Obama on gay marriage, Al Green, and why America is not post-racial
By Samira Shackle - 09 May 17:18

Four key points from the president's interview with <em>Rolling Stone</em>.

US President Barack Obama
As president, Obama lost his voice – but Al Green helped him get it back
By Nicholas Wapshott - 09 May 15:33

Beneath his cool veneer the US President is at last perceived as being sympathetic.

Ron Paul, US Republican presidential candidate
Why Ron Paul could still rain on Romney's parade
By John Stoehr - 07 May 8:59

The libertarian candidate who won't go quietly.

Home Secretary Theresa May
John Pilger on totalitarianism: You're all suspects now . . .
By John Pilger - 07 May 8:12

Now that the US is at permanent war with the rest of the world, we are all in the firing line.

New Statesman
US press: pick of the papers
By New Statesman - 04 May 11:40

The ten must-read opinion pieces from today's US papers.

The world that America built
The world that America built
By Mark Leonard - 02 May 11:48

Three new books by major commentators ask what a planet without US leadership would look like.

New Statesman
Video: Obama's White House correspondent's dinner speech
By New Statesman - 30 April 10:41

"I had a lot more material prepared, but I have to get the secret service home in time for their new

New Statesman
Gingrich's influence will still be felt
By John Stoehr - 26 April 12:14

The Republican's with-us-or-against-us rhetoric will endure.

Letter from Washington
Rupert Murdoch always felt like an outsider. Now he could become one
By Nicholas Wapshott - 25 April 16:02

The News Corp head could yet be called by Congress to explain himself.

New Statesman
The Republicans are radicals, not conservatives
By John Stoehr - 23 April 8:19

The party has forgotten that change, if necessary, should be incremental and practical.

New Statesman
CIA sex scandal escort pictured for first time
By new-statesman - 20 April 14:48

Photographs emerge of the 24 year old Colombian woman at the centre of the political row.

Kidnapped by affluence
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 19 April 12:21

Michael Harrington’s war on poverty, 50 years on.

Romney’s wife, Hillary’s comeback and a race as tight as a cheap suit
By Nicholas Wapshott - 18 April 14:54

Now that the Republicans have, with enormous reluctance, plumped for Romney, who’s going to win in November? It would be tempting to fall in with the common wisdom that Romney, with so many of his own side hostile towards him, cannot beat the president.

“The number one threat facing America is its debt burden”
By Edward Luce - 18 April 11:47

Granted extraordinary access to Pentagon officials, Edward Luce discovered that even they admit the

Barack Obama speaks during a visit to the Port of Tampa
The Senate kills Obama's "Buffet Rule"
By George Eaton - 17 April 10:30

Republicans block debate on minimum tax rate but polls show public support.

The Tale of Two Romneys
The Tale of Two Romneys
By John Stoehr - 17 April 8:04

We don't know which is running: the moderate from Massachusetts, or the conservative philosophically

Rick Santorum bows out
After Santorum
By Alice Gribbin - 11 April 10:37

The unlikely ex-contender leaves a permanent mark on the GOP.

The Republicans come to terms with Romney
By John Stoehr - 09 April 11:17

The party is finally beginning to accept that Romney is the best it can do.

In 2001, a mere 12 per cent were turned off by politicians doing God. It's now 3
Too much of a God thing
By Nelson Jones - 22 March 15:05

Should American politicians revisit their assumption that God is necessarily a vote-winner?

Jeb Bush endorses Mitt Romney
By Rebecca Lloyd - 22 March 7:40

Mitt Romney's good week just got better with a coveted endorsement from former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Romney plays the numbers game in Illinois
By John Stoehr - 21 March 7:24

In the past, whenever Mitt Romney said something stupid, his super PAC would come to the rescue with a money bomb. Attacking his rivals distracted you from whatever dumb thing Romney just said.

Santorum's faux pas secures a win for Romney in Puerto Rico
By John Stoehr - 19 March 8:16

The more Santorum raises issues that don't need to be raised, the more Romney looks like the most re

The elephant in the Oval Office: what Cameron and Obama can't discuss
By Nicholas Wapshott - 15 March 8:13

The Prime Minister must hope against hope that Obama wins in November.

Deep South gives Santorum hope
By John Stoehr - 14 March 7:36

Rick Santorum’s victories in Alabama and Mississippi might spell the end for Newt Gingrich.

Obama should give Cameron an economics lesson
By George Eaton - 13 March 9:19

Only one of the two leaders is stimulating the global recovery.

Chart of the day: Obama - success or failure?
By George Eaton - 09 March 17:50

50 per cent of US voters say that Obama's presidency has been a failure.

Super Tuesday: Romney scrapes a win in Ohio. Where next for his campaign?
By John Stoehr - 07 March 7:42

The frontrunner-by-default has just about got through this crucial test. But he is still failing to

Romney is the inevitable candidate again
By John Stoehr - 29 February 7:24

Victory over Santorum in Arizona and Michigan means the Republican candidate is almost unassailable.

Could Democrats create the next Santorum surge?
By Samira Shackle - 28 February 17:22

The ultra-conservative candidate has been fielding votes in Michigan from an unlikely demographic: D

VIDEO: Republican's heartfelt plea on gay marriage goes viral
By Samira Shackle - 10 February 14:48

Representative Maureen Walsh gets emotional as she tells the House floor it is "cruel" to deny the r