Americans welcome
By Jason Cowley - 27 May 13:00

Observations on the Booker Prize

Mark Thomas
By Mark Thomas - 20 May 13:00

President Bush has declared a War on Hormones and is set to do battle with every teenage erection, s

America - Andrew Stephen
By Andrew Stephen - 20 May 13:00

Colin Powell, the loyal soldier, stays at his post but is now totally isolated within the Bush admin

By Philip Kerr - 20 May 13:00

Film - Philip Kerr on a biopic that's as drippy as its subject

Hello again, Mr President
By Justin Webster - 20 May 13:00

Justin Webster meets Hugo Chavez, the in-out-in ruler of Venezuela, and finds he still fears for his

US hits the poor
By Barbara Gunnell - 20 May 13:00

Observations on trade

America - Andrew Stephen on 50 years for stealing Snow White
By Andrew Stephen - 13 May 13:00

In California, a man stole a few kids' videotapes from his local Kmart. Now the US Supreme Court wil

America - Andrew Stephen on Washington hawks and Iraq
By Andrew Stephen - 06 May 13:00

US intelligence firmly suggests that there is no link between al-Qaeda and Iraq, but the hawks, igno

Stealing beauty
By Liam Kennedy - 06 May 13:00

Photography - Liam Kennedy on how Ground Zero has been captured by both the lens and the propagandis

Books diary
By Jason Cowley - 29 April 13:00

Jason Cowley in New York

If I were a US citizen seeking to be reassured of my government's probity and diligence, I would now head for the hills with a hunting rifle and a do-it-yourself nuclear bunker
By Mark Thomas - 29 April 13:00

Enron has had repercussions across the globe. In Dabhol, India, where the company's bullying tactics led to its being criticised by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, I imagine the odd bitter laugh was heard.

The New Statesman Essay - Who's revolting now?
By Mark Almond - 22 April 13:00

Once, we all knew where we stood on people's uprisings. But as Venezuela shows, you can't trust them

A leader of unrivalled stature?
By Nick Cohen - 22 April 13:00

The more you go into Kissinger's record, the stronger the case for a prosecution. So why is he feted

Let's hear it for the party of Tomorrow Land
By Andrew Stephen - 22 April 13:00

The things people will do in politics.

Who really downed the twin towers?
By Johann Hari - 22 April 13:00

Was 11 September actually the work of the CIA? Why is no plane visible on photos taken seconds befor

The Village is missing the Jersey girls
By Jason Cowley - 22 April 13:00

Jason Cowley finds that New York has only half recovered from the trauma of 11 September.

Thumbs up for the bright, white folks
By Hywel Probert - 15 April 13:00

Eugenics has a loyal and respectable following in the US - especially on the right. Hywel Probertrev

The terrible lesson of Colonel Adams
By Andrew Stephen - 15 April 13:00

As the US pursues a terrorist war, it looks all too likely to repeat the British errors that handed

The end of the affair
By Johann Hari - 08 April 13:00

The Truth of Power: Intellectual Affairs in The Clinton White House

Benjamin R Barber <em>W W Nor

At last, they're sitting in again
By Helena Smith - 08 April 13:00

In America, campus protest is back - and this time, the campaign is not for faraway peasants, but fo

Why Israel gets an easy ride
By Andrew Stephen - 08 April 13:00

<em>Middle East Crisis</em>

Trust no one
By Mick Hume - 01 April 13:00

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Greg Palast <em>Pluto Press, 211pp, £18.99</em>

ISBN 0745318460

The Sibyls of Los Angeles
By Andrew Billen - 01 April 13:00

Television - Andrew Billen on Hollywood's claims that it foresaw 11 September

The US twists arms in the Middle East
By Dan Plesch - 01 April 13:00

Dan Plesch reveals that, in return for supporting a new Gulf war, Turkey could get Iraqi oilfields

Why the US is fixated on oral sex
By Andrew Stephen - 01 April 13:00

Here I am in Florida, for the second year running, for the American tradition of the "spring break". I never dreamed I would become so Americanised.

America's obsolete weapons
By Paul Isaacs - 25 March 12:00

The Pentagon spends shocking amounts on outdated tanks and aircraft. Why? Because securing votes cou

A black actor winning an Oscar? Cut!
By Bonnie Greer - 25 March 12:00

Hollywood is still racist and critics open their mouths at their peril

All the news that's fit
By Andrew Stephen - 25 March 12:00

Those F-16s I keep going on about (they really do keep me awake at night, I promise) are going to stop their constant patrolling over seven US cities, which has so far cost half a billion dollars. But they will continue over Washington.

Now the good news for America
By John Lloyd - 25 March 12:00

Suddenly, people want to bowl together again. Trust and community spirit are back. And, reports John