Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Is Scientology just a weird cult?
By Nelson Jones - 03 July 10:39

Unconventional beliefs have always invited ridicule.

Competitors in the Miss Holocaust Survivor pageant
"Miss Holocaust Survivor" - a bizarre celebration of beauty
By Samira Shackle - 29 June 15:33

By all means celebrate survival, but why must it be through the prism of women's looks?

A young boy cries after being circumcised
Circumcision is not a barrier to an individual's religious freedom
By Nelson Jones - 29 June 12:42

Was a German court justified in interfering with centuries of religious tradition?

Graffiti in La Marsa reading 'God is great,' left by rioters.
The rise of Salafism in Tunisia
By Tam Hussein - 28 June 10:57

Those thirsty for spiritual fulfillment are increasingly turning to the Saudi brand of Islam.

Catholic Monsignor William Lynn (r) entering the court in Philadelphia
First senior US Catholic official found guilty of covering up sexual abuse
By Caroline Crampton - 23 June 12:26

Former cardinal’s aide tasked with investigating abuse claims faces up to seven years in prison for endangering children.

A poster in your window could cause you serious trouble
Could you be arrested for putting an atheist poster in your window?
By Nelson Jones - 22 June 8:31

Robust debate is a freedom to be celebrated, not feared.

A group of people look at the horizon standing on the rocky crest filled with as
Word Games: Solstice
By Sophie Elmhirst - 20 June 11:55

It’s a weird, witching sort of time, the solstice. On the longest day of the year, the sun (if you can remember what that is) reaches its highest point in the sky. The word comes from Latin: sol, meaning sun, and sistere, meaning “to come to a stop, stand still”.

Jehovah's Witnesses sing at a ceremony in France
Secrets and lies have no place when dealing with child abuse
By Caroline Crampton - 18 June 12:08

Jehovah's Witnesses in the US ordered to pay $28m to abuse victim in landmark ruling

God's Peculiar People
By Nelson Jones - 14 June 12:11

British identity is much less linked to religion than it used to be - where does this leave the established church?

David Cameron has pledged to introduce gay marriage before 2015.
Gay marriage and church politics
By Nelson Jones - 12 June 12:48

Who speaks for the Church of England?

New Statesman
The "Muslim Schindler"
By Mehdi Hasan - 23 May 17:26

Remembering Abdol-Hossein Sardari.

New Statesman
Leader: Loyalty, identity and belonging
By New Statesman - 23 May 17:26

In 2006, on the 350th anniversary of Jewish resettlement in Britain, Tony Blair told a packed congregation at Bevis Marks Synagogue in the City of London: “As the oldest minority faith community in this country, you show how identity through faith can be combined with a deep loyalty to our natio

New Statesman cover
New Statesman: "Who speaks for British Jews?"
By New Statesman - 23 May 12:35

The cover and contents from this week's special issue.

The NS Interview: Bella Freud, designer and campaigner
By Jemima Khan - 23 May 11:36

“People would rather blame the victim than the bully”

An Israeli soldier at the separation barrier in the Occupied West Bank
Shhh! Don’t mention Israel
By Keith Kahn-Harris - 23 May 11:05

British Jews are beginning what will be a long and painful process – to recognise the existence of pluralism on Israel, says Keith Kahn-Harris.

Maccabi Lions football team in their changing room
Who speaks for British Jews?
By David Cesarani - 23 May 11:03

Contrary to the “clannish” stereotype, dissent comes naturally to Jewish people in Britain, says David Cesarani.

Michael Rosen outside the East London house where his parents lived.
Michael Rosen: Confessions of an accidental communist
By Michael Rosen - 23 May 10:53

The author on his childhood, his parents' life in the East End and where he parted from Christopher Hitchens in talking about his identity.

New Statesman
John Sentamu and the acceptable face of bigotry
By Mic Wright - 18 May 10:46

To deny that gay people do not have equal rights is to be on the side of evil, no matter how twinkly

New Statesman
God, the Queen and Tony Blair
By Nelson Jones - 15 May 12:37

The British are uncomfortable with a politician who "does God", but don't mind when the monarch does

BNP members protest outside Liverpool Crown Court.
Anglo-Saxon attitudes
By Nelson Jones - 11 May 16:09

Sexual double standards are not the preserve of conservatively-minded ethnic minorities.

Kosher? It’s all around you
Kosher? It’s all around you
By Nina Caplan - 09 May 12:24

Does it seem as if Jewish cuisine has made no mark on Britain? Think again

Halal hysteria
Halal hysteria
By Mehdi Hasan - 09 May 10:59

The British “debate” about meat, animal cruelty and ritual slaughter has become a proxy for deeper fears.

Gay marriage
Marriage Guidance
By Nelson Jones - 08 May 10:46

The debate on same sex marriage has so far been dominated by its opponents.

New Statesman
Is Vatican III the answer?
By Paul Donovan - 04 May 12:59

The Cardinal Sean Brady case shows only root and branch reform can deal with the issue of abuse in t

New Statesman
The limits of science: Denis Alexander
By Denis Alexander - 02 May 17:30

Director, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St Edmund's College, Cambridge

New Statesman
Face to Faiths
By Nelson Jones - 02 May 16:37

How do we maintain a cohesive society with increasingly few shared beliefs and assumptions?

Two nuns walk towards Ground Zero in New York.
Nuns on the run
By Nelson Jones - 20 April 10:35

Why is the Vatican cracking down on dissident American nuns?

York Cathedral.
Sentamu's bulldog to become top church spin-doctor
By Nelson Jones - 16 April 14:26

The Reverend Arun Arora has been appointed head of communications at Church House.