There’s a pew free for Andy Murray, but I hope he doesn’t need it
By Mary Bide - 23 June 13:26

Looking back, I wish I could have issued a superinjunction. As the parish church of Wimbledon, we have been offering our neighbouring field as a car park during tournament fortnight.

In this game, pleasure is other people’s pain
By Jon Bernstein - 03 June 12:15

"Piqué's net gain at Wembley", noted the Sun.

Sky’s the limit in the dizzying drama of Survival Sunday
By Jon Bernstein - 02 June 14:23

When all Sundays are "super" and every encounter is a "showdown", lesser broadcasters would struggle to know where to go next. Not so Sky Sports, which always sells the next 90 minutes of football as if they were the last.

The summer of broken boundaries
By Caryl Phillips - 26 May 13:13

The West Indies cricket team of the 1970s and 1980s inspired great pride in Britain’s black youth. A

What the FA Cup needs is men in towelling dressing gowns
By Jon Bernstein - 20 May 14:02

Ah, the FA Cup. The romance, the magic and Rory Delap's absorbent vest.

Butch is so safe and square, I’m longing for Andy Gray
By Hunter Davies - 12 May 13:31

"This is great football. Well done, young man. Oh, I say, wonderful, wonderful. I've got to say, this is wonderful football we see here, wonderful football. He did well there, my word.

If Scotland becomes independent, will Fergie need a visa?
By Hunter Davies - 12 May 13:28

Usually at this point, we know everything, but this has been a dead exciting/boring/long-drawn-out/non-vintage/gone-to-the-wire season. Lots still to be decided, but let's get on with the awards.

The Elvis of golf is dead
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 07 May 10:35

Severiano Ballesteros, 1957-2011.

Hair today and gone tomorrow, along with your mojo
By Hunter Davies - 05 May 11:55

About ten years ago, I was sitting outside in the garden, enjoying the first real sunbathing of the year, leaning against our back door, when I felt the back of my head go cold, as if a cold compress had been applied to it sud

Ian Botham: the Power and the Glory
By Dan Jones - 27 April 12:40

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, when he was the world's most dangerous cricketing all-rounder, Sir Ian Botham became the archetypal modern sporting hero.

What’s more annoying than a player who screams at the ref?
By Hunter Davies - 27 April 12:35

As we all know, the most annoying person in modern politics is Ed Balls, at least according to Dave Cameron. "Annoying" is an interesting term of abuse, for it suggests

I had no truck with one-minute silences – until Eddie
By Hunter Davies - 20 April 13:49

Oh no, not Wem-bur-lee again. Why do we always get to go to Wem-bur lee - this is becoming so bo-ring, isn't it? About time other teams had a chance. Oh, well, s'pose we might as well.

Xbox, lattes and the other joys of touring
By Kevin Pietersen - 14 April 13:46

When my wife, Jessica, was due to give birth last May, I flew home from the World Twenty20 finals in the Caribbean to be there.

Chicken chancellors, chubby cricketers and cattle-class Clegg
By Peter Wilby - 07 April 17:06

A 1,400-page report on taxation issued last year by the Institute for Fiscal Studies - no, of course I haven't read it all and I doubt the Chancellor has either - contains a helpful table comparing the UK's tax system with "a

Finally – proof that being tall is no guarantee of success
By Hunter Davies - 07 April 17:01

I had never heard of the PFPO until last week. It sounds like an advertising agency or a liberating army.

Why I like my pleasures one at a time
By Hunter Davies - 31 March 12:52

We were on the way to Spurs for the home game against West Ham.

Sound the sirens - our top-flight teams are rubbish
By Hunter Davies - 24 March 13:31

It's so exciting. The Premier League, it can only happen here - that's what the Prem is all about. The most envied league in the world, the most watched, the most open, with the best players, who are the best paid . . .

Sun, sea and snoods: today’s “fragile” players
By Hunter Davies - 17 March 13:22

Alex Ferguson is very fond, when talking about today's players, of saying that they are "fragile". A strange word to use and he's never quite explained it.

With right backs, it’s better the Neville you know
By Hunter Davies - 10 March 13:11

If I come back next time as a journalist, as opposed to a brain surgeon, I wonder what area should I go into? Writing about football?

The night I gave away my flag to Arsenal’s number eight
By Hunter Davies - 03 March 11:17

I felt lucky to be going to the Arsenal-Barcelona game with one of Arsenal's young stars.

The courage of Arab protesters, lies of the war hawks and bowling bliss
By Peter Wilby - 03 March 11:15

Arabs across the Middle East are standing up to their bullies. Also, how neocons are taking credit f

Why Steven Davies could be the tipping point for gay sportsmen
By Duncan Robinson - 28 February 14:36

The England wicketkeeper’s decision could help break down the last taboo in sport.

You Sassenachs need more Scottish players
By Hunter Davies - 24 February 14:57

I was so hoping that Roy Hodgson would not get the West Brom job.

Gary’s Georgian gem and Wayne’s arty kitchen
By Hunter Davies - 17 February 13:34

Over supper, I asked my wife to complete the following sentence: "A collection of Clarice Cliff ceramics, worth an estimated £40,000, will be sold at Woolley and Wallis in Salisbury on March 9, the property of Mr . . ."

Keeping some of footie’s dirty talk would be a good save
By Hunter Davies - 10 February 14:59

With the demise of Sky's Andy Gray and Richard Keys and the end of prehistoric sexism - some chance - will another form of outdated, ancient language disappear when more presentable presenters take over? Oh, I hope not.

The axis of football
By Duncan Robinson - 03 February 11:03

Have you been watching the Asian Cup? Thought not. You're missing out.

Neutral and proud
By Duncan Robinson - 27 January 14:01

No one likes neutrals. We're fence-sitters. Cowards. Among real supporters we have a social cachet only slightly higher than sex offenders and Sepp Blatter.

The men of mode
By Hunter Davies - 20 January 10:57

I get all my fashion tips from TV. And as all I watch on TV is the footer, ergo, my wardrobe is football-related.

Kaboul rerun-run
By Hunter Davies - 13 January 11:20

Spurs are so excellent to watch at the moment - it won't last, it never does - that I did two unusual things.

New rules and fancies
By Hunter Davies - 06 January 9:48

I have this old friend, Tony, who is a dead keen Arsenal fan, wears his red woolly hat to every game, has two season tickets and often, if one of his family can't make it, lets me have a ticket, which is kind.