Toon Army goes belly up
By Hunter Davies - 28 May 14:10

Newcastle fans end the season with three awards in the <em>New Statesman's</em> star-studded prizegi

Artists and warriors
By Hunter Davies - 21 May 12:37

With no balance in the team, Arsène let his Gunners fizzle out

Clichés of the titans
By Hunter Davies - 14 May 11:02

Which of the overused football wisdoms are still valid, asks Hunter Davies

Play the straight bat
By Nicholas Lezard - 07 May 12:22

In Acton, my son’s cricket team thrash the opposition mercilessly. This is riches undreamt of: I kno

Croatian sensation
By Hunter Davies - 07 May 12:22

Hunter Davies leaves Britain behind for a far more civilised football experience

Why Rafa is a manager of note
By Hunter Davies - 30 April 13:21

<em>Hunter Davies</em> recognises a kindred spirit in the Liverpool scribbler

Pass the sickbag, Alice
By Peter Wilby - 30 April 13:21

. . . on tax dodgers, deportations, crocked fast bowlers and women drivers

Perfect pitch
By Hunter Davies - 23 April 13:45

Phrases from footie have long seeped into the language, writes <em>Hunter Davies</em>

Everyone’s a winner
By Hunter Davies - 16 April 10:15

It’s not fair that only one Prem team each year gets a prize, writes Hunter Davies

Pile up the politicians
By Peter Wilby - 16 April 10:15

...on profligate MPs, policing and a predictable Premiership

The fan
By Hunter Davies - 09 April 10:18

In footie’s first flush, players wore a riot of colours, like salmon pink and cerise, complete with

Clough and me
By Hunter Davies - 02 April 12:47

Clough ran ahead down the street with all the kids behind him, shouting, ‘‘We are the champions!’’

The showman and the reluctant revolutionary
By Dominic Sandbrook - 26 March 10:11

The rivalry between Brian Clough and Don Revie, two of the most successful English football managers

The grass is always greener . . .
By Hunter Davies - 26 March 10:11

British talent is once again being tempted overseas

The fan
By Hunter Davies - 19 March 11:48

Penalties, sin bins and how to kick Rugby and football can learn a lot from each other

Alex Ferguson on Labour, the best footballers and what he WON'T be doing in retirement
By Alastair Campbell - 19 March 11:48

Alastair Campbell talks to the retiring Manchester United manager about football, politics and why Tony Blair was a striker.

Exclusive with Alex Ferguson
By Staff blogger - 16 March 15:25

Don't miss this week's edition of the New Statesman. Guest edited by Alastair Campbell it contains a

Hands off, Wembley
By Hunter Davies - 12 March 9:28

The National Football Museum is just fine where it is, up north

England's tsar forward
By York Membery - 12 March 9:28

Observations on sporting heroes

The ego has landed
By Peter Wilby - 12 March 9:28

. . . on sectarianism, social ills, selection, sports appeals and self-regard

By Andrew Hussey - 12 March 9:28

Andrew Hussey recalls the tragedy that changed football and made it seem as if an obscure curse was

In defence of freebies
By Nick Greenslade - 05 March 10:49

Observations: Junkets

Why are we so good?
By Hunter Davies - 05 March 10:49

We could be heading for another European all-English final, writes Hunter Davies

A modest proposal
By Hunter Davies - 26 February 16:23

Let's have insurance against the things that footie throws at us

''We know each other well''
By Peter Wilby - 26 February 16:23

Peter Wilby on punts, pints, "Peston" and Premier League cricket

Assisted death 2
By Victoria Brignell - 20 February 10:17

Helping people who are suddenly physically disabled so they avoid despair and learn to adjust and en

Second-rate ranting
By Antonia Quirke - 19 February 12:02

Is it just me, or have phone-in shows become a lot duller in the internet age?

Roman's goose
By Hunter Davies - 19 February 12:02

Don't expect Chelsea's new manager to be a messiah

Vital match statistics
By Hunter Davies - 12 February 10:29

How a player's height and weight became closely guarded secrets

Peak practice
By Simon Akam - 12 February 10:29

Cycling in mountainous, jagged Norway is not for the faint-hearted, as Simon Akam discovers