Beltway Briefing
By Samira Shackle - 22 June 16:58

The top five stories from US politics today.

Jon Huntsman launches bid for President
By Duncan Robinson - 21 June 19:18

Huntsman offers an optimistic pitch, but his religion and links to Obama could hurt him in the prima

Fox News puts Jon Stewart on the spot
By Duncan Robinson - 20 June 13:03

The Daily Show host had a tougher time than normal when he appeared on Fox News on Sunday.

Obama impersonator cut short at GOP bash
By Felicity Spector - 19 June 11:34

"He was born in Hawaii," he went on. "Or as the Tea Partiers like to call it, Kenya."

Beltway Briefing
By George Eaton - 17 June 17:52

The top five stories from US politics today.

Exclusive — Rowan Williams in conversation with William Hague
By Rowan Williams - 17 June 8:25

The Foreign Secretary believes Britain abroad must temper idealism with pragmatism. The Archbishop o

Romney and Bachmann 2012?
By Duncan Robinson - 14 June 19:19

Romney wins the first debate, but Bachmann receives the biggest boost.

Obamacare, Romneycare and the race for President
By Elizabeth Bonner - 14 June 19:07

As approval of Obamacare and Romneycare falls, healthcare remains one of the most prominent issues o

Palin is coming to London
By George Eaton - 07 June 12:38

Palin says that she hopes to visit London soon to meet with Margaret Thatcher.

Americans are socialists...they just don't know it yet
By Duncan Robinson - 03 June 20:11

Polls show that US voters want a more equal society, but that they are not willing to achieve one th

How dangerous is unemployment for Obama?
By George Eaton - 03 June 15:53

Why high unemployment is not a barrier to the US President's re-election.

Remembering I F Stone
By D D Guttenplan - 02 June 14:13

Even Julian Assange salutes him — America’s greatest investigative journalist remains a hero and an

Trump and Palin’s pizza summit
By George Eaton - 01 June 11:51

“I’d love her to run,” Trump says after the pair meet for dinner in New York.

US 2012 presidential race: Sarah Palin is back
By Felicity Spector - 27 May 17:37

The race for the Republican candidate for Election 2012 is finally getting exciting, and not before

In the red corner . . .
By Staff blogger - 26 May 13:18

Sarah Palin

The Week So Far
By Staff blogger - 26 May 13:04

1. Africa

John Pilger: Welcome to the violent world of Mr Hopey Changey, Barack Obama
By John Pilger - 26 May 9:06

As Barack Obama continues his ludicrously overhyped European tour, media gloss cannot disguise the renewed imperial ambition of Libya’s western aggressors.

Obama’s road to 2012
By Alec MacGillis - 25 May 9:27

The US president is a skilled rhetorician but, as he refines his re-election pitch, can he finally b

1967 and all that
By Duncan Robinson - 20 May 16:45

Barack Obama is not the first US president to advocate a peace settlement based on pre-Six Day War l

The 535 Americans who are blocking peace in the Middle East
By Mehdi Hasan - 19 May 18:18

The US Congress is so in thrall to the American Israel lobby AIPAC that it more of a hindrance to th

One year in jail, Bradley Manning is a hero
By Peter Tatchell - 18 May 12:23

Blowing the whistle on war crimes is no crime.

US default on debt could lead to worse recession, Obama warns
By Alice Gribbin - 16 May 17:42

The White House increases pressure on Congress to raise $14.3 trillion debt ceiling ahead of seeming

Mexico’s silent March for Peace falls on deaf ears
By Tom Kavanagh - 13 May 15:25

Calderón stands firm as thousands take to the streets to demand an end to drug gang violence.

Mitt Romney’s health problems
By Felicity Spector - 13 May 11:39

The former Massachusetts governor attempts to distance himself from his health-care reforms. But wil

No doubt about it, Ben Bernanke saved the world from a depression
By David Blanchflower - 12 May 13:31

The chairman of the US Federal Reserve is criticised for not seeing the 2008 financial crash coming.

Obama delivered America’s Most Wanted – but the voters want more
By Alec MacGillis - 12 May 13:31

Obama may have delivered the al-Qaeda leader’s proverbial scalp, but the gloom of the past decade is

Every day is 9/11, every day is pain
By Donna Marsh O'Connor - 12 May 13:31

Donna Marsh O’Connor lost her daughter in the 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. W

Trump: “I am the least racist person there is”
By Duncan Robinson - 09 May 18:34

Donald Trump, the potential Republican presidential candidate, points to a black winner of <em>The A

Obama’s “USA!” moment
By Felicity Spector - 04 May 18:01

The president’s poll ratings have leapt in the wake of Bin Laden’s killing, but Republicans are shar

Obama’s Bin Laden bounce
By George Eaton - 04 May 17:04

President’s approval rating rises by 11 points to 57 per cent.