Members of the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party
Golden Dawn fascists are not just Greece's problem
By Daniel Trilling - 09 May 9:54

Europe will turn to angry nationalisms unless an alternative to austerity is found.

Gay marriage
Marriage Guidance
By Nelson Jones - 08 May 10:46

The debate on same sex marriage has so far been dominated by its opponents.

New Statesman
The Books Interview: Susan Cain
By Sophie Elmhirst - 03 May 13:12

The author of "Quiet" on introversion.

New Statesman
The Diary — John McCarthy
By John McCarthy - 02 May 15:24

The former Beirut hostage on the pleasures of fishing, memories of revolution in Paris . . . and say

Justin Fashanu.
Justin Fashanu and the politics of memory
By Juliet Jacques - 02 May 11:38

The narrative that homophobia in football was primarily responsible for his death forms a dauntingly

New Statesman
How conservatives hijacked the gay movement
By Ray Filar - 30 April 11:16

The focus on gay marriage shows how the movement has lost its teeth.

New Statesman
Diplomacy isn’t my strong suit: just ask the Germans
By Nicholas Lezard - 26 April 16:41

To the German embassy. Not a sentence I get to write often. Nor one, I suspect, I will get to write again. There’s some sort of literary event there tenuously attached to the London Book Fair.

You agree with this column
By Martha Gill - 26 April 15:17

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

New Statesman
Women-haters in pastel roll-necks
By Will Self - 26 April 14:51

The transvaginal probe is a long, dildo-shaped instrument used to detect foetal heartbeats – or, at least, that’s what an unholy alliance in the US of state legislators, anti-abortion campaigners and their medical henchmen see as its purpose.

A bacon sandwich.
Barry Sheerman's "small English rant"
By Daniel Trilling - 26 April 14:42

Why does a Labour MP think it is in the interests of his constituents to attack eastern Europeans?

New Statesman
The new wars of the shires
By William Cash - 25 April 16:33

The battle over the government’s planning reforms, which ended with a victory for campaigners led by the National Trust and the Campaign to Protect Rural England, was a very English revolution.

New Statesman
How the far right is becoming mainstream
By Catherine Fieschi - 25 April 16:22

It’s been quite a month for the populist right in Europe: Marine Le Pen, the Front National (FN) candidate in the French presidential elections, took 17.9 per cent of the vote in the first round; Geert Wilders of the Party for Freedom (PVV) brought down the Dutch government, forcing new election

Russell Brand at Select Committee.
Russell Brand speaks to MPs: in pictures
By Samira Shackle - 24 April 12:21

The actor addresses government inquiry into drugs policy.

New Statesman
Roulette in betting shops? It's all political spin
By Derek Webb - 24 April 10:37

ADVERTORIAL: The Fairer Gambling Campaign warns against the dangers of addictive betting machines.

New Statesman
Labour needs to rediscover its conservatism
By Rowenna Davis - 20 April 14:24

The party used to care more about family, high streets, order and community.

An anti-abortion rally outside Parliament. London, 2007.
Abortion provider BPAS under attack from hackers
By Samira Shackle - 19 April 9:16

Following the arrest of a hacker who planned to publish women's details, there have been 2,500 attem

Able and willing
By Ian Birrell - 18 April 15:59


The philosopher Herbert Marcuse
Who are Breivik’s fellow travellers?
By Daniel Trilling - 18 April 14:59

It would have been a lot neater, and no doubt a lot more comforting, if Anders Behring Breivik had been declared too insane to stand trial.

The Times and NightJack: an anatomy of a failure
By David Allen Green - 12 April 12:19

The story of how, in a string of managerial and legal lapses, the <em>Times</em> hacked NightJack and effectively misled the High Court

New Statesman
All for youth
By New Statesman - 12 April 11:19

Football, politics and charity join forces at Nottingham Forest in the Community launch.

New Statesman
The compassionate case for legal abortion
By Ellie Mae O'Hagan - 04 April 13:03

Abortion is society’s understanding that pregnancy isn’t always like a Pampers advert.

New Statesman
All agog on the Tyne
By Edward Platt - 03 April 14:46

Edward Platt returns to the north-east, where he lived as a boy. In Newcastle, he discovers brave ne

Petrol pandemonium
Petrol pandemonium
By Christian Jarrett - 31 March 10:38

The government has changed its advice, but why did we panic in the first place? A psychologist expla

Saggy knees, secret courts and why granny tax isn't the end of the world
By Helen Lewis - 30 March 12:00

Who ever could have seen the "granny tax" revolt coming, eh? Well, everybody. Clobber pensioners and the retribution will be swift and universal, in the pages of the Mirror as much as the Mail.

New Statesman
Do you live in the bubble?
By Helen Lewis - 30 March 11:48

Spend any time on the bottom half of the internet and the same criticism of journalists, politicians and power brokers pops up again and again in the comment sections.

Muslim worshippers in Paris
France: a country at war with itself
By Andrew Hussey - 30 March 10:53

In the poor outer suburbs of France's major cities, a generation's alienation has erupted into viole

High Streets First: a response to Eric Pickles
By Rowenna Davis - 29 March 17:29

Don't be fooled by claims that the number of betting shops is decreasing.

Polly Harrar
The NS Interview: Polly Harrar, founder of Sharan Project
By Samira Shackle - 29 March 17:07

“Honour killing is murder in cold blood”

Champion chips from the land of chicks
By Will Self - 29 March 16:33

I consider chicken again - and gladly! At night, in sweat-basted sleep, I slip and slide over chicken-skin terrain, popping juice-engorged blisters with my toecaps.

Leader: The loveliness of spring
By new-statesman - 29 March 14:21

Clear skies, honeyed light, lingering evenings: the spring equinox - when the sun moves across the celestial equator (an imaginary circle in the sky above the actual equator) - has announced itself with par­ticular beauty this