Andrew Billen - Dead romantic
By Andrew Billen - 30 January 12:00

Television - We owe our sentiment over the whale to Wordsworth and co, writes Andrew Billen


The radio column - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 30 January 12:00

Winifred Robinson is thrown away on fabric softener, as this superb documentary proved

Diary - Richard Dawkins
By Richard Dawkins - 30 January 12:00

Unfortunately, Ofsted gave a rave review to Tony Blair's pet city academy in Gateshead, whose head o

Andrew Billen - Fantasy island
By Andrew Billen - 23 January 12:00

Television - A parable of modern Britain lapses into self-indulgence, writes Andrew Billen


The radio column - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 23 January 12:00

Sometimes an ad for a Saga holiday, or even a docile peal of pan pipes, is definitely welcome

Andrew Billen - Space oddity
By Andrew Billen - 16 January 12:00

Television - A time-travelling DI revisits shameless 1970s chauvinism. By Andrew Billen

Life on

Radio - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 16 January 12:00

Trying to discover why more black Britons don't climb the social ladder seemed a bit insulting

Desperately seeking Mozart
By Rosie Millard - 16 January 12:00

Even by the standards of disaster-prone great composers, the catalogue of dramas in Mozart's life is pretty impressive.

Andrew Billen - National portrait
By Andrew Billen - 09 January 12:00

Television - Gabby Aussie and tight-lipped monarch make a perfect match, writes Andrew Billen


Radio - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 09 January 12:00

Andy Kershaw, who wants to get <em>You and Yours</em> off the airwaves, is already my hero of 2006

That is disgusting!
By Lauren Booth - 19 December 12:00

Observations on parenting

The new wave
By Rachel Cooke - 19 December 12:00

Radio 2005 - Rachel Cooke explains why, when it comes to rolling news, it's better to listen than wa

Pearls and swine
By Andrew Billen - 19 December 12:00

Television 2005 - Andrew Billen wonders why none of the best stuff gets shown on the main channels

Andrew Billen - Tough at the top
By Andrew Billen - 12 December 12:00

Television - The rigours of political life ease if you can cash in afterwards, writes Andrew Billen

Radio - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 12 December 12:00

Yes, Antony, you might be a star - but round this way we don't like a lot of splother, see?

Black humour
By Nicholas Wapshott - 12 December 12:00

Television - In US comedy, race has often been taboo. Not any more

The radio column - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 05 December 12:00

While a group of nobodies sweated it out in the jungle, the airwaves were full of real stars

The emperor's new clothes
By Xiao Jia Gu - 05 December 12:00

Prince Charles was roundly condemned for describing China's leaders as "waxworks", yet the state-spo

Andrew Billen - Royal lush
By Andrew Billen - 05 December 12:00

Television - A troubled princess is posthumously damned, writes Andrew Billen

The Queen's Siste

Andrew Billen - Spineless things
By Andrew Billen - 28 November 12:00

Television - The Shakespeare of the natural world celebrates invertebrates. By Andrew Billen


Radio - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 28 November 12:00

Edward Stourton's pursuit of the real Jesus made for spellbinding listening

Radio - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 21 November 12:00

When Radio 4 reverts to type, its middle-class smugness quite takes the breath away

Andrew Billen - Good cop, bad cops
By Andrew Billen - 21 November 12:00

Television - A secret unit tackles police corruption and a dodgy script, writes Andrew Billen


Andrew Billen - Ladies' night
By Andrew Billen - 14 November 12:00

Television - In an updated Shakespeare, the girls get all the best lines, writes Andrew Billen

Radio - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 14 November 12:00

Reduced rather than boiled down, R4's <em>Couples</em> was not Updike-lite, but Essence of Updike

The radio column - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 07 November 12:00

Thousands of people fear switching on 6 Music in case they get a blast of Jethro Tull

Eternal city
By Andrew Billen - 07 November 12:00

Television - The BBC's big toga-saga drags, despite an imperial budget, writes Andrew Billen


Andrew Billen - Sound judgement
By Andrew Billen - 31 October 12:00

Television - Full of vulgar touches, this adaptation is truly Dickensian, writes Andrew Billen

Radio - Rachel Cooke
By Rachel Cooke - 31 October 12:00

Fear is all about us right now - even sand dunes can turn into objects of terror

Daytime television's enticing message
By Michael Gibson - 24 October 13:00

If British people are stacking up debt it might have something to do with what they see on television, where for years personal finance firms have promoted their wares with the help of celebrities.