daily Show? Nicholas

And now, from Norwich . . .
By David Self - 10 October 13:00

Television - As ITV celebrates its 50th anniversary, David Self, who wrote the questions for <em>Sal

Andrew Billen - Religious right
By Andrew Billen - 10 October 13:00

Television - An ex-adman presents a witty, erudite history of Christianity. By Andrew Billen


Radio - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 03 October 13:00

Sir Walter Raleigh, Milton's Rebel Angels and a Eurosceptic tank? Radio 4 must be dumbing up

Finite variety
By Andrew Billen - 03 October 13:00

Television - A sweeping Elizabethan tale manages three great scenes, writes Andrew Billen


Andrew Billen - Sketch artists
By Andrew Billen - 26 September 13:00

Television - The best comedy mixes sex with class, race and Bovril. By Andrew Billen


Andrew Billen - Marr's the merrier
By Andrew Billen - 19 September 13:00

Television - A youthful egghead replaces Sir David on the sofa, writes Andrew Billen

Sunday AM

Digital TV = Atomised Family?
By Jonathan Leake - 19 September 13:00

A brave new world is nearly upon us: time to throw out the telly and embrace the all-in-one "hub mac

Just a glorified trade fair
By Maggie Brown - 05 September 13:00

Observations on television

Andrew Billen - Reality check
By Andrew Billen - 05 September 13:00

Television - As TV takes stock of itself, <em>Big Brother</em>'s future starts to look shaky, writes

Zoe Williams - Child's play
By Zoe Williams - 29 August 13:00

Television - Eight hapless dads-to-be allow themselves to be patronised. By Zoe Williams

He's H

When a knob joke is better than Brecht
By Stewart Lee - 22 August 13:00

Comedy has ruined Edinburgh. The Fringe, formerly a venue for alternative theatre, is now merely a s

The day Robin Cook saved the NS
By Duncan Campbell - 22 August 13:00

Observations on the Zircon story.

Andrew Billen - Backwoods belle
By Andrew Billen - 22 August 13:00

Television - Britney's Louisiana back story is disappointingly untrashy, writes Andrew Billen


Close to the edge
By John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman - 22 August 13:00

Taboo comedy - These days, is there anything that we can't laugh about? John Oliver and Andy Zaltzma

Rescue service
By Andrew Billen - 15 August 13:00

Television - An improbable plane crash resuscitates an ailing genre

Andrew Billen - Bananas republic
By Andrew Billen - 08 August 13:00

Television - A furry-hooded joker goes in for a spot of nation-building. By Andrew Billen

How t

Rory's week - Rory Bremner makes an opportunistic link
By Rory Bremner - 01 August 13:00

Logically, the Conservatives could oppose identity cards on the grounds that they don't currently ha

Andrew Billen - Need to know
By Andrew Billen - 01 August 13:00

Television - Peter Taylor uncovers jihadists in Waziristan - and Wembley. By Andrew Billen


Andrew Billen - Price of success
By Andrew Billen - 25 July 13:00

Television - Ricky Gervais's celebrity satire is a little bit too smug, writes Andrew Billen


America - Andrew Stephen retunes the radio
By Andrew Stephen - 25 July 13:00

Right-wing radio stations have all the best lines, while the "liberal" stations are amateurish and e

Andrew Billen - Lost for words
By Andrew Billen - 18 July 13:00

Television - Clueless celebs tie themselves up in verbal knots, writes Andrew Billen

Spelling B

Andrew Billen - All you need is love
By Andrew Billen - 11 July 13:00

Television - Ironic presentation cuts through the celebrity schmaltz. By Andrew Billen

Live 8 (

Andrew Billen - Dirty weekend
By Andrew Billen - 04 July 13:00

Television - Africa may be saved, but Richard Curtis's blushes aren't, writes Andrew Billen