Protesters run for cover from tear gas fired by riot police
Bahraini protester found dead on on eve of Grand Prix
By Alex Hern - 21 April 12:26

The controversial event carries on despite the fatality.

New Statesman
I'm an F1 fan but I can't watch the Bahrain Grand Prix
By Steven Baxter - 20 April 10:09

The race will put a veneer of respectability on a despicable regime.

New Statesman
Don't just boo the player, boo the club
By Hunter Davies - 18 April 17:49

“I’m so depressed,” I said to my friend Jack as we left White Hart Lane after Spurs’ humiliating defeat by Norwich.

Felicity Aston.
Felicity Aston: Ice queen
By Samira Shackle - 03 April 15:56

‘‘There were different levels of fear but fear was always there,” says Felicity Aston. This year, she became the first woman to ski solo across Antarctica – and the first person to do so alone without using kites or machines – travelling 1,744 kilometres in 59 days.

New Statesman
Football will outlive us all, even me
By Hunter Davies - 29 March 16:57

I remember, about two months ago, the herd - following the masters-of-the-obvious Match of the Day pundits - saying that Spurs could win the league, they really could.

Hunter Davis
Why we love Messi, but not tidy Ronaldo
By Hunter Davies - 26 March 1:00

This is not a time for self-flagellation, just because our two top teams got stuffed in Europe by middling clubs and one team we had never heard of before, Apoel Nicosia, whose total salary would not pay for Wayne's hair trans

Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Debuchy kiss after a goal.
Homophobia, football, and the French kiss making headlines
By Daniel Jacobius Morgan - 25 March 11:58

A clip of two footballers kissing in front of a stadium full of fans raises questions about homophob

New Statesman
The fine art of the two-liner
By Hunter Davies - 15 March 11:11

After every Big Game, such as an England international or a Cup Final, all newspapers give a rating out of ten for every player.

“Plastic Brits” — and the Mail’s struggle to decide who isn’t British
By Sunder Katwala - 13 March 11:14

If Team GB is only nine-tenths British-born, that team meeting will look like Britain itself.

New Statesman
"Emotionally bruised, actually battered"
By Hunter Davies - 05 March 0:00

My next-door neighbour Ian, who is a Gooner, asked me if I would like a ticket for the Big Match. His friend Chris, who sits beside him, was not going.

New Statesman
It’s time for English football to grow up
By Ed Smith - 01 March 8:08

It's not me, it's you. They are English football's final words to every manager as he heads for the exit.

New Statesman
Well at least it’s given us David Ginola’s hair
By Hunter Davies - 27 February 0:00

It is 20 years ago this week that the Premier League was born. On 20 February 1992, the 22 clubs in the old First Division announced

It’ll end in tears at England, ’Arry
By Hunter Davies - 20 February 0:00

For the past 30 years, whenever a new Tottenham manager has been appointed, I have sent him a copy of The Glory Game, a book I did about a year in the life of the club.

There’s something about Harry
By Sophie Elmhirst - 08 February 13:00

As Redknapp is cleared of tax evasion, he still captures hearts.

There’s no contest for the Cup Losers’ Cup
By Jon Bernstein - 30 January 0:00

So reviled and diminished have most football cup competitions become that Uefa should launch a knockout competition to discover which is the least loved.

Forget the Prem, eighth division is where it’s at
By Jon Bernstein - 20 January 16:56

Welcome to Champion Hill, London SE22 - home to Dulwich Hamlet Football Club.

Sing when you’re winning and especially when you’re not
By Hunter Davies - 16 January 0:00

I was watching West Ham against Birmingham City and thinking, oh I do hope one if not both of them comes up next season, not because of the quality of their play, which is adequate, but the quality of the singing.

Don’t listen to the dressing-room snobs
By Hunter Davies - 09 January 0:00

I was watching Match of the Day and in charge, instead of Gary Lineker, was Colin Murray the chirpy, weedy, speccy, scruffy Ulsterman who does that Saturday-morning Radio 5 Fighting Talk prog where they all l

Diving players and fibbing fans: football’s a game of liars and cheats
By Hunter Davies - 02 January 0:00

It was obviously very moving, not to say uplifting, har har, when Kieran Richardson of Sunderland lifted up his shirt while celebrating a goal to reveal that on his vest was written: “I belong to Jesus".

Facial hair and Formica – we’re halfway through the season
By Hunter Davies - 12 December 0:00

I am sure you didn't notice, as you lead such busy lives - and I hate to be self-regarding, as I always give any column a miss if the columnist starts referring to his or her column, as if we care, as if we can remember - but

Uruguay, the best of all countries great and small
By Hunter Davies - 05 December 0:00

I had never heard of that player who helped stuff Man City in the Uefa Champions League, scoring two goals for Napoli, which as good as ruined Man City's chances of progressing. Edinson Cavani?

A Life Too Short: The Tragedy of Robert Enke
By Androulla Harris - 29 November 11:51

Ronald Reng's biography of the late German national goalkeeper is William Hill Sports Book of the Ye

Cantona’s collar, Craig’s holler and Carragher’s lack of tatts
By Hunter Davies - 28 November 0:00

I was at the optician's last week, having my eyes tested, and I got talking to the Sikh ophthalmologist. I was dreading the bit where they blow into your eyes, that is so unnerving.

My euro prediction, Olympics travel and another cricketing suicide
By Peter Wilby - 16 November 0:00

Prediction is nearly always dangerous, but here is one that I believe to be absolutely safe. Whatever you read elsewhere, the euro will survive and Greece, Italy, Spain, etc, will remain inside.

There’s no corner of any foreign field that is at all England
By Hunter Davies - 16 November 0:00

Well that was a turn up. Before the game I was making a list of ten reasons why England are always rubbish. After their 1-0 over Spain, I was jumping in the air, dancing in the street, hugging the lamp posts.

In the game of footer, there is no space for old men
By Hunter Davies - 14 November 0:00

Got a bad back, pulled something doing something silly - a Jimmy Greaves back, as we call it in our house, after the time Jimmy couldn't turn out for Spurs as he'd torn a muscle leaning into the back seat of his Jaguar, or so

Others may swoon, but I’ll never love Man City
By Hunter Davies - 10 November 15:09

I wonder how many people will now become Man City fans.

Mahmood: "A good day for investigative journalism"
By Dominic Ponsford - 02 November 13:12

Former News of the World journalist praises defunct newspapers role in exposing cricket corruption s

Don’t weed out the weeds: they’re the real winners
By Hunter Davies - 31 October 0:00

I used to be small, weedy and asthmatic as a boy. I know, hard to believe, when I turned out a hunk, but through my school years all my friends

There’s nothing black and white about these racism allegations
By Mike Bonnet - 24 October 19:14

Why we should resist passing judgement on these racial abuse accusations.