Segregated education in the dock
By John O'Farrell - 27 February 12:00

Observations on Northern Ireland. By <strong>John O'Farrell</strong>

Mark Thomas tackles the C of E
By Mark Thomas - 20 February 12:00

The Church of England is not the Tory party at prayer at all. It is the Labour cabinet in action

Muhammad and Python
By Samir El-Youssef - 20 February 12:00

Poking fun at the Prophet is pointless, writes Samir El-Youssef. The satire would be better directed

Talking to terrorists
By Martin Bright - 20 February 12:00

Secret documents show the Foreign Office is ready to risk international fury by opening a dialogue w

Gags unbound
By Carolyn O'Hara - 20 February 12:00

Comedy - We need to laugh at prejudice - but can Islam tolerate satire? <strong>Carolyn O'Hara</stro

Urban life - Darcus Howe hears the silence
By Darcus Howe - 20 February 12:00

Two million British Muslims gazed from the sidelines at the extremists and opportunists

Publish and be damned was always a myth
By Staff blogger - 13 February 12:00

The New Statesman has never been afraid to ruffle feathers. Thus it is fair to ask why we, like others in the media, have refrained from publishing the Danish cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad.

Freedom of speech is Islamic, too
By Ziauddin Sardar - 13 February 12:00

The easy assumption is that the Muslim world is hypersensitive because it does not believe in freedo

The media column - Peter Wilby reveals a yellow streak
By Peter Wilby - 13 February 12:00

I would not reprint the Danish cartoons to show solidarity: that would show solidarity with an appar

Ziauddin Sardar confronts the commentators
By Ziauddin Sardar - 06 February 12:00

If journalists described Jews or gay people as they do Muslims, they would be hounded out of what is

Hizb ut-Tahrir: the facts
By Shiv Malik - 30 January 12:00

* Founded in Jerusalem in 1953 with aim of establishing the Caliphate, an Islamic superstate, by revolutionary means

* View on western life: "We should not become integrated into the corrupt western society and accept their diseased notions of democracy, freedom and capitalism"

Losing the plot
By Martin Bright - 30 January 12:00

Exclusive - As Blair's anti-terror plan unravels, secret e-mails show that even ministers and intell

Diary - Richard Dawkins
By Richard Dawkins - 30 January 12:00

Unfortunately, Ofsted gave a rave review to Tony Blair's pet city academy in Gateshead, whose head o

Beyond 'confident'
By Amit Chaudhuri - 30 January 12:00

Writing - Since Midnight's Children, Indian writing in English has been lauded for a new self-confid

Haunted by the politics of hate
By Ziauddin Sardar - 30 January 12:00

Religion - Behind the prosperous facade lurks an ugly strain of Hindu fundamentalism, argues Ziauddi

Ziauddin Sardar wants to remember the Holocaust
By Ziauddin Sardar - 23 January 12:00

When Muslims take part in Holocaust Memorial Day events, they are following the example of the Proph

Ziauddin Sardar captures Bin Laden
By Ziauddin Sardar - 09 January 12:00

Muslims urgently need a better class of heroes. Why has the Islamic world not produced a Gandhi or a

Lindsey Hilsum speaks up for the faithless
By Lindsey Hilsum - 19 December 12:00

The God-free are becoming an oppressed minority. With the abolition of our own circle of hell, we ha

Ziauddin Sardar justifies his radical haircut
By Ziauddin Sardar - 19 December 12:00

"These awful dreadlocks are a sure give-away," the girl said. That was it. The next morning I went t

Exit from the Holy Land
By Chris McGreal - 19 December 12:00

NS Christmas - Many in Bethlehem hoped that as the intifada eased, the collapse in their economy wou

William Dalrymple: Christianity and Islam are not as far apart as Bin Laden and the neocons would like us to believe
By William Dalrymple - 19 December 12:00

In the year that Islamist terrorism finally reached London, when the Christian west and Islamic east are engaged in another major confrontation, there has never been a greater need for both sides to realise what they have in common.

Dave's here. Don't panic!
By Staff blogger - 12 December 12:00

One part of the new Labour psyche has been consistently misdiagnosed. Far from suffering from an overdose of self-belief, Tony Blair's lieutenants have shown all the signs of lack of confidence.

The next holocaust
By Ziauddin Sardar - 05 December 12:00

Islamophobia is not a uniquely British disease: across Europe, liberals openly express prejudice aga

By John O'Farrell - 28 November 12:00

They don't shop in the same shops, swim in the same pools or even wait at the same bus stops. Peace

Hollywood missionaries
By Boyd Farrow - 21 November 12:00

In a drive to boost revenues, American film bosses are targeting the country's 30 million evangelica

Ziauddin Sardar explains the long history of violence behind Hizb ut-Tahrir
By Ziauddin Sardar - 14 November 12:00

What Hizb ut-Tahrir peddles is escapist fascism that appeals to people who want to be told what to d