Honduras wavers on the brink

The events of 28 June took everyone by surprise – shooting in the night in Tegucigalpa, followed by

Another scandal gets dodged
By Vincent Bevins - 02 July 12:18

Observations on Colombia

Anguish, oil and the Amazon
By Enrique Mendizabal - 18 June 10:53

Observations on Peru

Cuba goes capitalist
By Graham Norwood - 04 June 18:48

Observations on private property

A collision of cultures
By Nigel Fountain - 21 May 12:37

Oaxaca is home to the weird and the wonderful, including surreal graffiti, spectacular protests and

Spain closes the door
By Cheryl Gallagher - 07 May 12:22

Observations on immigration

Limping along on the left
By Peter Wilby - 23 April 13:45

. . . on teaching music, taxing drugs and taking on the right-wing bloggers

Engaging Latin America
By Vincent Bevins - 21 April 20:31

Barack Obama's recent first encounter with Latin American leaders highlights some of the challenges

People's protest clogs city
By Anisha Ahmed - 02 April 16:39

Life in London slowed down as hotspots of protests sprang up in different parts of the city

What G20 countries want
By George Eaton - 30 March 15:48

As the leaders of the world's biggest economies gather in London we look at some of the competing de

Art to conserve
By Richard Dawkins - 26 March 15:42

Richard Dawkins on how actress Lalla Ward's art is being used to help conserve endangered species -

The void of understanding
By Philip Gould - 19 March 11:48

“The theme is leadership, but the subtext is betrayal.” <em>Philip Gould</em> on a great pollster’s

Left wins in El Salvador
By Vincent Bevins - 16 March 10:47

The victory of the party that fought a guerrilla war against Reagan-backed rightists in El Salvador

Who's really destroying the earth?
By Julio Cesar Centeno - 10 March 10:45

The perception of population growth in developing countries as the culprit of worldwide environmenta

The method behind the myth
By Ryan Gilbey - 19 February 12:02

Some last-minute sentimentality mars an otherwise fresh take on the biopic

<strong>Che: Part Two

This week at the NS
By Ben Davies - 16 February 13:02

A round-up of some of the highlights from this week's New Statesman plus some of the things we're up

Victory in Venezuela?
By Vincent Bevins - 16 February 9:59

Controversial Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez secures the right to run again after winning a refere

View from the top
By Hester Lacey - 29 January 10:35

In Bolivia's highlands, breathtaking scenery overlooks a society in transition

São Paulo: the brand
By Simon Akam - 29 January 10:35


James Scudamore <em>Harvill Secker, 288pp, £12.99</em>

A new dawn for Bolivia?
By Vincent Bevins - 26 January 11:43

The proposed Bolivian constitution grants rights to children, the disabled, migrants, and universall

A pragmatic revolution
By Michael Harvey - 19 December 9:42

Bolivian politician René Martinez talks to newstatesman.com about rightwing political violence in Bo

The island that dared
By Michael Chanan - 18 December 9:44

The Cuban Revolution, which took place 50 years ago on New Year's Day, inspired some of the most mem

A hornet's nest for Obama
By Lindsey Hilsum - 18 December 9:44


Miguel doesn't sleep well these days. It's not his conscience - in his view, it was quite reasonable to kill the man who shot him in the head.

"I was taught to return a favour," he says. "It was a small sin."

Landmine ban failing
By Samira Shackle - 11 December 10:44

The recent Oslo convention banning landmines marks an important step forward, but it also illustrate

When writing saves lives
By Mahendra Kusuma Wardhana - 09 December 11:44

Mahendra Kusuma Wardhana - a former prisoner of conscience - has a personal experience of how much d

Justice for the disappeared
By Chris Bradley - 08 December 10:54

The battle to bring the murderers and torturers of the Argentinian military dictatorship to book has

Men on a motorbike pass a Chavez mural in Caracas.
The Chávez decade
By Stephanie Blankenburg - 05 December 9:42

Academic and former economic adviser to the Venezuelan vice-president gives her analysis of the first ten years.

The real Hugo Chávez
By kenzieeliase410 - 05 December 9:38

A decade after Hugo Chávez was first elected Venezuelan president Hugh 0'Shaughnessy pays tribute to

The making of a magician
By Alice O'Keeffe - 27 November 9:45

<strong>Gabriel García Márquez: a Life</strong>

Gerald Martin

<em>Bloomsbury, 688pp, £25</em>

Whose victory in Venezuela?
By Vincent Bevins - 25 November 11:05

Both opposition parties and Hugo Chávez claim victory in regional elections in Venezuela. Vincent Be