Season’s greetings
By Hunter Davies - 03 September 8:19

And I’d hoped Ray Stubbs had gone back to teaching geography . . .

Green revolution
By Nick Greenslade - 27 August 8:07

First it was neoliberals at home and in America. Then it was their supporters in the media. Now Venezuela's Hugo Chávez has his sights fixed on the real threat to his "Bolivarian Revolution" - golf.

On being a good sport
By Dan Hancox - 06 August 9:11

"Aaaaare you Braintree in disguise?!

England's dream team
By James Cave - 23 July 13:00

Cricket fans rejoice: England are the best team in the world.

In defence of time-wasting . . .
By Staff blogger - 16 July 11:37

Let's not condemn it-done well and shamelessly, it's almost an art form.

The empire strikes back
By Peter Wilby - 02 July 12:18

On the eve of an eagerly awaited Ashes series, Peter Wilby reveals how the forces of globalisation a

Game, set . . . and Scottish flag
By George Eaton - 25 June 11:37

Andy Murray may be wishing he’d never raised his nationality – but the worlds of tennis and politics

A total white-out
By Martin Jacques - 18 June 10:53

In Britain, black people are excluded from decision-making in top-flight football. It will take more

From riches to rags
By Dominic Sullivan - 28 May 14:10

Observations on Romanian rugby

Toon Army goes belly up
By Hunter Davies - 28 May 14:10

Newcastle fans end the season with three awards in the <em>New Statesman's</em> star-studded prizegi

Artists and warriors
By Hunter Davies - 21 May 12:37

With no balance in the team, Arsène let his Gunners fizzle out

Clichés of the titans
By Hunter Davies - 14 May 11:02

Which of the overused football wisdoms are still valid, asks Hunter Davies

Croatian sensation
By Hunter Davies - 07 May 12:22

Hunter Davies leaves Britain behind for a far more civilised football experience

Play the straight bat
By Nicholas Lezard - 07 May 12:22

In Acton, my son’s cricket team thrash the opposition mercilessly. This is riches undreamt of: I kno

Why Rafa is a manager of note
By Hunter Davies - 30 April 13:21

<em>Hunter Davies</em> recognises a kindred spirit in the Liverpool scribbler

Pass the sickbag, Alice
By Peter Wilby - 30 April 13:21

. . . on tax dodgers, deportations, crocked fast bowlers and women drivers

Perfect pitch
By Hunter Davies - 23 April 13:45

Phrases from footie have long seeped into the language, writes <em>Hunter Davies</em>

Everyone’s a winner
By Hunter Davies - 16 April 10:15

It’s not fair that only one Prem team each year gets a prize, writes Hunter Davies

Pile up the politicians
By Peter Wilby - 16 April 10:15

...on profligate MPs, policing and a predictable Premiership

The fan
By Hunter Davies - 09 April 10:18

In footie’s first flush, players wore a riot of colours, like salmon pink and cerise, complete with

Clough and me
By Hunter Davies - 02 April 12:47

Clough ran ahead down the street with all the kids behind him, shouting, ‘‘We are the champions!’’

The grass is always greener . . .
By Hunter Davies - 26 March 10:11

British talent is once again being tempted overseas

The showman and the reluctant revolutionary
By Dominic Sandbrook - 26 March 10:11

The rivalry between Brian Clough and Don Revie, two of the most successful English football managers

The fan
By Hunter Davies - 19 March 11:48

Penalties, sin bins and how to kick Rugby and football can learn a lot from each other

Alex Ferguson on Labour, the best footballers and what he WON'T be doing in retirement
By Alastair Campbell - 19 March 11:48

Alastair Campbell talks to the retiring Manchester United manager about football, politics and why Tony Blair was a striker.

Exclusive with Alex Ferguson
By Staff blogger - 16 March 15:25

Don't miss this week's edition of the New Statesman. Guest edited by Alastair Campbell it contains a

The ego has landed
By Peter Wilby - 12 March 9:28

. . . on sectarianism, social ills, selection, sports appeals and self-regard

By Andrew Hussey - 12 March 9:28

Andrew Hussey recalls the tragedy that changed football and made it seem as if an obscure curse was

Hands off, Wembley
By Hunter Davies - 12 March 9:28

The National Football Museum is just fine where it is, up north

England's tsar forward
By York Membery - 12 March 9:28

Observations on sporting heroes