You scratch my back. . . baboons are masters of consensus. Photo: Mohamed El-Shahed/AFP/Getty
Planning a holiday? Take some advice from baboons
By Michael Brooks - 16 July 9:17

When planning, it often seems one person gets their way. But there is an alternative.

Illustration by Jackson Rees.
In which I suspend belief in Branson while contemplating the Virgin snack box
By Will Self - 19 March 12:19

In this week's Real Meals, Will Self resists the parliamentarian-endorsed temptations of a mainline skeuomorph.

Endurance test: Houses close to the Hoe in Plymouth. Photo: Getty
Will Self: Plymouth is for me ever associated with a certain outwardly bound derring-do
By Will Self - 06 November 10:00

As I sat in the cavernous and entirely empty dining room, delicately abstracting flesh-flakes from my perfectly poached cod, my only desire was that I could stay longer. Much longer.

School's out: a summer camp in Wisconsin. Photo: Flickr/Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
I enjoyed working for the adult summer camp, but I drew the line at the shooting range
By Suzanne Moore - 30 October 16:13

Suzanne Moore’s weekly column, Telling Tales. 

Lurid: The Rip Van Winkle section of Rock City's fairy-tales tableaux. Photo: K Tempest Bradford/Flickr
A visit to Rock City on Lookout Mountain is a bad trip through a kitsch fairytale grotto
By Will Self - 01 September 10:25

In front of me was the most lurid tableau I’d ever seen: a vast glass case housing myriad individual little scenes from fairy tales, each one illustrated by posed figurines and ditsy bits of model-making.

Magic number: a bar owner celebrates his big win near Barcelona, 2010
The day I (almost) won the lottery in Spain
By William Cook - 14 August 10:00

William Cook was on his way to buy a ticket for “El Gordo” in a small town in Tenerife but changed his mind at the last minute. It’s a decision he’s lived to regret. 

Place of violence: the arcades of the Uffizi in Florence. Photo: Getty
Will Self: First impressions last longest – and Florence is still a slap in the face
By Will Self - 06 August 10:00

Usually my mother didn’t mind me filling my metaphorical trouser bottoms with earthy words, but in Florence she’d seen vermilion and struck out, ensuring that for me, for ever, the city would be associated with violence.

Not all sun and sea: a beach on the Italian island of Elba. Photo: Getty
Tracey Thorn: Real life always intrudes on holidays. That’s how it should be
By Tracey Thorn - 29 July 10:42

It’s taken me years to face up to the fact that, as Neil Finn so eloquently put it, everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you. Your own emotional weather. 

Uber is now integrated into Google Maps and the New York Subway
By Jonn Elledge - 28 July 13:17

It's easier than ever to experience surge pricing.

Lost in India: passengers on an Indian railway platform. Photo: Getty
Why did a man wake up on an Indian train platform with no idea who he was?
By Philip Maughan - 19 June 10:00

When David Stuart MacLean woke up in India with amnesia he assumed he was an addict who had overdosed. In fact, the only chemical he’d been taking was the prescribed antimalarial drug Lariam.  

Only in designated areas: outdoor smokers in Melbourne, which may soon go completely smoke-free. Photo: Getty
Will Self: I don't decry the smoking ban but I do miss smoke
By Will Self - 30 May 12:12

Smoke draped a decent veil across interior vulgarities, while softening our loved ones’ hateful features. Designated smoking areas are an abomination. 

Illustration: Jackson Rees
It took me years to get to know Manchester – now I miss the feeling of being lost there
By Will Self - 08 May 13:06

In the early part of the last decade Manchester became the hot spot for Ageing Labour’s take on urban regeneration.

The German aviator Otto Lilienthal in 1894. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty
Will Self: Fearless flying is an act of collective delusion
By Will Self - 28 March 12:26

If only you could still sit next to the pilot.

Protestors at Harmondsworth in 2007 when it was under threat of being bulldozed for a Heathrow third runway. (Photo: Getty)
Will Self: A field trip to Heathrow via Harmondsworth Great Barn
By Will Self - 20 March 10:00

A picturesque anomaly near the airport, ever waiting to be submerged by the tarmac of runway three.

One for the rails: Christmas in a train buffet car, 1934
Kirsty Wark: in praise of the London to Glasgow sleeper train
By Kirsty Wark - 06 March 9:00

The Newsnight presenter hotfoots it to Euston from the BBC and unwinds with a glass of Scotch and some political gossip.

Here’s to sherry: the king of old world drinking
By Nina Caplan - 13 February 8:39

Look beyond your nana to the mysteries of sherry.

Five questions answered on Bombardier’s contract to provide trains for Crossrail
By Heidi Vella - 07 February 12:51

How much is the Bombardier-Crossrail contract worth?

You have to be rather fond of someone to visit them in dreary, shoeless Gothenburg
By Nicholas Lezard - 23 January 17:59

This is the place to which the Beloved is committed.

New Statesman
Will Self: How to let yourself become part of LA’s autopia
By Will Self - 07 November 13:08

In all civilised cultures there are patterns of social conformity that act to align the wayward individual with her conformist fellows as invisibly but irresistibly as magnetic waves arrange iron filings around a lodestone. 

New Statesman
Will Self: the first step in dealing with your speeding problem is agreeing that you have one
By Will Self - 12 September 8:32

It may surprise regular readers of this column, who have read me over the years animadverting on the follies of all aspects of the vehicular, to learn that I am a chronic speedhead

What do you do if your parents have drowned in the North Sea?
By Caroline Crampton - 23 August 10:15

Caroline Crampton was stuck on a train to Edinburgh, forced to deal with the worst.

My love-hate relationship with National Express
By Holly Baxter - 22 August 11:07

Nothing makes you question the nature of your inner life more than eight hours alone on a glorified bus with seatbelts, writes Holly Baxter.

Trisha's: where everybody knows your name
By Yo Zushi - 22 August 11:00

Yo Zushi on Soho's New Evaristo Club, known to its regulars as Trisha's or the Hideout.

A to B: Floating nowhere in particular at four miles per hour
By Alan White - 20 August 14:44

Alan White drifts through the British canal network. Barring some unpleasantness at a lock, it is a bucolic week.