Blind faith
By Giles Fraser - 05 February 12:00

Christian fundamentalism offers America's underclass hope and security - at the price of total obedi

My Journey of Discovery
By Diana St Ruth - 05 February 10:17

How death sparked the beginning of a spiritual journey that led to Buddhism and a deep inquiry int

Football and the Sikh way of life
By Harwinder Singh - 01 February 17:32

In his final blog for Harwinder compares a Sikh approach to life to watching a foot

Truth is his name
By Harwinder Singh - 31 January 16:31

Who is to say who is right or wrong when only god is perfect?

Sikhism and war
By Harwinder Singh - 30 January 12:01

Exploring the link between religion and war from the point of view of the Sikh faith

A Sikh's spiritual journey
By Harwinder Singh - 29 January 12:32

This week the Faith Column focuses on the Sikh religion with Harwinder Singh describing his religion

Religion of despair
By Chris Hedges - 29 January 12:00

Disciples of evangelism in the United States are often regarded with fear and suspicion. But for man

The Swastika is the sign of wisdom
By Anil Bhanot - 25 January 10:35

In his final blog, Anil Bhanot explains the foundations of Hinduism including how the Swastika is th

Karma, Heaven and Moksha
By Anil Bhanot - 24 January 10:31

How every action leads to an effect and how bad actions will return to haunt you - Anil Bhanot conti

Not Bright's Blog II
By Sunny - 23 January 17:12

Martin's second guest blogger of the week is Sunny from Pickled Politics

Hinduism in a nutshell
By Anil Bhanot - 23 January 9:43

Our exploration of different religions continues with a look at the key aspects of the Hindu faith

Can you tell margarine from butter?
By Ziauddin Sardar - 22 January 12:00

Is al-Qaeda Sunni or Shia? Testing people's knowledge of Islam

Mistaken assumptions of loyalty
By Rageh Omaar - 22 January 12:00

Rageh examines the assumption that British Muslims are likely to vote Labour

How I witnessed a miracle
By Anil Bhanot - 22 January 10:32

The general secretary of the Hindu council kicks of his series of blogs by explaining just what he l

The hierarchy in Jainism
By Ashik Shah - 18 January 12:54

How the hierarchy in Jainism is driven by spiritual development

Jain worship, rituals and festivals
By Ashik Shah - 17 January 9:46

The rites and festivals of the Jain faith

The beliefs of the Jains
By Ashik Shah - 16 January 12:10

What Jains believe and how their faith is more than a sect of Hinduism as is sometimes said - it is

My personal faith
By Ashik Shah - 15 January 9:46

This week the faith column is devoted to the Jain religion with Ashik Shah outlining what he believe

History of Zoroastrianism
By Shahin Bekhradnia - 12 January 9:54

Shahin Bekhradnia rounds up her introduction to Zoroastrianism with a history of her religion

Festivals and celebrations
By Shahin Bekhradnia - 11 January 10:17

How, for Zoroastrians, New Year comes on the first day of spring

How Zoroastrianism influences my life
By Shahin Bekhradnia - 09 January 11:39

A religion for the 21st century. What being a Zoroastrian means in day-to-day life.

A penguin out of step
By Stephanie Merritt - 08 January 12:00

Mumble, Happy Feet’s tap-dancing penguin, is an anti-religious maverick for our time

Tomorrow is already history
By Ziauddin Sardar - 08 January 12:00

We cannot imagine the future when we don't understand our past

Why I never went to Tibet
By Kripamoya Das - 05 January 13:16

Finding the path to enlightenment in a muddy field in Berkshire

History and hierarchy
By Kripamoya Das - 04 January 11:51

The way of life we now call Hinduism has remained intact for thousands of years

Singing in the streets
By Kripamoya Das - 02 January 13:57

Hare Krishnas have become a typical part of London life

Christmas, commitment and Faslane
By Sally Brooks - 22 December 10:00

The courage and commitment of a 94-year-old Quaker

Quakers and peace
By Sally Brooks - 20 December 10:18

Beliefs and a personal religious journey

Quakers, Christmas and worship
By Sally Brooks - 19 December 9:33

How simplicity is at the heart of the way Quakers 'worship'

Muslims of Quanzhou
By Xiao Jia Gu - 18 December 12:00

The descendants of Arab traders who brought Islam to China are re-establishing traditions