The sorry truth is that the virus of anti-Semitism has infected the British Muslim community
By Mehdi Hasan - 21 March 9:30

It's a shameful fact that Muslims are not only the victims of racial and religious prejudice but purveyors of it, too.

An Open Letter to Justin Welby from Peter Tatchell
By Peter Tatchell - 21 March 9:02

On the occasion of his enthronement as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Young women hiking on the Chiltern Hills
You don't have to wear tweed and cry "tally-ho" to enjoy the outdoors
By Aisha Gani - 14 March 18:51

Young women from BME backgrounds are discovering that there's more to hiking than the white middle class stereotype.

Habemus Papam: time for a fresh start at the Vatican?
By John Cornwell - 14 March 9:33

After promising beginnings with the Vatican II council, the Catholic Church lost its way under the reactionary leadership of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, says John Cornwell. Can it now change course?

Pope Paul VI
Christopher Hitchens on the death of Pope Paul VI
By Christopher Hitchens - 28 February 17:26

"To judge by the tide of uncritical sentimentality which swept over the British press ... you might have thought that the Reformation had never taken place".

Cardinal Keith O'Brien
Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigns over accusations of inappropriate behaviour
By New Statesman - 25 February 14:23

The UK's most senior Roman Catholic priest has stepped down with immediate effect.

A screen capture from the film Mea Maxima Culpa
Did a documentary film force the Pope to resign?
By Philip Maughan - 21 February 16:34

Reviewed: Mea Maxima Culpa.

Opponents of gay marriage won't face discrimination, says Equality Commission
By Nelson Jones - 14 February 15:39

The advice, given to MPs today, also refutes suggestions that unwilling clergy might be forced by human rights law to marry same-sex couples.

The ever-changing face of Holocaust studies
By David Cesarani - 14 February 6:56

The road to ruin.

Pope Benedict XVI at the Colosseum during the Way Of The Cross procession
Pope Benedict XVI: a paradoxical pontiff
By Nelson Jones - 11 February 16:14

History may well be kinder to Joseph Ratzinger than his contemporary critics.

Why is the Pope resigning?
By Alex Hern - 11 February 11:17

Benedict XVI to step down on 28 February, citing "health reasons".

Britain's Religious Right: myth or reality?
By Nelson Jones - 01 February 9:04

It might not look the same as in the US, but the UK still has a strong historic link between religious and moral conservatism and Conservative politics, Nelson Jones argues.

Berlusconi resurgent, Catholic loyalties and the deviant Dachshund
By Carla Powell - 17 January 7:28

I spent Christmas in my ancestral village in the Italian Alps for the first time in many years. I went to school more than 60 years ago with the electrician, the plumber, the carpenter and the mayor and they all treat me as though I have never been away.

British Airways employee Nadia Eweida holds her crucifix
Strasbourg ruling marks a setback for claims of Christian victimisation
By Nelson Jones - 15 January 14:51

But even a defeat can be said to advance campaign groups' narrative that Christians are being "marginalised" by militant secularism.

Ray Andrews in his Southwark church.
What makes a gay vicar stay in the Church of England?
By Hannah Meltzer - 02 January 12:59

He smokes roll-ups, his ring tone is Abba, and he is passionately in favour of gay marriage; what’s "Father Ray" doing in a church which won't recognise his relationship?

2012 in review: The New Statesman on... religion
By Caroline Crampton - 24 December 12:05

From the challenges facing the new Archbishop of Canterbury to the reaction to the "Innocence of Muslims", it's been a busy year in discussions of religion.

David Cameron eats dinner with British troops on a recent visit to Afghanistan.
Full text: David Cameron's Christmas message
By Caroline Crampton - 24 December 9:32

The Prime Minister sends out an unusually religious Christmas message.

Who needs God, when you have the Muppet Christmas Carol?
By Natalie Haynes - 23 December 8:43

Scrooge doesn’t find religion. He finds Christmas. And why should the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness be the preserve of the God-fearing, says Natalie Haynes.

Are popes being canonised just for doing their job?
By Nelson Jones - 21 December 14:11

Pope Paul VI, who banned Catholics from using contraception, is the latest pontiff to be put forward for sainthood.

Jim Al-Khalili: "Indoctrination from any perspective, in any point of view, has to be wrong"
By Robin Ince - 19 December 6:58

The new president of the British Humanist Association explains his views on the "broad church".

Ricky Gervais: “There shouldn’t be a word for atheism"
By Robin Ince - 19 December 6:52

Spending time in the US has only made Ricky Gervais a more outspoken atheist. He tells Robin Ince why that’s important.

What we believe
By New Statesman - 19 December 6:44

Representatives of three faiths - Mohammed Ansar, Rabbi Laura Janner Klausner and Giles Fraser - discuss the idea of “non-overlapping magisteria” – that science and religion ask different questions and can coexist peacefully

Pakistani students protest in Lahore earlier this month
The mob mentality that prevents things improving for Pakistan's minorities
By Samira Shackle - 04 December 9:21

While politicians shy away from watering down official discrimination, the situation isn't going to improve.

A sticker supporting Women Bishops is displayed on a car
Disestablishment of the Church of England may be closer than we think
By Mark Thompson - 26 November 11:14

The idea that there should be a special place within our constitution for one particular religious outlook is increasingly anachronistic.

Marie-Elsa Bragg, Assistant Curate, embraces a collegue
Female bishops: Not just a matter of tweaking the job description
By Glosswitch - 22 November 9:33

The Church of England has worldly money, power and influence, so it needs to confront worldly issues like equality.

Leader: The Church needs to change
By new-statesman - 22 November 5:27

It is unrealistic to expect the Church of England to keep up to date with fluctuations in social and cultural mores. That is neither its ambition nor its purpose. As a religious institution it is rightly concerned with immutable moral and spiritual values.

Quote of the Day
By New Statesman - 21 November 7:20

Rowan Williams on the Church of England's vote against women bishops.

School students at Eton College.
Archbishop of Canterbury appointment revives Cameron's class problem
By George Eaton - 08 November 9:19

After being accused of running an "old Etonian" elite, the appointment of an Eton-educated Archbishop is awkward for Cameron.