Watch the sun exploding in glorious 1080p HD
By Alex Hern - 22 February 16:15

A beautiful NASA video of coronal rain.

How to take a self-portrait if you're a robot on mars
By Alex Hern - 08 February 9:20

Curiosity has learned about the Myspace angle.

IDS and the skivers from Mars
By Michael Brooks - 07 February 6:03

Why cutting money from benefits might not save anything in the long run.

Iran's Space Monkey is the Saddest Monkey You Will See Today
By Alex Hern - 28 January 16:19

Unless you have looked up pictures of other space monkeys.

NASA signs $17m deal for ISS expansion
By Alex Hern - 15 January 12:55

Commercial partnership will deliver the new module.

A montage of images taken by the Voyager spacecraft of the solar system
Letter from space: Farewell to Voyager 1
By Maggie Aderin-Pocock - 19 December 9:26

After 35 years, Voyager 1 is finally leaving the solar system – the first man-made object ever to do so. What has its journey meant?

A self portrait by Nasa's Curiosity probe on Mars.
Heavens above: the achievement of Curiosity and the Hubble Space Telescope
By Michael Brooks - 19 December 5:57

Long may our exploration of the heavens continue.

The space shuttle Endeavour journeys through Los Angeles
A long way from Alpha Centauri
By Michael Brooks - 25 October 9:36

Our terribly sensible attitude to space exploration is tested by exciting new discoveries.

Felix Baumgartner the moment before beginning his freefall to earth
Man jumps from space: giffed
By Alex Hern - 14 October 20:05

Today, a man jumped off a balloon 36km up in the air, freefalling from space for almost four and a half minutes.

This is really all you need to see to understand that.

Does the Earth need a space fence?
By Liam Stoker - 04 October 10:47

Being hit by space junk is rubbish.

Will space mining become a reality?
By Sarah Blackman - 27 September 14:57

Planetary Resources to Soviet meteor diamonds and beyond.

A view of the earth appears over the Lunar horizon
A space elevator would be a fitting tribute to Neil Armstrong
By Alex Hern - 29 August 15:36

Let's focus on projects that would change the world substantively, not symbolically.

Remember Neil Armstrong with space exploration that actually matters
By Alex Hern - 27 August 10:18

Don't put someone on Mars just for the sake of it. Build a space elevator and democratise the final frontier.

NASA lands nuclear-powered, laser-armed, one-tonne rover on Mars
By Alex Hern - 06 August 8:16

The Curiosity rover has been travelling for 10 months and made a safe touchdown this morning.

Richard Branson: "Create a European army - and privatise Radio 1"
By David Miliband - 11 July 12:11

The Virgin entrepreneur and adventurer talks to David Miliband about tax avoidance, Bob Diamond, why Europe needs a joint army and why he’ll never back any one political party.

Reasons to be careful
By Michael Brooks - 20 June 17:13

Asteroids strikes, radiation and Rio+20.

A group of people look at the horizon standing on the rocky crest filled with as
Word Games: Solstice
By Sophie Elmhirst - 20 June 11:55

It’s a weird, witching sort of time, the solstice. On the longest day of the year, the sun (if you can remember what that is) reaches its highest point in the sky. The word comes from Latin: sol, meaning sun, and sistere, meaning “to come to a stop, stand still”.

One world is not enough
By Michael Brooks - 13 June 17:36

On inaccessible universes and infinite planets.

New Statesman
The limits of science: Martin Rees
By Martin Rees - 02 May 17:41

Astronomer Royal

New Statesman
The limits of science: Neil deGrasse Tyson
By Neil deGrasse Tyson - 02 May 16:32

Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History

Five amazing things: astronomy
By Helen Lewis - 30 January 13:14

The best of the web, brought to you.

Nigeria’s own Nasa
By Katrina Manson - 13 August 8:24

When I meet Deji Inumoh, he says he is in the middle of a driving lesson.

After Neil Armstrong
By Robin McKie - 03 April 13:00

What future for space exploration?