Faith by numbers: why religion still matters
By Bobby Duffy and Ruth Turner - 27 July 17:03

A global poll emphasises the central and growing importance of religion to world society.

George Pitcher: The week I was fired by the nicest man I know
By George Pitcher - 25 July 1:00

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s outgoing PR adviser, George Pitcher, writes the NS diary.

Faith no more
By Andrew Zak Williams - 25 July 1:00

Earlier this year, Andrew Zak Williams asked public figures why they believe in God. Now it’s the tu

“The Invisible Big Kahuna”
By Andrew Zak Williams - 23 July 11:51

Andrew Zak Williams discusses this week’s New Statesman article in which prominent atheists told him

Sharing a lift with Richard Dawkins
By David Allen Green - 06 July 16:42

The rationalist champion compares propositioning a woman with chewing gum.

If you’re searching for the big society, here’s where you may find it
By Jonathan Sacks - 30 June 13:07

The tenor of relationships within a religious community makes it the best tutorial in citizenship an

Snoring in church, crashing into coffins and gambling in a dog collar
By Lucy Winkett - 23 June 13:28

The rector of St James’s Piccadilly on the weird and wonderful life of a church in the heart of Lond

Is playing poker a sin?
By Victoria Coren - 23 June 13:28

Victoria Coren takes a gamble on the idea that God has bigger fish to fry.

The chosen ones — a brief history of Islam
By Lesley Hazleton - 23 June 12:39

The discord between Sunnis and Shias dates back to the years immediately after the Prophet Muhammad’

The long war between Sunni and Shia
By Olivier Roy - 23 June 12:39

East of the River Jordan, the defining geopolitical and religious schism in the Middle East pits Saudi Arabia against Iran.

Editor’s Note — after Rowan Williams
By Jason Cowley - 23 June 12:32

Jason Cowley on the fallout from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s guest edit of the <em>New Statesman<

Leader: A global big society
By Rowan Williams - 23 June 10:56

While we're on the subject of building resourcefulness and well-being, it is worth noting that many people are beginning to argue that a vision committed to empowering local politics in the UK needs a counterpart in the arena

Sharia isn't what many think it is, says Mehdi Hasan
Mehdi Hasan: it’s time to lay the sharia bogeyman to rest
By Mehdi Hasan - 21 June 14:15

Why are our lawmakers obsessed with “sharia law”?

Customs of my tribe
By Philip Pullman - 20 June 12:59

I’m not a believer, but the Anglican tradition remains an important part of who I am.

Exclusive — Rowan Williams in conversation with William Hague
By Rowan Williams - 17 June 8:25

The Foreign Secretary believes Britain abroad must temper idealism with pragmatism. The Archbishop o

Faith should not dictate political affiliation
By Andrew Zak Williams - 16 June 12:35

When Rowan Williams and AC Grayling made headlines recently, one aspect of the God Debate was turned

Shia Islam: a timeline
By Emanuelle Degli Esposti - 16 June 10:48

The key dates in Shia history, from the death of the prophet Muhammad to the modern day.

Leader: The government needs to know how afraid people are
By Rowan Williams - 09 June 12:07

We are being committed to radical, long-term policies for which no one voted.

Exclusive: Philip Pullman on what he owes to the Church of England
By Staff blogger - 09 June 10:38

The author on atheism, Anglicanism and "transcendental" experiences.

Is religion just a matter of taste?
By Nelson Jones - 03 June 12:18

In our religiously plural society, faith has become become a source of identity -- and therefore of

Professor sparks “Muslim outrage”. Or does he?
By Samira Shackle - 30 May 16:25

An academic’s comments about “inbreeding” give right-wing papers an excuse to flag up tired stereoty

What we can learn from Harold Camping
By Nelson Jones - 25 May 17:27

“People will often go to extraordinary lengths to maintain prior beliefs in the face of evidence to

No kind of martyr: the death of Osama is not to be exploited by extremists, writes Mehdi Hasan
By Mehdi Hasan - 12 May 13:31

Mehdi Hasan is horrified at the reaction to the killing of Osama by a handful of people in the Muslim community.

Science and religion don't have to be enemies
By Martin Rees - 23 April 10:34

Richard Dawkins called him a "compliant quisling" for accepting the Templeton Prize. Here, Martin Re

Why do you believe in God?
By Andrew Zak Williams - 20 April 15:45

In last week’s <em>New Statesman</em>, I asked 30 leading public figures why they believed in God. H

A very Christlike kiss’n’tell
By Garry Wills - 20 April 14:03

Modern readers often take Augustine’s <em>Confessions</em> to be an account of a saint’s struggles w

I’m a believer
By Andrew Zak Williams - 20 April 14:03

In our increasingly secular society, many religious people feel their voices are not heard. So here,

The NS Interview: Bharti Tailor
By Samira Shackle - 20 April 14:03

“Hinduism goes back 5,000 years. We’re used to a changing world”

The NS Profile: Sam Harris
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 20 April 14:03

Sam Harris, one of the “Four Horsemen” of new atheism, believes that science can never be reconciled

Banning things and liberal values
By David Allen Green - 11 April 12:16

Why the French are wrong about face veils.