Mere flânerie of the hedgerows
By Antonia Quirke - 15 January 9:31

This impressionistic wildlife programme aims for poetry but only hits pretension

Food for thought
By Rachel Cooke - 15 January 9:31

Two unsqueamish chefs adopt a very civilised approach to some unusual dishes

<strong>Could You Ea

From Baltimore to Baghdad
By Stephen Armstrong - 08 January 9:51

The writing team behind The Wire has taken on the war in Iraq. The result is a new miniseries that c

Things can only get better
By Antonia Quirke - 08 January 9:51

Pop stars with their glory days behind them don't die - they go to Devon

Unsentimental education
By Rachel Cooke - 08 January 9:51

Two programmes show the right and the wrong ways to revive an old idea

<strong>Oz and James D

Golden thread, national myth
By Tom Holland - 18 December 9:44

Those behind the new Labour revolution are beginning to realise that to discard our heritage is also to discard our history.

Feeling the pinch
By Antonia Quirke - 18 December 9:44

The real scandals in radio broadcasting this year were cuts, cuts and more cuts

What to watch over Christmas
By Rachel Cooke - 18 December 9:44

An innocent girl, casually switching on her television this Christmas, could be forgiven for having a sudden sense of déjà vu, especially if her remote clicked first on the BBC.

Service to the public
By Rachel Cooke - 18 December 9:44

Those who damned the BBC clearly didn't watch enough of its programmes

More questions than answers
By Rachel Cooke - 11 December 9:44

This prurient and trivial documentary was yet another missed opportunity

<strong>The Pregnant Man

He'd do anything to get you in the mood
By Antonia Quirke - 11 December 9:44

Yes, the Sultan of Smooth Soul was a charmer - but also a bit of a boob

Thank you Oliver Postgate
By Ben Davies - 09 December 9:53

We pay tribute to Oliver Postgate who has sadly passed away. He wrote for between N

Gastric distress
By Anonymous - 08 December 11:35

I fail to see how viewers could be expected to believe in a heroine who wouldn’t fall for a man with

Lost in translation
By Rachel Cooke - 04 December 9:39

Authenticity wins over spontaneity in this Swedish-set detective series


When a cow is not a cow
By Antonia Quirke - 04 December 9:39

Science made easy, with the help of one persistent parishioner

So is New Labour dead or not?
By Paul Evans - 28 November 10:33

When is a party dead? Paul Evans brings us the best of the politics blogs from domestic politics thr

Crossing Timmy Mallett
By Ben Davies - 27 November 14:45

Jungle warning - the 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' participant shouldn't be crossed if my exp

Tomorrow never knows
By Antonia Quirke - 27 November 9:45

The moment of creation remains a mystery in this look back at the Beatles

It's not the end of the world
By Rachel Cooke - 27 November 9:45

We love a good disaster fantasy, but this one is too slick to become a classic


Aaronovitch and me
By Jonathan Calder - 25 November 9:55

The Stiperstone's most famous resident on his love of good music and dislike of David Aaronovitch. P

A bodice-tightening yarn
By Ted Vallance - 21 November 11:05

Channel 4's 'The Devil's Whore' is an oddly repressed romp through the English civil war.

Singing for their supper
By Antonia Quirke - 20 November 9:30

Two musicians take a road trip across eastern Europe - and the result is madness

The revolution will be televised
By Rachel Cooke - 20 November 9:30

A drama proves that England's radical past is something we should celebrate

<strong>The Devil's Wh

The past in reconstruction
By Rachel Cooke - 13 November 9:32

Why spice up history? Secret Soviet deals with the Nazis is fascinating enough

<strong>World War I

A different kind of organ
By Jude Rogers - 13 November 9:32

Radio 2, beset by scandal, is still the home of gloriously odd programming

BBC's Oxbridge bias
By Rachael Jolley - 12 November 12:35

Isn't it time for the BBC to grasp the nettle of its outrageous pro-Oxbridge bias and stop permittin

Welcome to the Absolute frontier
By Barney Ronay - 06 November 9:18

Britain's first new national station in 13 years falls back on old formulas

This is anything but escapism
By Rachel Cooke - 06 November 9:18

A timely adaptation of Dickens is a metaphor for the credit card age

<strong>Little Dorrit</stron

Rise and shine
By Jude Rogers - 30 October 9:16

Two shows bring some much-needed warmth to Saturday mornings

The John and Pauline show
By Rachel Cooke - 30 October 9:16

An invitation to laugh at the Prescotts is motivated by plain old snobbery

<strong>Prescott: the