Solving addiction lies in empowerment, not shame
By Beth Burgess - 10 October 11:45

Brighton's Recovery Walk is an important sign that stigma about addiction isn't acceptable.

Disabled protestors demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament about cuts to d
Who benefits from disability cuts?
By Caroline Criado-Perez - 04 October 16:11

Tax evasion, not disability benefit fraud, is the real scandal.

New Statesman
The death of the Cromarty fisherfolk dialect
By Helen Lewis - 04 October 13:38

Listening to extinct languages and dialects is an eerie, but incredible, experience.

The traditional post-Saturnalian full English breakfast
Razors returns, sherry is drunk and Virgil is quoted at length
By Nicholas Lezard - 04 October 10:53

Could you all please be a little quieter? Razors has been here and I am feeling a bit delicate this morning. Thank you. The Aymara people of Peru and Bolivia have a very good word to describe the condition of a hangover: umjayanipxitütuwa – “they must have made me drink”.

For every sharp suit there’s Fergie’s cardie
By Hunter Davies - 03 October 17:17

Hunter Davies' "The Fan" column.

The new Minister for Women and Equalities, Maria Miller.
Maria Miller’s abortion stance means she’s no friend to women
By Zoe Stavri - 03 October 14:19

Zoe Stavri argues that the women's minister's focus on reducing the abortion time limit is either misguided or disingenuous.

Breast cakes. KHRawlings/Flickr
The sinister campaign against Page 3
By Martin Robbins - 03 October 12:08

At worst, campaigners are engaging in exactly the same sort of sexual policing and censorship that The Sun does. The answer is more nudity, not less, says Martin Robbins.

The lazy, stereotypical thinking in Hanna Rosin's "The End Of Men"
By Glosswitch - 02 October 10:04

It’s okay, I checked - the men are still here!

Someone buying a newspaper
A missing person should never be used as an excuse to flog papers
By Steven Baxter - 01 October 11:32

A classic case of "the public interest" not being "what we want to know".

Nuts magazine covers.
Why do men think it's ok to get their "Nuts" out in public?
By Caron Lindsay - 27 September 14:09

To read a lads' mag in public is to declare that women's bodies are public property.

Marine Le Pen
The stereotype of the “young violent male” on the right
By Marley Morris - 25 September 12:11

The received view does not quite match the reality of these crucial "reluctant radicals".

Will Clare's Law really help reduce domestic violence?
By Craig Harper - 24 September 13:44

Not everyone with prior domestic violence convictions goes on to reoffend.

We need men to talk about sex
Don’t mention the sex war - if you're a man, that is
By Rhiannon and Holly - 24 September 10:25

Why, when it comes to sex, are "simple, easily pleased" men always pitted against "complicated, wordy" women?

Venus at her Mirror by Spanish artist Diego Velazquez
Desire that dare not speak
By Katherine Angel - 20 September 6:13

For too long female sexuality has been defined by men. It’s time for its story to be told.

An honour killing with a difference
By Julian Sayarer - 14 September 11:59

A Turkish woman takes the law into her own hands and kills the man who raped her.

A nice, non-invasive, picture of the Duchess of Cambridge
The Kate Middleton topless photos are the grossest invasion of privacy
By Steven Baxter - 14 September 10:00

If you buy into the worst kind of paparazzi antics, you are throwing away your own privacy too.

Permitted assisted dying could increase protection for vulnerable people
By Nelson Jones - 13 September 17:15

The only person who can decide if a life is worth living is the one living it.

Reconnecting the power supply
By Matthew Taylor - 13 September 14:53

The full text of Matthew Taylor's annual lecture at the RSA.

Barack Obama
In a world that glorifies extroverts, let’s hear it for the quiet man
By Ed Smith - 12 September 16:31

Ed Smith's "Left Field" column.

The ghost town of Bodie, California
On a visit to a Californian ghost town, I understand why the crowd abhors reason
By Will Self - 12 September 16:12

Will Self's "Madness of Crowds" column.

The BBC News report of the latest government statistics
We mustn't over-interpret suicide statistics - every one is an individual tragedy
By Steven Baxter - 12 September 9:24

New government figures show middle-aged men are at greatest risk of suicide.

Naomi Wolf's "Vagina" is full of bad science about the brain
By Neuroskeptic - 05 September 9:58

Given that she's written a book about the vagina, Wolf seems to mention the brain a lot.

Women having fun on a night out in Newcastle
Theories about "hookup culture" are just another way of telling us what to do with our lady parts
By Rhiannon and Holly - 03 September 10:45

Which is more offensive - being called a "slut", or being slotted into a sweeping cultural theory?

"Showing off her bump" - the vanishing identity of a pregnant woman
By Caron Lindsay - 31 August 12:58

A pregnant woman is more than just a bump with a woman attached.

Your columnist is about to go on holiday for the first time in ages
There’s no way I’ll be jamming in the small hours with that Tory MP again
By Nicholas Lezard - 29 August 16:20

Today I am in frisky mood, for I am packing my bags to go on holiday for the first time since a long weekend in Paris at the beginning of May.

Bridgewater Foundry
Nature: Dark satanic mills
By John Burnside - 29 August 15:29

John Burnside's nature column.

The Apollo spirit, Prince Harry’s bottom and banning Orwell
By Peter Wilby - 29 August 15:28

Before Neil Armstrong (who died on 25 August) set foot on the moon, science-fiction writers had often envisaged the first visit by human beings to another world.