Rallies have been held against the anti-Islam film in Pakistan
Could this be the beginning of the end for Pakistan's blasphemy laws?
By Samira Shackle - 02 October 10:38

A positive move by local police after a Hindu temple was attacked.

A Pakistani student holds a placard during a protest
Muhammad survived Dante’s Inferno. He’ll survive a YouTube clip
By Mehdi Hasan - 27 September 7:24

Like freedom, tolerance is not a western invention or innovation; it is an Islamic virtue.

Who comes after Rowan?
The secret search for the next Archbishop of Canterbury
By Nelson Jones - 26 September 15:30

All Anglicans can now do is pray...

Death is a natural process
Death is part of our human experience
By Sally Foster-Fulton - 24 September 11:48

There are times when it is better to "let nature take its course".

An actor plays Jesus in a passion play in Trafalgar Square in London
Was Jesus married?
By Nelson Jones - 20 September 16:47

Perhaps if the Son of God had had a wife, Christianity would be a bit less hung up about sex.

Richard Dawkins
Exploring Christianity from the inside
By Nick Spencer - 20 September 11:00

Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity Can Still Make Surprising Emotional Sense - review.

New Statesman
Gay, Muslim and proud
By Omar Shahid - 20 September 10:57

Islam, too, is now having to confront the realities of everyday life.

Death comes for the archbishop, the St Tropez blues and beware Berlusconi
By Carla Powell - 20 September 8:50

The death of Cardinal Martini, formerly the archbishop of Milan, has deprived the Catholic Church of its foremost intellect and leading moderniser.

New Statesman
Why Eric Pickles is in a pickle over religion
By Nelson Jones - 19 September 8:52

The narrative of Christian marginalisation is implausible while the religion's representatives sit by right in the nation's legislature.

Rowan Williams in 2010.
Between church and state
By George Pitcher - 13 September 6:51

As Rowan Williams prepares to step down after nearly ten years as Archbishop of Canterbury, a former aide ponders the challenges confronting his successor.

A human story teased out of biblical complexities
By Rebecca Abrams - 29 August 16:15

The Liars’ Gospel - review.

Atheism+: the new New Atheists
By Nelson Jones - 23 August 15:41

This new movement has an energy that makes it hard to ignore.

Pakistani Shiite Muslims raise their hands during a religious procession
The complex relationship between Islamism and democracy
By Daniel Jacobius Morgan - 23 August 14:59

Moderate Islamism should be seen as a means of institutionalising religious conservatism.

Ink-stained assassins: Can political cartoonists survive in the digital age?
By Helen Lewis - 23 August 10:57

In 1931, Sidney Strube was earning £10,000 a year at the Daily Express, making him the highest-paid man in Fleet Street. But will the current generation of political cartoonists be the last?

Tony Nicklinson's wife Jane comforts him as he reacts to the High Court decision
High Court rejects Tony Nicklinson's plea to allow doctors to end his life
By Nelson Jones - 16 August 16:19

When does the right to life become a right to die?

A dog-eared edition of the Book of Common Prayer.
Devoted dissent
By Daniel Swift - 15 August 14:49

The Book of Common Prayer is a political work, writes Daniel Swift.

Southwark Cathedral
Church of England sells £1.9m shares in News Corp
By Andrew Pugh - 07 August 13:44

Church fears the company lacks commitment to reforming its corporate governance.

Nadia Tolokonnikova inside a defendants' cage
Pussy Riot's protests threaten more than just the Putin regime
By Nelson Jones - 31 July 13:29

The treatment of Pussy Riot says much about the close relationship between Church and Kremlin in Putin's Russia.

A placard carried by a gay man during a pride march in London
What does it mean to be LGBT and Muslim in the UK?
By Brian Leli - 20 July 13:48

"I was born a Muslim...and I will die a Muslim. But I was also born a gay man, and I will die a gay man, too."

Creationism's far from unintelligent design on our schools
By Nelson Jones - 19 July 10:47

The real problem with "creationist schools" is not their attitude to science, says Nelson Jones.

A Raelian poster from the US.
Freedom of speech, UFOs and The Sun
By Nelson Jones - 16 July 16:23

The tabloid's report of a case involving a UFO cult and the European Court of Human rights was highly misleading.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
The Church of England only has itself to blame over women bishops fiasco
By Nelson Jones - 09 July 9:06

With more delays likely, it's already a byword for doublethink and procrastination.

United Reformed Church to allow civil partnerships on its premises
By Nelson Jones - 08 July 11:45

The URC is the first mainstream christian denomination to do so

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland
Creationism and political power in Northern Ireland
By Nelson Jones - 06 July 14:27

The row over the Giant's Causeway visitors' centre is more about politics than science or religion.

Egyptian presidential guards stand outside Cairo's Al-Azhar mosque.
The plight of Egypt’s forgotten Shia minority
By Emanuelle Degli Esposti - 03 July 11:32

Even after the historic election, this marginalised minority risk daily persecution and victimisation because of their beliefs.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Is Scientology just a weird cult?
By Nelson Jones - 03 July 10:39

Unconventional beliefs have always invited ridicule.

Competitors in the Miss Holocaust Survivor pageant
"Miss Holocaust Survivor" - a bizarre celebration of beauty
By Samira Shackle - 29 June 15:33

By all means celebrate survival, but why must it be through the prism of women's looks?

A young boy cries after being circumcised
Circumcision is not a barrier to an individual's religious freedom
By Nelson Jones - 29 June 12:42

Was a German court justified in interfering with centuries of religious tradition?

Graffiti in La Marsa reading 'God is great,' left by rioters.
The rise of Salafism in Tunisia
By Tam Hussein - 28 June 10:57

Those thirsty for spiritual fulfillment are increasingly turning to the Saudi brand of Islam.

Catholic Monsignor William Lynn (r) entering the court in Philadelphia
First senior US Catholic official found guilty of covering up sexual abuse
By Caroline Crampton - 23 June 12:26

Former cardinal’s aide tasked with investigating abuse claims faces up to seven years in prison for endangering children.