Equality between the sheets
By Nelson Jones - 16 November 13:03

The "right" to discriminate cuts both ways.

Poppy-burning and the limits of tolerance
By Nelson Jones - 11 November 13:15

Anjem Choudary is the man the tabloids love to hate, but does the government risk turning him into a free speech martyr?

Bishop Chartres arrived at St Paul’s like Churchill at the Admiralty
By George Pitcher - 10 November 15:05

Civil unrest presents a curious problem for the right-wing press.

Morality and the Markets
By Nelson Jones - 08 November 10:25

Capitalism and ethics make uncomfortable bedfellows, thinks Giles Fraser.

The turbulent priest intervenes
By George Eaton - 02 November 9:41

Rowan Williams calls for a Tobin tax and other measures to address the protesters' "moral agenda".

The power and the glory
By Nelson Jones - 01 November 12:00

The roots of the crisis that has now destroyed the careers of two of London's most senior Anglican c

Dean of St Paul's Cathedral resigns
By Samira Shackle - 31 October 14:36

Graeme Knowles steps down with immediate effect, following the resignation of Giles Fraser last week

Permission to speak
By Nelson Jones - 27 October 14:20

Is Adrian Smith a Christian martyr or just a casualty of corporate conformism?

Hitchens: "I'm not going to quit until I absolutely have to"
By George Eaton - 10 October 19:50

Writer makes first public appearance for months in Texas.

Steve Jobs: technological messiah
By Nelson Jones - 07 October 15:29

Does the reaction to its founder's death suggest that Apple has become a new religion?

The shrinking majority
By Nelson Jones - 29 September 12:43

Britain is still a Christian country but the drift towards secularism continues.

The trial and punishment of Yousef Nadarkhani
By David Allen Green - 28 September 16:19

Is a man to be executed for "apostasy"?

BBC faces backlash from stars over attempt to pursue politically correct policy
By Nilpa Shah - 26 September 14:43

Well-known faces from around the BBC including Andrew Marr and John Humphrys have criticised the bro

Prescribing Jesus
By Nelson Jones - 23 September 17:00

Is it appropriate for a doctor to offer Christianity as part of the treatment?

Stars of David
By Peter Watts - 14 September 16:06

Peter Watts admires the diversity of Jewish performers in Britain.

Choosing an archbishop
By Nelson Jones - 13 September 13:15

Why should the appointment of Rowan Williams' successor be left to a faceless committee?

The Faith Machine (Royal Court Theatre)
By Andrew Billen - 12 September 1:00

Andrew Billen finds no subtlety or wit in a play about religion.

The rise of dominionism
By Alice Miles - 12 September 1:00

How a religious movement is making US liberals nervous.

What would Jesus ban?
By Nelson Jones - 07 September 12:57

What is more offensive, a cartoon Jesus or the Advertising Standards Authority's decision to ban it?

A mighty wind
By Nelson Jones - 30 August 13:37

People are making too much of Michele Bachmann's remark about the hurricane.

Tariq Jahan tells Mehdi Hasan: “I don’t see a broken society”
By Mehdi Hasan - 24 August 14:40

In the aftermath of the riots, Tariq Jahan’s quiet dignity over his son’s death made him a national hero. Here, he speaks movingly about losing a child, and the radical Islamist past he abandoned to become a father.

The politics of creationism
By Nelson Jones - 24 August 14:06

Evolution has become a touchstone issue for Republican presidential hopefuls.

For God and equality
By Nelson Jones - 19 August 13:31

Is the Equality and Human Rights Commission in total disarray?

The afterlife of Brian
By Nelson Jones - 16 August 12:11

Does a 30-year-old blasphemy row still have relevance today?

British Muslims are an integral part of our communities
By Shelina Zahra Janmohamed - 11 August 18:17

Tariq Jahan's response to his son's death shows a dignity and respect that teaches us all an importa

Extreme injustice — a legal mandate for bigotry
By Samira Shackle - 08 August 1:00

Why the religious persecution of minorities in Pakistan is getting worse.

Faith by numbers: why religion still matters
By Bobby Duffy and Ruth Turner - 27 July 17:03

A global poll emphasises the central and growing importance of religion to world society.

Faith no more
By Andrew Zak Williams - 25 July 1:00

Earlier this year, Andrew Zak Williams asked public figures why they believe in God. Now it’s the tu