Ron Greenwood.
The FA and London Underground have more in common than you'd think
By Hunter Davies - 23 October 7:00

The Football Association is 150 years old this month - so, too, is the London Underground. But the similarities don't stop there.

Roger Federer.
The last days of Roger Federer
By Ed Smith - 21 October 14:49

What does it mean to call a tennis player a genius? Ed Smith reflects on his own career and asks - should Roger Federer just give up?

Will Brazil 2014 be the last time the football world cup matters?
By Martin Cloake - 21 October 11:28

International football could be the purest of competitions, but the dominance of the global club brands, the bloated finals tournament and lack of surprise factor together with distaste for FIFA mean that it's increasingly becoming irrelevant.

New Statesman
The FA's first non-white board member is also its first woman
By Sophie McBain - 17 October 15:23

"Many young people feel hopeless. And I don't think I ever felt that."

New Statesman
The Fan: Sending psychotherapists onto the pitch
By Hunter Davies - 17 October 14:19

How often have we heard a manager say that the trouble with his star striker is that “his head is not in the right place”? Fergie frequently observed that today’s players are fragile.

It's time to take Englishness outside of the football stadium
By Sunder Katwala - 16 October 19:13

Englishness finds a confident voice in sport, but has little cultural or political voice. Cameron and Miliband should not remain mute.

Sunday league.
From economics to the England football team: Immigration is a scapegoat for everything
By Sam Bright - 13 October 11:52

The real reasons for our economic, social and sporting woes is not unfettered immigration: it's bad management and dishonest politics.

New Statesman
The Fan: Why I'd rather interview Silvia Neid than Arsène Wenger
By Hunter Davies - 10 October 13:03

Wenger is so miserable, he's beginning to make W H Auden look positively baby-faced. The manager of the German women’s team seems like she has a lot more to say.

Let's all stop kicking Joe Hart
By Joshua Funnell - 05 October 11:27

The footballer deserves our compassion. Not cruel psychological abuse.

New Statesman
John Betjeman wanted more sex. I want more football
By Hunter Davies - 03 October 16:09

Sex doesn’t take up that much time, unlike football: you get 90 minutes, a chance to change ends, extra time and then often a penalty shoot-out. Football, it does put in your day.

New Statesman
We can't rid football of anti-semitism unless Spurs fans stop chanting "yid army"
By Lee Barnett - 29 September 16:38

Replace the word "yid" with any other racist hate term, and you'll see why the argument for keeping Spurs' "yid army" chant doesn't work.

Carlisle United.
Sponsor a footballer? Go on then
By Hunter Davies - 26 September 7:10

It costs £400 plus VAT, but you do get your name in the programme and on the big screen.

It's time for football to get as tough on homophobia as it is on racism
By David Skelton - 21 September 9:47

It will take more than one weekend of footballers wearing rainbow laces to really tackle the problem.

New Statesman
Football and feminism
By Hunter Davies - 19 September 12:05

Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote once: ‘There is nothing I hate more than a masculine man.’

Cliff Morgan and Seamus Heaney.
Cliff Morgan and Seamus Heaney: Poetry, romance and rugby
By Jonathan Smith - 12 September 9:20

Modest, confident and at ease with themselves - the deaths of Welsh rugby icon Cliff Morgan and the Irish poet Seamus Heaney have been a double blow, writes Jonathan Smith.

BT Sport is the most annoying thing so far this season
By Hunter Davies - 12 September 8:40

Hunter Davies' "The Fan" column

New Statesman
England's sporting refugee hero: Saido Berahino
By Sunder Katwala - 06 September 15:23

The footballer's triumph shows things are different for his generation.

A man throwing a basketball.
The Sports Gene by David Epstein: A reversal on thinking about talent and genes
By Ed Smith - 05 September 11:55

Where once to be called talented or a "natural" was the highest praise, today sportsmen have to pretend success has nothing to do with innate ability - is it time to think again?

I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic: A modern fairy tale
By Simon Kuper - 05 September 7:14

The boy from the ghetto has not merely become a great footballer - he has become a modern European fairytale.

Did we all go out of our minds on transfer deadline day?
By Martin Cloake - 04 September 10:27

It is obscene and absurd — but Martin Cloake can't stop watching.

Why Stand Against Modern Football?
By Martin Cloake - 23 August 15:45

Maybe fans should be standing <em>for</em> future football. Mobilising for something is more productive, if more difficult, than simply opposing.

Prison inmates playing football.
What Thatcher did for football: How a new generation of sports writers have embraced politics
By Anthony Clavane - 22 August 12:05

Margaret Thatcher hated football - and sport in general - but her legacy to the game was to turn a generation of sports writers, who had previously dodged any analysis of their sports' significance, onto politics.

A year after the Paralympics, are things now getting worse for disabled people?
By Frances Ryan - 19 August 15:25

While we talk of "legacy", it’s starting to feel like what happened exactly a year ago this month not only hasn’t elevated disabled people, but is being used to trap.

Brazilian football team.
“A kitten with a ball of wool”: The Brazilians by Danny Blanchflower - 4 January 1963
By The Old Statesman - 16 August 14:00

From the archive: Football legend Danny Blanchflower on the 1963 Brazilian team after their appearance at Wembley, "prince and heirs" to the crown of world football.

Bill Shankly.
Red or Dead by David Peace: From football to the battle against age, the war against death
By Jonathan Wilson - 15 August 9:15

Bill Shankly transformed Liverpool football club from second-flight also rans into giants. His resignation, after 15 years in charge, remains a riddle.

Skater Johnny Weir, whose husband is Russian, will attend the Olympics. Getty
David Cameron to Stephen Fry: I won't boycott the Winter Olympics
By Helen Lewis - 10 August 9:43

The prime minister responds to the suggestion that Russia's anti-gay laws mean Britain should refuse to take part in the Winter Olympics.

We still don’t really know how bicycles work
By Michael Brooks - 06 August 11:21

Forget mysterious dark matter and the inexplicable accelerating expansion of the universe; the bicycle represents a far more embarrassing hole in the accomplishments of physics.

Paul Gascoigne.
Why do we still remember Paul Gascoigne's best moments so fondly?
By Cameron Sharpe - 05 August 22:42

By now his credit is all used up.

Suffering in silence: What makes depression so prevalent among cricketers?
By Antoinette Muller - 04 August 11:56

Time away from home, the pressures of top-level sport, and even the game itself play a part. Antoinette Muller speaks to some of the players about why mental health problems are still a taboo subject in professional cricket.