Growing from the middle out: the US economy in Obama’s second term
By Heather Boushey - 12 December 11:43

The US president needs to focus not just on employment per se but on creating good jobs.

Stephen Colbert on stage with a bear
The presidential election may be over, but TV politics is still a laughing matter
By Nicholas Wapshott - 29 November 7:07

It is not easy to win an election when every late-night chat-show comedian is against you. Mitt Romney didn’t stand a chance. He was too rich, too handsome, too well turned out, too stiff, too entitled, too candid (about the 47 per cent), too secretive (about his tax affairs), too Mormon.

New Statesman
Watch: Larry David's Thanksgiving Special
By Charlotte Simmonds - 22 November 19:01

“That’s the one thing we had in common, dark meat.” We’ve all been there, Larry.

David Petraeus, pre-resignation.
The American people were mis-sold the General Petraeus scandal
By Nicky Woolf - 22 November 15:17

It wasn't about security. It was about sex.

New Statesman
So, Republican Senator Marco Rubio, how old IS the earth?
By Alex Hern - 19 November 15:39

He's not a scientist, but he does know how to tell them when they're wrong.

Barack Obama delivering a statement about the economy
Obama's real mandate is against America's bosses
By John Stoehr - 13 November 16:26

When workers are given a clear choice, they choose the man who fights for them.

Two generals, Agent Shirtless, and 30,000 pages of sexts
By Alex Hern - 13 November 10:33

The scandal that keeps giving.

Instagram becomes Dronestagram
Dronestagram: the locations behind America's secret drone war
By James Bridle - 12 November 11:04

These are the places most of us will never see. We do not know these landscapes and we cannot visit them.

Rachel Maddow: this election restores hope for a working American democracy
By Alex Hern - 09 November 16:33

"The Republicans got shellacked. And they had no idea it was coming."

Mitt Romney makes his concession speech
The Republican Party's future: evolve or die
By Lola Adesioye - 09 November 15:29

If the GOP is to avoid becoming completely irrelevant, it needs to embrace people who actually understand modern America.

The fiscal cliff isn't scary except to republicans
The fiscal cliff isn't scary to anyone but Republicans
By Alex Hern - 08 November 13:17

Taxmageddon could be a blessing in disguise.

Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney's defeat
Video: Jon Stewart describes Fox News election night coverage as "crisis on bullshit mountain"
By Caroline Crampton - 08 November 8:59

The insane moment of panic on the network when Obama was re-elected “will… live forever", Stewart says.

Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughters Mali and Shasa.
Obama's disunited states
By Ben Fox - 07 November 23:18

It would be a mistake to regard the result as a sweeping endorsement of the Obama presidency.

Barack Obama makes campaign calls from an office in Ohio
Ohio: In the eye of the electoral storm
By Nicky Woolf - 07 November 16:22

After the best part of a year at the frantic centre of a national campaign, Ohio is tired to the bone.

Barack Obama walks off the stage following his victory speech on election night.
Obama’s ground game, avoiding the fiscal cliff and thoughts of President Gore
By Douglas Alexander - 07 November 16:18

There is relief – and pride – about the US election result in Labour ranks.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
Forget about 2012, the race for the White House in 2016 has already begun
By Nicholas Wapshott - 07 November 16:09

Put your money on Hillary Clinton vs Chris Christie, says Nicholas Wapshott.

John Ashcroft, George W Bush's attorney general
The end of justice in America
By John Pilger - 07 November 15:57

The political trial and 22-year sentence of Dr Rafil Dhafir, an Iraqi-born doctor and humanitarian, makes a mockery of the notion that all are equal in the eyes of US law.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
The Republicans must accept that they can't rely on white votes to win
By Sunder Katwala - 07 November 12:04

With whites now accounting for only 72 per cent of the electorate, the party's election strategy is bust.

The winners and losers of the US election
By Caroline Crampton and Helen Lewis - 07 November 10:40

From Elizabeth Warren and memes, to glum Fox News pundits and Paul Ryan's biceps.

Mitt Romney acknowledges the cheers of his supporters at his rally in Boston
5 Pictures Of Mitt Romney Looking Sad
By Caroline Crampton - 07 November 9:53

The Republican candidate was gracious at the end, but couldn't help looking a bit sad at his defeat.

The lessons for Labour from Obama's lacklustre campaign
By Anthony Painter and Marcus Roberts - 07 November 9:28

The US president owes his victory to his political machine, not his campaign strategy.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump calls Obama's victory a "disgusting injustice"
By Caroline Crampton - 07 November 9:11

The tycoon is not a gracious loser.

A damaged house in Beach Haven, New Jersey
Is New Jersey in any state to vote tonight?
By Michael Tracey - 06 November 17:17

The legitimacy of the election result in New Jersey will be undermined as residents are still struggling to cope with the damage and devastation of SuperStorm Sandy.

Barack Obama
The US election results - liveblog
By Nicky Woolf - 06 November 14:04

Nicky Woolf liveblogs the result of the 2012 presidential election.

What time will the UK know the result of the US election?
By Alex Hern - 06 November 13:00

Your guide to the American election: when each state declares, who is likely to win it, and what kind of hot dogs you need.

New Statesman
In pictures: Hicksville, Ohio on the eve of the election
By Nicky Woolf - 06 November 10:37

The sleepy town at the heart of the battleground state goes to the polls today.

Black America waits anxiously as race re-emerges in the US election
By Ben Fox - 05 November 21:04

In Florida, the Democrat charge is that Republicans are trying to stop black people from voting.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney holds a rally in Cleveland, Ohio.
How many UK titles have endorsed Romney? None
By George Eaton - 05 November 16:18

It's a landslide victory for Obama on Fleet Street.

A view of Lower Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry
Blood and thunder: New York after Hurricane Sandy
By Laurie Penny - 05 November 15:23

It’s no accident that the original Occupy Wall Street organisers were among the first to set up and co-ordinate volunteering efforts.