Let's hear it for the soul sister
By Antonia Quirke - 10 July 10:18

The philosophical debate was all Greek to me, until Mary Warnock popped up

The call of the weird
By Rachel Cooke - 10 July 10:18

Knights Templar, comedy accents and giant snails? It must be silly season


Riffing away on Rafa
By Antonia Quirke - 03 July 10:29

To my delight, the airwaves are filled with admirers of a certain tennis hero

All the wrong lines
By Rachel Cooke - 03 July 10:29

Fine performances are wasted on a script that tries too hard to be "relevant"

<strong>Criminal Ju

Loving the dance music
By Antonia Quirke - 26 June 10:24

After twenty years, our memories of rave culture are somewhat hazy

I just can't get you out of my head
By Rachel Cooke - 26 June 10:24

For some reason, I keep imagining Jeremy Clarkson in his underpants

<strong>Top Gear</strong>

The handbag of God
By Andrea Riseborough - 26 June 10:24

When homeless people seem lazy, sleep seems a waste of time and sex even more so, you're ready to pl

Before the age of reality TV
By Rachel Cooke - 19 June 11:15

A look back to 1988 suggests that we've lost the art of making documentaries


It takes a nation of maestros . . .
By Antonia Quirke - 19 June 11:15

How oppression gave rise to China's obsession with playing the piano

Tales from the outsiders
By Antonia Quirke - 12 June 10:20

This portrait of the lives that surround Pentonville prison is profound and poetic

The making of Margaret
By Rachel Cooke - 12 June 10:20

Did sexism help to shape Thatcher's icy persona? This drama suggests it did

<strong>Margaret Thatc

Home-town blues
By Alexei Sayle - 05 June 10:43

Revisiting Liverpool has been a surprisingly uplifting experience

Everyday people
By Linda Grant - 05 June 10:43

After 9/11 both Jews and Muslims ceased to be people and became ideas, concepts to be discussed in n

Scandalous men and terrifying women
By Gavin Esler - 05 June 10:43

<em>Loose Women</em> want to run a clip of me interviewing someone interesting, so they call <em>New

How not to do political comedy
By Antonia Quirke - 05 June 10:43

Marcus Brigstocke is a candidate for unfunniest man in the universe

Who comes up with this stuff?
By Rachel Cooke - 05 June 10:43

The BBC fulfils its public service remit with some truly awful programmes

<strong>This Week, Flore

George Lamb: the defence
By Antonia Quirke - 29 May 13:00

The BBC 6 Music presenter is actually quite groovy. Shame about his sidekicks

The original trout pout
By Rachel Cooke - 29 May 13:00

We shrug off Mary Whitehouse as a relic of the past at our own peril

<strong>Filth: the Mary Wh

Kenneth Williams the puritan
By Jonathan Calder - 27 May 12:08

The curious rise of later capitalism, the lucrative side of devastation plus the success of a 1960s

Young, gifted and back
By Antonia Quirke - 22 May 13:00

After 50 years, the story of Delaney the feisty teenage dramatist shines on

An epidemic of self-pity
By Rachel Cooke - 22 May 13:00

Reality shows like this one encourage people to wallow in their own misery

<strong>The Duchess in

Fear and loathing in Jerusalem
By Rachel Cooke - 15 May 13:00

Two documentaries explore the corrosive effects of conflict on Israeli society

<strong>The Battle

Stripping the Mona Lisa
By Antonia Quirke - 15 May 13:00

Meet the Polish master pianist who doesn't want people to buy his records

Master of the universe
By Antonia Quirke - 08 May 13:00

Even a pop star obsessed by UFOs can turn out to be charming and witty

When two stars collide
By Rachel Cooke - 08 May 13:00

The highbrow <em>South Bank Show</em> is as celebrity-driven as crummy reality TV

Not quite as easy as 1,2,3
By Antonia Quirke - 01 May 13:00

A mind-bending lecture about maths leaves us listeners none the wiser

A sobering experience
By Rachel Cooke - 01 May 13:00

Is this the beginning of the end for tabloid-style TV news? Let's hope so

<strong>Ten O'Clock New

Extraordinary tales of English folk
By Antonia Quirke - 24 April 13:00

Late Junction has the power to move (and snooze) in its trip through Albion

A dangerous experiment
By Rachel Cooke - 24 April 13:00

This appalling documentary was exploitative and irresponsible

<strong>The Doctor Who Hears Voices

Death by "dramedy"
By Rachel Cooke - 17 April 13:00

US series aiming for kooky charm comes across as cloying instead

<strong>Pushing Daisies</strong>