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Tinder is the dating app with many matches but no spark
By Holly Baxter - 28 November 12:44

Go on a Tinder date and chances are you’ll get what I got: one free drink and an evening with a man called Aristoteles who spoke in hipster-cliche speak as if he was a living dating profile.

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What counting dead women tells us that Clare's Law cannot
By Holly Baxter - 25 November 14:44

Drawing connections between the murders of women by men is surprisingly rare. Attempting to accurately calculate women who died because of a sexist culture is even harder.

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How the legacy of Victorian times still looms over single mothers
By Ben Gwalchmai - 23 November 12:53

No single mother I’ve known could be called a "shirker" - and yet the discriminatory influence of the 19th century continues.

A mother and daughter walk in the park
Feminism and the Mummy Mystique: Why being a mother isn't the "full stop" on my life
By Sarah Ditum - 11 November 16:20

If you see yourself as a mother to the exclusion of all other roles, I think you become dependent on your children. You need them to need you.

New Statesman
Do we need a better word for "butch'"?
By Nayla Ziadeh - 10 November 9:28

The only word that used to be available if you were non-straight and masculine presenting was "butch". Times have changed - and one woman has found that the term "Masculine of Center" strikes a chord with America's LGBTQ community.

Occupy Wall Street protesters picket during a May Day rally
Who are the new socialist wunderkinds of America?
By Max Strasser - 09 November 9:52

Every time I’ve come home to the US from my home abroad over the past four years, I notice a trend among people of my demographic: they have become increasingly politicised – and increasingly radical.

A four day old baby in hospital in Germany
On Germany's new intersex law and the dangers of our gender-obsessed culture
By Nelson Jones - 01 November 15:52

Germany has become the first European country to pass a law that lets a birth certificate to be left blank in cases where the child is neither obviously male nor female, but it will take far more than a bureaucratic fix to remove the stigma of "abnormalit

Increasing diversity in business is not only morally right - it's the key to success
By Nigel Knowles - 25 October 11:40

Research has found that companies whose boards were made up of at least a third by women are 42 per cent more profitable - it makes perfect sense.

How deaf women are vulnerable to domestic abuse: the tragic story of Safiya
By Frances Ryan - 22 October 15:52

Deaf women are twice as likely as hearing women to experience domestic abuse. A disability, such as deafness, makes victims more vulnerable to abuse, and the same disability leaves them more vulnerable to not ever being able to escape it.

A female carer helps an elderly man in a care home
Ending the grey areas: Let's stop thinking of women as a resource to be exploited
By Sarah Ditum - 22 October 11:12

Whether in relation to rape, abortion or care, women are still viewed as something others are entitled to make use of. But it's time to do away with these grey areas of "duty" and recognise that the primary interest in what happens to a woman’s body belon

footprints in the snow.
The Maryville rape case: social media hurt Daisy Coleman - now it is helping her
By Holly Baxter - 19 October 10:06

Daisy Coleman is the latest in a series of girls to report that they were sexually assaulted and cyberbullied on social media. But we can't blame Twitter and Facebook for the existence of rape culture - and with #justice4daisy, they might have helped end

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Clever women remain 'ugly' almost by definition, but this new film should give us hope
By Ray Filar - 16 October 14:27

The biopic "Hannah Arendt" credits Professor Arendt, responsible for some of the most publicly enduring theories in 20th century philosophy, with an intellectual interiority mostly reserved – at least in the public eye – for white men.

Black Girls.
Colourism: Why even black people have a problem with dark skin
By Elizabeth Pears - 15 October 11:24

When I was a child my skin was praised by both white and black women - but more by black women. A new film, <em>Black Girls</em>, is opening up the conversation on colourism, class and skin bleaching.

Delegates at the Integrate Bristol event his week.
Female genital mutilation: we can end this practice of silence now
By Sarah Ditum - 11 October 14:52

This terrible practice requires silence to continue. When girls name this abuse and speak out against it, they have the power to end it.

Laurie Penny on the Miley Cyrus complex - an ontology of slut-shaming
By Laurie Penny - 11 October 8:55

Sexual performance is still the only power this society grants to young women, and it grants it grudgingly, rushing to judge and humiliate them whenever they claim it.

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Squeezed Middle: The milestones that passed me by
By Alice O'Keeffe - 10 October 12:54

I knew all along that Moe was beautiful, of course I did. It’s just that a lot of things were obscuring my view.

New Statesman
How do we talk about gang culture?
By Alan White - 04 October 10:40

In a climate where we still don't understand the London riots, we need to keep the dialogue about gang culture open in any way we can.

Alison Lapper.
The needs that make us human: "To love, to be loved, to be accepted, and to be respected"
By Alison Lapper - 03 October 11:30

Artist Alison Lapper was born without arms and was denied the affection she needed as a child. Here, as part of our "What Makes Us Human" series, she reflects on her experiences, and what they can tell us about humanity.

New Statesman
When will abortion become legal for women in Northern Ireland?
By Frances Perraudin - 28 September 10:00

Protestors gathering for the International Day for the Decriminalization of Abortion want better reproductive rights for women in developing countries, but few are aware of the problems faced by women in Northern Ireland.

A girl spray paints figures of male and female couples
Violence against women starts with school stereotypes
By Nancy Lombard - 26 September 13:23

If we are ever going to combat the attitudes and behaviour that can lead to violence, we have to prevent early stereotypes from taking root.

New Statesman
Why I couldn't care less about being important
By Alice O'Keeffe - 19 September 9:00

Alice O'Keeffe's "Squeezed Middle" column.

High street.
Crap Towns is nothing but an exercise in laughing at neglect
By Daniel Gray - 16 September 11:57

Why don't we love our neglected towns? When he returned to England to research his latest book, author Daniel Gray found the country's towns a haven of the beautiful and bizarre.

Couple eating ice creams on Heath.
The best things in life are free – unless Hampstead’s horrible hedgies get their way
By Nicholas Lezard - 12 September 10:43

A parked Bentley with the number plate I H8 TAX summarises everything that's going wrong with our beloved Heath.

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Socially useless activity by socially useless people
By Peter Wilby - 12 September 8:58

Peter Wilby's "First Thoughts" column: the day I dined with David Frost, why we should stay out of Syria, and who will really benefit from Vodafone selling its stake in Verizon Wireless.

A policy of banning all sex in prison will not work
By Michael Amherst - 09 September 9:25

A blanket ban on sex in prison leads to prisoners failing to report rape or sexual assault for fear of punishment.

'Queer' is so much more than what's found in the theory books.
Queer is the question
By Nayla Ziadeh - 08 September 10:25

‘Queer’ is not something that ever stays still; it is transient and, in that sense, in a constant state of becoming.

Mickey Rooney playing a Japanese landlord in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
"Yellowface" is funny, according to a bevy of non-east Asians
By Anh Chu - 08 September 10:04

No matter the degree, racism hurts, regresses and divides, but it needn't conquer.

Friday's Daily Telegraph front page (courtesy of @suttonnick on Twitter).
The campaign against sex-selective abortion is a cynical effort to take choice away from pregnant women
By Sarah Ditum - 07 September 12:27

Sex selective abortion is abhorrent, and it must be prevented. But there is no evidence of widespread sex-selective abortion in the UK. By campaigning against it, the <em>Telegraph</em> is able to recruit the support of people who would normally stand ver

A banner at an abortion demonstration in Mexico in 2011.
Pro-choice means just that: misogyny and the response to gender-specific abortions
By Glosswitch - 07 September 9:24

A selective cry of “misogyny” for anti-choice ends contributes to a culture which does not see people with female reproductive systems as full, equal human beings. The only person who can decide whether or not a pregnancy should continue is the person who

How are rape jokes different from murder jokes? Let me count the ways
By Sophia McDougall - 06 September 12:58

If murder was so common that in any medium-sized mixed group I could be pretty sure someone there had been directly affected by murder, you are damn right I wouldn’t make any jokes about murder, writes Sophia McDougall.