When greed was still good
By Andrew Billen - 20 November 9:30

Unlike his more didactic work, David Hare's latest play, about the Blair premiership, is a skillful

Invisible cities
By Hisham Matar - 20 November 9:30

In myth, Babylon is a place of romance and wonder, but years of dictatorship and war have taken thei

Uncomfortable origins
By Tom Holland - 20 November 9:30

We have had a remarkable response to Tom Holland's essay of 13 October on the Christian roots of Eur

Compassion during the crisis
By Matthew Jee - 19 November 12:01

Compassion for all - including bankers and politicians - will help society weather the economic cris

The church in the crunch
By Simon Barrow - 18 November 9:36

Following huge losses during the financial crisis, the Church of England should return to the Christ

Kristallnacht 70 years on
By Karen Pollock - 08 November 13:22

Seventy years after the terror and cruelty of Kristallnacht, the event should not be simply consigne

White Poppies
By Symon Hill - 07 November 17:31

Symon Hill explains why the Quaker belief in pacifism leads him to wear a white poppy.

Quakers and the UN
By Chris Walker - 06 November 12:09

Held in the Quaker tradition of dialogue and mutual respect, the Quaker United Nation Office promote

Putting the fun in fundamentalism
By Jonn Elledge - 06 November 11:06

Ahead of packing up his bags in the wake of the Barack Obama victory, Jonn Elledge treats himself to

Walking the talk
By Eoin McCarthy - 05 November 12:09

Eoin McCarthy works to encourage others to apply Quaker principles to their lives and businesses.

Quakers for prison reform
By Helen Drewery - 04 November 11:20

Their belief in equality and justice, and a history of being jailed for their faith, have inspired Q

Seeking, not finding
By Ben Dandelion - 03 November 9:34

Ben Dandelion explains how modern day Quakers celebrate their faith through silence and seeking

Farming Palestine
By Ben White - 31 October 14:06

'Palestinian olive farmers face assault and interference by Israeli settlers some of whom are gun-hu

The edge of an empire
By Alice Albinia - 30 October 9:16

Officially, China gets on well with its Muslims. Alice Albinia uncovers an altogether different sto

Diwali Greetings
By Manjula Sood - 29 October 13:10

Councillor Manjula Sood is the Lord Mayor of Leicester, where the largest Diwali celebration outside

Celebrating Diwali
By Divyang Patel - 28 October 14:10

After Diwali on Sunday, student Divyang Patel reflects on what the Hindu festival of lights means to

Smith's humiliating climbdown
By Chris Huhne - 15 October 10:40

Ministers claimed to be seeking to build consensus to about extend detention without trial. They fai

Reincarnation and Karma in CaoDai
By Hum D Bui - 10 October 12:37

Hum D Bui concludes the series on CaoDai with a look at what it says about how past deeds set the co

CaoDai shows the path to harmony
By Hum D Bui - 09 October 10:42

CaoDai serves to remind humanity that all religions are of the same origin and principle, only that

Europe's first revolution
By Tom Holland - 09 October 10:29

The west faces increasing tension with the Muslim world. To plot a course through this turbulent age

The truth behind CaoDai cosmology
By Hum D Bui - 08 October 17:03

Hum D. Bui explains what CaoDi tells us about Yin and Yang and the formation of the universe.

CaoDai, a faith of unity
By Hum D Bui - 07 October 11:17

This week, the Faith Column explores CaoDai. Hum D. Bui starts the series with a look at its history

Interview: Arundhati Roy
By Syed Hamad Ali - 06 October 12:42

The controversial author speaks to newstatesman.com about India and Kashmir and her view that even i

Mary's passage into Heaven
By Dr Harry Hagopian - 03 October 11:38

Dr Harry Hagopian discusses the importance of St Mary to the Armenian Church.

Democracy in the Armenian Church
By Dr Harry Hagopian - 02 October 12:32

Dr Harry Hagopian continues our series on the Armenian Church by examining the leadership and commun

Never criticise the family
By Geoffrey Wheatcroft - 02 October 10:48

Zionism is one of the most contentious ideas, freighted with emotion by both partisans and detractor

Racism feeds itself
By Tabish Khair - 22 September 11:55

Academic Tabish Khair ponders the simulataneous rise of antisemitism and Islamaphobia and the "struc

Faith in danger?
By David Masters - 18 September 12:31

David Masters is studying for an MA in Working With Communities at the University of Sheffield. He

Religion and science do mix
By Peter Wilby - 18 September 10:23

Schools need to rethink the curriculum

The strange allure of our 'exes'
By Ziauddin Sardar - 18 September 10:23

To declare that you are an ex-fanatic or ex-Muslim is now the shortest route to fame and fortune