Justice for the disappeared
By Chris Bradley - 08 December 10:54

The battle to bring the murderers and torturers of the Argentinian military dictatorship to book has

Men on a motorbike pass a Chavez mural in Caracas.
The Chávez decade
By Stephanie Blankenburg - 05 December 9:42

Academic and former economic adviser to the Venezuelan vice-president gives her analysis of the first ten years.

The real Hugo Chávez
By kenzieeliase410 - 05 December 9:38

A decade after Hugo Chávez was first elected Venezuelan president Hugh 0'Shaughnessy pays tribute to

The making of a magician
By Alice O'Keeffe - 27 November 9:45

<strong>Gabriel García Márquez: a Life</strong>

Gerald Martin

<em>Bloomsbury, 688pp, £25</em>

Whose victory in Venezuela?
By Vincent Bevins - 25 November 11:05

Both opposition parties and Hugo Chávez claim victory in regional elections in Venezuela. Vincent Be

Away from San José
By Alyssa McDonald - 20 November 9:30

The Armies

Evelio Rosero

Quercus, 214pp, £14.99

Uribe's human rights legacy?
By Edward L Davey - 19 November 11:46

The slaughter of innocent civilians and trade unionists in Colombia has caused international outrage

007 Bolivian socialist?
By Emma Felber - 14 November 11:11

The plot of the Quantum of Solace makes reference to a real struggle carried out by the social movem

Mountains of the wind
By Simon Worrall - 13 November 9:32

In remote Patagonia, Simon Worrall discovers an elderly woman who has defied all conventions

No place like home
By Rebecca Davies - 13 November 9:32

Fernando Meirelles has made his name with films inspired by the turmoil in his native Brazil. He tel

The challenges facing Obama
By kenzieeliase410 - 07 November 10:39

Just what direction will the president-elect take on South America, Israel and the wars in Iraq and

Drugs, unrest and socialism
By Alyssa McDonald - 07 November 9:56

Top Bolivian politician Silvia Lazarte talks about her role in reforming the South American country

Where is Julio Lopez?
By Chris Bradley - 31 October 9:45

Argentina's Dirty War saw the country's right wing junta torture and murder 30,000 of its opponents.

What's up, Comrade Bush?
By Vincent Bevins - 28 October 15:03

Cajoled for years to take on Western-style economic liberalism there's more than a wry smile on the

War is no longer chic
By kenzieeliase410 - 27 October 14:37

Despite the economic turmoil, Hugh O'Shaughnessy finds that there are reasons to be cheerful - the p

Learning from Argentina
By Peter Johnson - 21 October 16:32

Having survived persistent periods of economic unrest, Argentina might hold some lessons for more so

Pinochet's European vacation
By Reed Brody - 16 October 17:00

On October 16, 1998, London police arrested General Pinochet on a warrant from a Spanish judge for h

Empires of the sun
By Jan Rocha - 16 October 10:37

Brazil is celebrating 100 years of Japanese immigration. Just don't mention the war

Chavez you've let us down...
By kenzieeliase410 - 14 October 15:24

'You shut down Joint X’s hamburger joints for a mere 48 hours. The sanction was all too brief.' Hugh

Peru's bribery scandal
By Enrique Mendizabal - 14 October 11:33

A bribery scandal and escalating inequality has rocked Peruvian hopes for a new political era argues

HRW v Chavez
By kenzieeliase410 - 26 September 19:49

Chávez clearly made a major political blunder in expelling two HRW employees but then their report c

From the source
By Fiona Dunlop - 18 September 10:23

In southern Mexico, Fiona Dunlop is delighted by the mayhem of Latin America's largest indigenous ma

Cuban missile crisis II?
By kenzieeliase410 - 12 September 11:06

A ratcheting up of tension in the Caribbean is underway with the deployment of ships and other milit

Plotting in Paraguay
By kenzieeliase410 - 03 September 18:46

This week’s news from Paraguay shows that the violent right in Latin America must really pull up its

London's loss, Caracas' gain
By Simon Hooper - 29 August 17:49

Ditched by Londoners, it's nice to know that someone stands to benefit from Ken's years of experienc

Caribbean islands must join as one
By Darcus Howe - 28 August 10:22

A federation of all Caribbean islands is an absolute necessity

Rap on the run
By Rob Sharp - 21 August 10:28

Wanted by the FBI for black activism in the States, Nehanda Abiodun fled to Havana, where she became

Open-necked in Asunción
By kenzieeliase410 - 18 August 12:35

The western media has ignored nuance surrounding the first address of Paraguay's president Lugo, say

Democracy versus the people
By Slavoj Zizek - 14 August 11:03

A new account of Haiti's recent history shows how the genuinely radical politics of Lavalas and its