The Fan - Hunter Davies meets Terry Venables in the lavatory
By Hunter Davies - 13 May 13:00

At dinner, everyone was in their finery, dressed to kill or score. Then there was a boxing match, an

By Peter Wilby - 06 May 13:00

Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2002

Edited by Graeme Wright <em>John Wisden, 1,632pp, £35</em>


The fan - Hunter Davies celebrates football's Best
By Hunter Davies - 06 May 13:00

George Best's glamorous young wife was amazed to read what I had written about her husband in 1965.

The fan - Hunter Davies
By Hunter Davies - 29 April 13:00

In a normal week, my wife, poor soul, will read five books while I watch five games. Fiction is a se

With Sven and Ulrika, the Mirror had the dream exclusive. But its editor, with his new serious agenda, used the story in a way that looked as though he didn't believe it
By Amanda Platell - 29 April 13:00

When Ulrika Jonsson, via a "close friend", asked her sometime lover (and long-time partner of someone else) Sven-Goran Eriksson "What kind of man are you?", she already had the answer. Ulrika thinks he's "a lying cad", the close friend said, through a national newspaper.

What is it with Swedes and sex?
By Sean French - 29 April 13:00

Observations - Love triangle

Beckham is bandy-legged - but only from the knees down
By Hunter Davies - 22 April 13:00

I've been wearing a grey armband all week, showing respex for Bex. I am so worried about him. And about my friend Rupert and his wife Sal. All three have been awaiting medical reports, not knowing what was going to happen next.

These armbands and one-minute silences have got out of hand
By Hunter Davies - 15 April 13:00

<em>In memoriam, the Queen Mother</em> - These armbands and one-minute silences have got out of han

I was lunching with the enemy, said my wife. Had I no loyalty?
By Hunter Davies - 08 April 13:00

Arsenal double, that's what I landed last week, a double at Arsenal. I'll start again. For four seasons, I've had half a season ticket, courtesy of an Arsenal friend whose son has been away at college. This season, he returned to live in London and claimed his ticket, his inheritance.

How I nearly got Ken Loach and Richard Littlejohn in the same team
By Hunter Davies - 01 April 13:00

I think I'll give up following football. Or at least give up telling people I follow football. Last week I was so shanned. That's a Carlisle expression, one I've never heard used elsewhere.

The theatre of outrage
By Robert Winder - 25 March 12:00

A Season with Verona

Tim Parks <em>Secker & Warburg, 447pp, £16.99</em>

ISBN 0436275953

Footballers are admired for their excesses, not for good behaviour
By Hunter Davies - 25 March 12:00

I used to have discussions with the Beatles about being role models. There was, and is, a section of society which says that if you are rich and famous, doing a job that millions of others would like to do, then you have a duty to set a good example. This varies from generation to generation.

In our house, nobody ever talks about the talking points
By Hunter Davies - 18 March 12:00

I spend such a lot of time watching football, often managing seven live games a week on TV, plus going to football in the flesh, and such a lot of time reading about football in the newspapers. I really don't know how I manage to squeeze in other things. Such as living.

ITC Freedom to Flourish: the future of communications
By Staff blogger - 11 March 12:00


My theme tonight is freedom: business freedom and creative freedom. When these come together, things happen: business grows, societies benefit and nations prosper.


The Millennium Stadium buggered my mobile
By Hunter Davies - 04 March 12:00

We set off with such anticipation and excitement just before ten o'clock, Derek's car loaded with enough food and drink and sweets and bickies to keep us going for a week. We managed not to start eating and drinking, oh, till we were well up Highgate West Hill. That's one street away.

Take cover: the English are coming!
By Victoria James - 04 March 12:00

Japan, whose football fans stay behind after matches to clear away litter, lives in terror of the ho

Back to the days of no logo and incredibly short shorts
By Hunter Davies - 25 February 12:00

I've had flu all week, despite having had an anti-flu jab, what a waste that was, and it's been so boring, staying inside being sensible, overdosing on cough mixture, becoming addicted to Lemsip, counting the hours till the next Strepsil.

Poetry or music need youth, but management or medicine don't
By Hunter Davies - 18 February 12:00

In Mustique last month, I had a drink with Felix Dennis at his house, and he said something that has hung around in my mind ever since. We were not talking football, although he does own Man Utd, but talking about magazines, of which he owns many in the UK and the USA.

I don't want a ladybird money box
By Staff blogger - 22 October 13:00

Do Britain's banks have more to offer 11- to 15-year-olds than childish gifts?

Life in the high-octane world of boom and gloom
By Peter Wilson-Smith - 22 October 13:00

We may be facing a savage round of cutbacks, but employees will still earn remarkable salaries by no

The stable door slams shut - at last
By Richard Northedge - 22 October 13:00

The City's one-size-fits-all regulator assumes its new powers in December. But it may have structura

Boy, can that computer talk . . . !
By Edward Russell-Walling - 22 October 13:00

New ways to communicate with your bank will rely on familiar devices - like the phone - reports Edwa

Mission impossible?
By Claire Oldfield - 22 October 13:00

A universal bank for those with no accounts is a great idea. But getting it up and running is provin

Time to hang up the bowler hat?
By David Kynaston - 22 October 13:00

London is the world's undisputed international financial capital. But recession and technology could

Hi, I'm British (but I bank in France)
By Marion Bywater - 22 October 13:00

When it comes to a mortgage, most of us don't feel comfortable relying on a foreign bank. That may s

Public enemy number, er, two
By Stuart Cliffe - 22 October 13:00

A year and a half after the Cruickshank report, bank customers are still no better served or protect

Watch out - the fat lady's clearing her throat
By David Lascelles - 22 October 13:00

With debts rising and a recession looming, Britain's banks could provide the setting for an opera of

The rise of the mass affluent
By Edward Russell-Walling - 22 October 13:00

More people than ever have money to invest. To cater for them, banks have devised a new must-have -

A big dust-up looms over small-business banking
By Jill Treanor - 22 October 13:00

The Competition Commission reports this week on the "complex monopoly" in banking for smaller compan

An operatic cycle
By Edward Russell-Walling - 22 October 13:00

Banking has had the fat years. Is this the start of the lean? The answer concerns us all. For while it's true that what's good for the nation's economic health is usually good for banks, the same holds in reverse.