Chile’s ghosts are not being rescued
By John Pilger - 14 October 8:17

The media swarmed as 33 copper miners were winched to safety from their underground prison in Copiap

In pictures: Chile mine rescue
By George Eaton - 13 October 10:06

The scenes from Chile as the first of the 33 trapped miners are finally rescued.

Colombian senator banned for "collaborating" with FARC rebels
By Ruth Collins - 08 October 16:50

Piedad Córdoba, a close ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, is ousted from the senate.

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 07 October 8:09

Nigeria: lead poisoning

State of emergency in Ecuador
By Ruth Collins - 01 October 18:50

Turmoil in the South American country continues, as the President, police and army all wrestle for c

The man with the world on his shoulders
By Ian Williams - 27 September 12:04

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, talks to Ian Williams about his critics, Israel and the chall

The untold story of the Mapuche hunger strike
By Ruth Collins - 15 September 18:20

The other crisis currently under way in Chile.

Outsourcing law and order
By Samantha Eyler Reid - 30 July 17:39

US troops to come to Costa Rica as Laura Chinchilla, the country’s first ever female president, is f

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 15 July 1:14

France: veil ban

The high cost of neoliberalism
By Noam Chomsky - 28 June 9:08

Financial liberalisation undermines democracy, handing power to a “virtual senate” that acts on beha

Santos wins landslide victory in Colombian election
By Ines Ward - 24 June 16:43

But will the former defence minister take responsibility for the murder of 2,000-plus civilians?

China and Brazil boost links
By New Statesman - 16 April 13:49

Countries sign several trade and investment agreements on the sidelines of BRIC summit in Brazilian

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 25 March 7:06

Israel: fake passports

Why the Falklands must remain British
By Gerald Kaufman - 15 March 8:25

Hillary Clinton would be advised to keep her mouth shut.

The islands of black gold
By Peter Wilby - 15 March 7:23

Nobody dreamed in the 1970s that a few years later Britain would be waging war over the Falklands. N

The land that wouldn't lie
By Peter Hallward - 28 January 7:06

The Haitian people overthrew slavery, uprooted dictators and foreign military rule, and elected a li

The kidnapping of Haiti
By John Pilger - 28 January 7:06

With US troops in control of their country, the outlook for the people of Haiti is bleak

Honduras elects new president
By James Burgess - 30 November 12:42

Porfirio Lobo declared winner of Honduras election, whilst defiant Zelaya denounces result

The people of Honduras have been betrayed
By James Burgess - 27 November 12:32

In Honduras, the spectre of US support for right-wing Latin American coups is making its reappearanc

A luta continua
By Vincent Bevins and Paula Mejia - 26 November 5:41

From the end of November, Uruguay is likely to have as its president José "El Pepe" Mujica - a former Marxist guerrilla who spent over a decade in prison.

The revolutionary road
By Simon Reid-Henry - 05 November 5:55

Fidel’s defining moments

The last revolutionary
By Simon Reid-Henry - 05 November 5:55

Fidel Castro has survived 600 assassination attempts to become the world symbol of anti-capitalism.

“All will be done again as it was in far-off times”
By Tom Holland - 15 October 8:38

Surveying the fragments of an obliterated civilisation at the British Museum’s Moctezuma exhibition,

My father has been punished for helping Honduras
By Xiomara Zelaya - 17 September 6:48

After the removal of my father by a military coup sanctions against the regime are vital

Honduras - the undemocratic republic
By Vincent Bevins - 11 September 17:03

Without pressure from the US or Latin America, the Honduran coup government will remain an ugly blem

Chávez is failing women
By Amy Stillman - 27 August 8:07

Venezuela’s leader may be a self-proclaimed feminist, but his country still has a shocking record on

Coming soon to Obama’s backyard . . .
By Simon Reid-Henry - 30 July 9:03

Obama is continuing the history of US interventionism in Latin America with plans for a series of mi

Obama’s empire
By Catherine Lutz - 30 July 9:03

The 44th president of the United States was elected amid hopes that he would roll back his country’s

Honduras wavers on the brink

The events of 28 June took everyone by surprise – shooting in the night in Tegucigalpa, followed by