America - Andrew Stephen doubts Americans are Christian
By Andrew Stephen - 23 August 13:00

The US, it is said, is a deeply Christian country. But some churches have shopping malls and branche

How church schools brainwash children
By Nick Cohen - 02 August 13:00

A candle is lit, the curtains closed and the five-year-olds begin a session of "prayer meditation".

A new force in British politics
By Rob Blackhurst - 26 July 13:00

Most voters don't care about foreign policy. Muslims do, and the results could be dramatic

Does Ken believe in killing gays?
By Peter Tatchell - 19 July 13:00

Observations on Muslim clerics

Palestine - A nation divided
By Peter Hirschberg - 12 July 13:00

Israel - Israeli Arabs may have the vote, but they still feel like second-class citizens. As do many

Palestine - A divine mission, to bring forth the messianic era
By Dror Etkes - 12 July 13:00

The settlements - Early settlers in the occupied lands saw themselves as pioneer farmers. Most still

God's own chosen meat
By Nick Cohen - 05 July 13:00

In failing to ban ritual slaughter, ministers aren't respecting Jewish and Muslim wishes, but comfor

A bit of a dud
By Peter Stanford - 28 June 13:00

Know the Truth: a memoir

George Carey <em>HarperCollins, 468pp, £25</em>

ISBN 0007120303

A dangerous time to be a Jew
By Simon Sebag Montefiore - 28 June 13:00

11 September and Iraq have sparked the return to a medieval anti-Semitism in which Blair, Bush and t

Worshipful mind
By Kamila Shamsie - 21 June 13:00

Desperately Seeking Paradise: journeys of a sceptical Muslim

Ziauddin Sardar <em>Granta Books, 354

NS Essay - Is Muslim civilisation set on a fixed course to decline?
By Ziauddin Sardar - 14 June 13:00

Wahhabism, the Saudis' brand of Islam, negates the very idea of evolution in human thought and moral

Darcus Howe argues against categorising by religion
By Darcus Howe - 14 June 13:00

We should talk of Pakistani youth, not Muslim youth, and keep religion out of it

A bit of moderate Muslim torture
By Jeremy Seabrook - 10 May 13:00

Observations on Bangladesh

Religion: Why do we still give a damn?
By Barbara Gunnell - 03 May 13:00

In one of the world's most secular societies, ministers tremble at an archbishop's words and give cl

Why Iraqis give thanks for Bush
By Orly Halpern - 26 April 13:00

In a country that was once divided, Shias and Sunnis are now as one, praying together for the first

Catholic ambitions
By Jerry Brotton - 19 April 13:00

Christina Queen of Sweden: the restless life of a European eccentric

Veronica Buckley <em>Fourth E

Is fascism behind the terror?
By Nick Cohen - 12 April 13:00

Islamist extremists believe in a worldwide conspiracy not just of Jews, but also of Freemasons. They

How to take Islam back to reason
By Ziauddin Sardar - 05 April 13:00

Far from being anti-science, as George Carey suggests, the Koran demands scientific study. Now Musli

A new badge of pride
By Jack Johnson - 05 April 13:00

Observations on racist insults

Altar mouse is reborn as Tarzan
By Quentin Letts - 05 April 13:00

Observations on George Carey. By Quentin Letts.

Why the Jews are wrong
By Ann Widdecombe - 05 April 13:00

Observations on Mel Gibson and <em>The Passion</em>

The power of martyrdom
By Cristina Odone - 29 March 13:00

The killing of the Hamas spiritual leader gives militant Islam another potent image. But violent dea

A choice between Saudi and Turkey
By Ziauddin Sardar - 22 March 12:00

Observations on the Muslim world

A martyr to his art
By Sebastian Horsley - 15 March 12:00

Cinema - Sebastian Horsley brings painful personal experience to Mel Gibson's <em>The Passion</em>

Spiritual fraud
By William Leith - 16 February 12:00

My Life in Orange

Tim Guest <em>Granta, 301pp, £12</em>

ISBN 1862076324

Clerical errors
By Peter Stanford - 16 February 12:00

Priests: a calling in crisis

Andrew M Greeley <em>University of Chicago Press, 156pp, £13.50</em>

Arabian nights
By Frank Tallis - 09 February 12:00

As a culture we are obsessed with love, but it is not the western variety we might like to believe.