John Terry
Now John Terry has departed, the pressure is all on the FA
By Cameron Sharpe - 24 September 16:10

Muddying the waters of sport’s great taboo does no one any favours.

Lance Armstrong
A half-seductive, half-comical insider tale of professional cycling
By Gary Imlach - 20 September 10:58

The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France – review.

Hugo Lloris - first choice for France, second choice for Spurs.
God has played a rotten trick on them
By Hunter Davies - 20 September 9:16

These poor bored footballers, paid so much to do so little.

Johann Sebastian Joust.
Playing in public: Johann Sebastian Joust
By Helen Lewis - 20 September 8:18

The rise of digital folk games, which are designed to break social taboos, to get strangers talking and interacting and to make public spaces feel more friendly.

The Team GB women's football team
Women's sport sold down the river only a month after Olympic high
By Naomi Westland - 19 September 12:47

What should be a blockbusting qualifying fixture for England's women footballers will be played at a time and place that guarantee it will be ignored.

John Motson in 2001.
A generous helping of sport, with some social history on the side
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 13 September 10:27

Sit Down and Cheer: a History of Sport on TV - review.

All white on the right
By Jon Cruddas - 13 September 10:22

Jon Cruddas reviews Daniel Trilling's book on Nick Griffin and the BNP, Bloody Nasty People.

Mo Farah
Life after London 2012
By Joe Hayman - 13 September 8:15

Narratives are easy to construct; lasting social change is much more difficult.

Dimitar Berbatov
Following one team is so passé
By Hunter Davies - 12 September 16:28

Instead, follow an artist like Dimitar Berbatov.

Games Makers waiting for Team GB on the Mall
Let's celebrate the Games Makers on the fourth plinth
By Rachael Jolley - 12 September 10:21

The anti-Paxmans in purple deserve public recognition.

Should we have been so surprised that the Games were a success?
By Sunder Katwala - 10 September 11:28

The trail of clues was there if you wanted to notice.

Leon Knight, ex-footballer and noted misogynist, suspended from Twitter
By Helen Lewis - 06 September 12:51

His "Slag Alert Pictures" stunt backfired.

The picket line at the Marikana mine
Marikana is a reminder of the apartheid years
By Denis MacShane - 06 September 8:39

South Africa is riddled with corruption and clientelism but it is not a dictatorship.

Lance Armstrong earlier this year.
The voodoo cult of positive thinking
By Ed Smith - 06 September 7:11

Lessons from Lance Armstrong's disgrace.

The best, the rest and the journeymen
By Hunter Davies - 05 September 10:51

The return of Hunter Davies "The Fan" column.

Darren Eadie playing for Norwich City in 1996
Darren Eadie: Fighting depression in football
By Juliet Jacques - 30 August 8:48

The former Norwich and Leicester star talks further about his mental health campaign.

Beijing’s Olympic park is pristine, but something is missing – people
By Sophie Elmhirst - 29 August 16:24

The whole area still looks immaculate, but seems pointless.

Were the fake football agent's transfer rumours any more flaky than the usual ones?
By Steven Baxter - 29 August 15:53

FootballAgent49 claims to have fooled the Mail, Guardian and the Mirror.

Team GB's David Weir competes in the Paralympics test event
Do the Paralympics put extra pressure on disabled people?

Philippa Willitts and Frances Ryan debate whether being told to be an inspiration is any easier than being called a villain.

What David Cameron can learn from Andrew Strauss's KP problem
By Ed Smith - 23 August 9:55

Both England's cricket establishment and the Conservative Party are struggling with insurgent outsiders.

New Statesman
San Francisco Giants outfielder concocts most outlandish excuse ever
By Alex Hern - 21 August 14:32

When step one is "spend $10,000 building a fake website", rethink your plan.

Augusta National golf club, host of the US Masters, accepts first female members
By Alex Hern - 20 August 16:26

Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore are the first two women accepted.

A Danish gymnast vaults over a pommel horse at the 1908 London Olympics.
State-funded sport, like the NHS, has become something Britain can celebrate
By Stefan Szymanski - 15 August 13:31

The National Lottery has fundamentally altered the economics of sport in the UK.

Airports quiet as the Olympics keeps visitors away
By Margarida Madaleno - 14 August 14:38

200,000 fewer people flew into London in July than last year.

Why Cameron is wrong about "Indian dance" classes
By George Eaton - 10 August 11:21

The PM has again displayed his ignorance.

The Olympic mascot and Big Ben
Alan White's Olympics diary: Once the Olympic razzmatazz has gone, what do we want to be left with?
By Alan White - 09 August 8:47

Our Games have been great, but if we want to reap the rewards, we have to be honest about the failings.

"The death of competitive sports" is the right's favourite Straw Bogeyman
By Steven Baxter - 08 August 17:39

There's nothing wrong with having fun while getting fit, as this picture of David Cameron playing Badminton demonstrates.