The trans pride flag. All photos author's own.
Trans pride is great but it's not enough to camouflage discrimination
By Helen Thomas - 31 July 10:25

Transgender people in Britain are still some of the most marginalised in society, which is why we need trans pride now more than ever.

This guy tries to find a date by walking around, asking women out. Photo: Still from "Offline Dating", by Samuel Abrahams
Whether it's online or offline dating, why is it such a taboo for women to say "No"?
By Sarah Ditum - 15 July 15:07

A video showing a man trying to bag a good, old-fashioned "offline date" by marching up to women in the street to ask them out has gone viral, but it's more disturbing than heartwarming.

A football in a grassy field as the sun sets. Photo: Flickr/Katie Brady
It's time the green movement left its earnest, middle-class ghetto and enjoyed some football
By Pete May - 13 July 15:40

The overwhelming need to prevent planetary meltdown gets translated into overwhelming earnestness and a lack of ability to do human.

A pair of brown brogues. Photo: Flickr/ Designerschuhe, Taschen und Accessoires
Will walking in the shoes of a Syrian refugee or an Etonian help you empathise? Roman Krznaric thinks so
By Liv Constable-Maxwell - 09 July 16:25

Roman Krznaric speaks about his new project, the Empathy Museum, and why he believes it has the power to make visitors more empathetic.

Australia Celebrates Baby Boom: A pregnant woman holds her stomach June 7, 2006 in Sydney, Australia. Image: Getty Images.
What's wrong with older mothers? Nothing. Time to dispel the "fertility cliff" myth
By Tosin Thompson - 29 June 17:16

We read between the lines of newspapers' scare stories about infertility and "late" pregnancy to find the science doesn't back them up at all.

A still from Channel 4's "Dispatches: Undercover Social Worker".
"It's soul-destroying and career-destroying": social workers in the firing line
By Rachel Schraer - 24 June 18:12

The side-effect of transparency is that some innocent social workers are being demonised, with their personal details splurged on hate sites.

The Twitter hashtag #LiveTweetYourPeriod is honest and hilarious. Photo: Quinn Dombrowski on Flickr via Creative Commons
Why I’ll be livetweeting my next period
By June Eric-Udorie - 23 June 15:37

The only way we can break the stigma around periods is if we all talk about it.

Mindful pregnancy seems to advocate a dulling of the senses. Photo: David McNew/Getty Images
Why “mindful pregnancy” is just another way of turning women into compliant maternal putty
By Glosswitch - 23 June 11:04

Andy Puddicombe’s book is just one of several that aim to teach the art of calmness and acceptance to the pregnant, in case women need any more unashamedly brain-numbing guidance.

A yawning new born baby. Photo: Getty
Will shared parental leave make for a more equal world?
By Glosswitch - 19 June 9:53

To get to grips with the drawbacks and benefits of shared parental leave, we must look past the “maternal gatekeepers”, “commando dads” and other stereotypes that muddy the debate.

"The girls, like all girls of that age, were bolshy and manipulative, and everything revolved around cigarettes". Photo: Phil Walter/Getty Images
The girls in the prison had done some bad things, but what they did to themselves was worse
By Suzanne Moore - 18 June 10:55

The bit they don’t tell you is that agency workers are often brought in when something bad has happened.

A new born baby in a hospital bed. Photo: Getty
We know we won't be fertile forever – we don't need misinformed media dropping "fertility timebombs" to keep reminding us
By Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett - 01 June 13:45

A message to those constantly deploying the "tick tock" body clock narrative: we already know we can't "have it all", so stop reminding us.

Can you live without money? Lily Cole meets the “Moneyless Man”
By Lily Cole - 22 April 15:43

Mark Boyle started to rely entirely on gifts and bartering in 2008 - cooking on an outdoor stove, washing his clothes in soapwort, and using the Daily Mail as loo paper. He tells Lily Cole why he loved it. 

DNA strands from a double helix model at the Science Museum. Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images
Why are we so desperate to find a genetic explanation for sex offenders?
By Sarah Ditum - 13 April 12:49

The research into the so-called “nonce gene” disintegrates under any kind scrutiny at all. Why do we want to believe in it?

Sunbathers on Brighton beach. Photo: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images
Sussex police’s victim-blaming anti-rape campaign: why is it victims, not rapists, that must change their behaviour?
By Glosswitch - 09 April 12:50

Decades after the first Reclaim the Night march, we are still wondering: why is it always women who are told they have to modify their behaviour in order to stay safe?

A dispute over pizza in Indiana has lead to a discussion abotu the nature of freedom. Sort of. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Watch out for “Big Gay”: why the freedom to discriminate is a funny sort of freedom
By Eleanor Margolis - 07 April 17:03

Discrimination under the banner of “freedom” is on the rise again.

An onlooker photographs a montage of the Kama Sutra. Photo: Getty
Why I changed my mind about porn
By Sarah Ditum - 01 April 15:04

A few years ago, I argued against the idea that porn was hijacking our sexuality. Now, as a women's centre tries to ban my opponent, I wonder - are they scared that if people listen to Gail Dines, their minds might be changed too?

Bette Davis, smoking. Photo: STF/AFP/Getty Images
I only have the occasional fag and I don’t long for nicotine – it’s the society of smoking that I crave
By Suzanne Moore - 27 March 14:50

Smoking for David? It could only be Hockney. Smoker extraordinaire, and not a bad painter either.

Women urinating on the street in the small hours: the mark of a Britain in crisis, or the ultimate bonding experience?
By Eleanor Margolis - 27 March 10:09

Bond-forming though it may be, weeing in public is not ideal for women. And even Scandinavians haven't found the solution.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbano with Naomi Campbell in 2010. Photo: Tullio M Puglia/Getty
Dolce and Gabbana’s comments on IVF highlight how often we ignore the surrogate mother
By Glosswitch - 17 March 16:05

Amid the outrage over the fashion designers’ comments about “synthetic children”, the role of the gestational mother has yet again been completely erased. She just makes the picture too messy.

The state opening of Parliament. Photo: Getty
Maybe we don't need to move Parliament to Hull. But we do need to overhaul its alienating traditions
By Helen Lewis - 05 March 12:28

Woven into the very fabric of Westminster are assumptions about who the building – and, by extension, our democracy – is intended to serve. The lack of convenient disabled access and the shortage of ladies’ loos in the old palace are daily reminders that parliament wasn’t built with those groups in mind.

Newborn babies at a hospital in Kolkata. Photo: Dibyangshu Sarkar/AFP/Getty Images
Why is it still controversial to say that women should make the decisions about childbirth?
By Glosswitch - 02 March 10:13

Rebecca Schiller’s All That Matters is a brief but important book.

A woman waits in the rain. Photo: Getty
Women should never have to lie about being “taken” to stop men from harassing them
By Eleanor Margolis - 12 February 15:19

Any woman who’s ever made her way home, alone, from a night out will know that feeling of dread that comes from unwelcome conversation.

Treating women in the workplace in the same way to heterosexual men is not equality. Photo: Getty
Why do we still see equality for pregnant women and mothers as “special treatment”?
By Glosswitch - 05 February 13:48

Everyone benefits from so-called “women’s work”.

An anti-abortion protest in Belfast. Photo: Getty
Have we reached the tipping point for abortion rights in Northern Ireland?
By Siobhan Fenton - 02 February 10:28

A new legal challenge to Northern Ireland’s restrictive abortion laws marks a huge success for the pro-choice movement.

Stock and share: some argue that people are driven to food banks by housing costs, not food costs. Photo: Andrew Testa/Panos
How can business reduce poverty?
By Adam Ludlow - 22 January 12:06

The Webb Trust essay prizewinner offers an answer.

Old hat: A dinner suit for hire. Photo: Flickr/faungg
Ed Smith: Black tie used to be about dressing up, now it’s a precursor to throwing up
By Ed Smith - 22 December 15:47

Black tie is still a code, of course, but not really a dress code. It is code language. It shouts to the sober world: we are on a serious bender here, so give us a wide berth.

Finding them online is one thing, but how does one “rehabilitate” a paedophile? Photo: Getty
Is a zero-tolerance approach really the best way to stop paedophiles from abusing children?
By Hussein Kesvani - 19 December 15:01

A new security branch has been created to find paedophiles lurking on the “dark web”. Yet this zero-tolerance attitude is beginning to be called into question – for people who have never acted on their desires and want help, should we be locking them up at all?

"People just dismiss me": the leading policeman challenging the War on Drugs
By Tim Wigmore - 19 December 14:28

The Chief Constable of Durham, Mike Barton, breaks the taboo on drugs.