Northside - Andrew Martin remembers his rugby days - but was it league or union?
By Andrew Martin - 08 December 12:00

I have fond memories of my brief rugby days - but was it league or union?

The fan - Hunter Davies fears deep-vein thrombosis for football fans
By Hunter Davies - 08 December 12:00

You could get deep-vein thrombosis from watching too much football

The fan - Hunter Davies vows to stay alive now he's paid his Sky subscription
By Hunter Davies - 01 December 12:00

I'd be gutted to die in July, just after I've paid my Sky subscription

The mystery of the silent commentators
By Staff blogger - 24 November 12:00

Conrad Black, worth at least £136m, is one of Britain's 250 richest people. He owns news-papers in North America, Israel and Britain, including the Daily Telegraph and its Sunday sister. Two years ago, he was elevated to the House of Lords.

The fan - Hunter Davies keeps an eye on flash gits in hospitality boxes
By Hunter Davies - 24 November 12:00

Flash gits in hospitality suites show you how well a country is doing

The fan - Hunter Davies detects empty seats at Premiership matches
By Hunter Davies - 17 November 12:00

Suddenly, empty seats are appearing at Premiership grounds

The fan - Hunter Davies hears the latest songs from the fans
By Hunter Davies - 10 November 12:00

The crowd was singing: "Missed my drug test and I wanna go home"

Off pitch
By Andrew Billen - 03 November 12:00

Television - Andrew Billen on a drama about footballers that scores too many cliches

Odds-on favourite
By Philip Kerr - 03 November 12:00

Film - Philip Kerr applauds a sports thriller that harks back to more innocent times

The fan - Hunter Davies spots the first gloves of the winter
By Hunter Davies - 03 November 12:00

On Saturday, at precisely 12.30, I spotted the first gloves of the winter, writes <strong>Hunter Dav

The fan - Hunter Davies is bored by rugby
By Hunter Davies - 27 October 12:00

Rugby, despite the hype, is less likely than ever to catch up with football

The trouble with boys
By William Skidelsky - 20 October 13:00

Observations on role models

The fan - Hunter Davies recalls footballers and naked girls in hotel corridors
By Hunter Davies - 20 October 13:00

Even in 1972, I knew of players passing a naked girl from room to room

Hard knocks
By Justin Cartwright - 20 October 13:00

Muddied Oafs: the last days of rugger

Richard Beard <em>Yellow Jersey Press, 274pp, £14.99</em>

The fan - Hunter Davies thinks women make nicer football fans
By Hunter Davies - 13 October 13:00

You find girls' sizes, thongs in club colours, knickers with cockerel patterns

There's money in that shame
By Staff blogger - 13 October 13:00

Drugs, rape, group sex, grievous bodily harm, drunken driving - there is no end, it seems, to what tabloid newspapers, licking their lips, call "the shame of soccer". But kicking a ball about is a harmless enough pastime in itself, and young men of all professions and classes can behave badly.

The fan - Hunter Davies sees Becks as the first touchy-feely manager
By Hunter Davies - 06 October 13:00

Could Beckham be the first sentimental, soppy, touchy-feely manager?

The professor
By Jason Cowley - 29 September 13:00

Wenger: the making of a legend

Jasper Rees <em>Short Books, 226pp, £14.99</em>

ISBN 1904095542

The fan - Hunter Davies reports sheep celebrating all over Cumbria
By Hunter Davies - 29 September 13:00

Carlisle win a point, and the sheep celebrate all over Cumbria

The fan - Hunter Davies sees football overwhelming the books pages
By Hunter Davies - 22 September 13:00

Whole channels are devoted to football, but books get just two radio progs

The fan - Hunter Davies wants to spend more time with his footie
By Hunter Davies - 15 September 13:00

Go thump him, I said, let someone else do the sodding commentary

Neoliberals frighten the horses
By Neil Clark - 08 September 13:00

In its mania for more competition, new Labour now threatens the future of racing

The fan - Hunter Davies marvels at a naked Bolas de Oro
By Hunter Davies - 08 September 13:00

Imagine Branson giving his trillions to a Russian hot-air balloon team. By <strong>Hunter Davis</str

O Captain, my Captain!
By Jason Cowley - 04 August 13:00

Observations on cricket

Sport - Jason Cowley enjoyed watching Serena's earrings
By Jason Cowley - 21 July 13:00

A summer to be remembered for fast bowlers and billionaires

Sport - Jason Cowley takes a pie-thrower's advice
By Jason Cowley - 14 July 13:00

Cricket, for many years, has wanted to be more like football

Sport - Jason Cowley goes behind the scenes at Wimbledon
By Staff blogger - 07 July 13:00

OK, so I was wrong about the All England Club, but not about the tennis, writes <strong>Jason Cowley

Sport - Jason Cowley meets Tuffers, a parody of himself
By Jason Cowley - 30 June 13:00

Tuffers has become a prisoner of his newly found, thin-spun celebrity

Sport - Jason Cowley on the decline of the rugger-bugger
By Jason Cowley - 23 June 13:00

How I learned to love rugby once the rugger-bugger disappeared

NS Profile - Barbara Cassani
By Stefan Stern - 23 June 13:00

One of the best brains in low-cost airlines is in charge of London's bid to host the 2012 Olympics.