Morrissey: "I nearly voted for UKIP"
By Rob Pollard - 10 January 12:51

The singer unburdened himself in a recent interview with Loaded.

New Statesman
Alcohol the cause of Amy Winehouse death, second inquest concludes
By Catriona Harvey-Jenner - 08 January 17:28

Amy Winehouse drank herself to an accidental death in July 2011, St. Pancras coroner has confirmed.

Theatre in 2013 - Dames and Danes
By Matt Trueman - 03 January 9:36

What to look out for on the stage this year.

Björk will be performing her Biophilia album in a circus tent in Paris
Pop in 2013 - Under the influence
By Kate Mossman - 03 January 9:23

What to listen out for this year.

Classical music in 2013 - Many happy Returns
By Alexandra Coghlan - 03 January 9:18

A year full of anniversaries has a lot to offer.

New Statesman
The Rolling Stones: the myth and its makers
By Charlotte Simmonds - 22 December 23:16

Photographers Dominique Tarle and Peter Webb spent 1971 making the Rolling Stones look their best. But who’s really to blame for the legend the band left behind, them or us?

 Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm
Will this déjà vu never end?
By Andrew Billen - 19 December 8:29

A trio of theatrical offerings reviewed.

Richard Suart's Ko-Ko tailors Richard Angas's Mikado
Camp as Christmas
By Alexandra Coghlan - 19 December 8:15

The Mikado and Robert le diable reviewed.

New Statesman
"Dr" Morrissey accuses Kate Middleton of faking her illness
By Rob Pollard - 14 December 9:36

The former Smiths frontman doesn't like the Royals, does like conspiracy theories.

The Walker Brothers - John, Scott and Gary - at the London Palladium in 1966
The arbitrary cult status of Scott Walker
By Kate Mossman - 13 December 7:32

Bish Bosch - review.

Yeasayer: "America's not like Canada, where crappy bands are funded by the government"
By Rob Pollard - 06 December 12:06

Rob Pollard interviews Yeasayer's Chris Keating.

The cast of the ENO's Carmen.
Seduced but not in love
By Alexandra Coghlan - 06 December 6:55

The English National Opera's production of Carmen is the most intelligent we've seen for a while.

Peter Hook about to go on stage at first performance of Closer with his band The
Peter Hook: Bernard and I could reconcile. "On the end of a pair of duelling pistols."
By Rob Pollard - 04 December 9:44

Rob Pollard speaks to the former Joy Division and New Order bassist.

Kylie Minogue performs live at the Palace Theatre in Melbourne in March 2012.
Kylie Minogue: the mysterious popstar who can do no wrong
By Kate Mossman - 29 November 11:59

As an album of "reimagined" Kylie songs emerges, Kate Mossman goes in search of the singer herself.

More operas should end in riots, or at least the torching of suits
By Will Self - 29 November 8:24

Will Self's "Madness of Crowds" column.

New Statesman
War on the stage
By Matt Trueman - 29 November 8:14

"Trojan Women" and "Arab Nights" reviewed.

Josh Osho performing in Dublin in September 2012
Josh Osho: A portrait of the artist in a digital age
By Alan White - 26 November 9:20

"People just want to connect. If I put my heart in it and people connect that’s the most important thing."

Nicki Minaj performing in California earlier this year
Is the world of rap finally entering the twenty-first century?
By Joe Rivers - 23 November 9:21

With Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, Angel Haze and the recent emergence of “queer rap”, we could finally be seeing some progress in a musical genre that's long been dominated by straight men and macho self-aggrandisement.

Swagger like them
By Alexandra Coghlan - 22 November 7:53

L’elisir d’amore
Royal Opera House, London WC2
Cecilia Bartoli
Barbican, London EC2

Kevin Cummins, self portrait.
Kevin Cummins interview: "There were right-wingers in the arts, with Rod Stewart and Phil Collins and all those Thatcherites."
By Rob Pollard - 19 November 14:01

Rob Pollard interviews one of the world’s most renowned music photographers.

Neil Young: back in the saddle
By Yo Zushi - 15 November 9:58

Noise and fury in Psychedelic Pill, Young's latest collaboration with Crazy Horse.

Michael Jackson: The boy in the bubble
By Kate Mossman - 14 November 11:37

Released 30 years ago, Michael Jackson’s album Thriller was the beginning of his assault on the white pop world. It’s so dazzling it makes you forget what happened to Jackson next.

bt i cd only whisper
bt i cd only whisper - review
By Emily Wight - 09 November 18:04

Soap opera for the stage.

New Statesman
High politics and low cunning on the London stage
By Andrew Billen - 08 November 9:34

Andrew Billen reviews a trio of new productions: Damned by Despair, This House and The River.

Ben Grosvenor attending the Classical Brit Awards
The serious talent of pianist Ben Grosvenor
By Alexandra Coghlan - 08 November 9:32

Alexandra Coghlan hails a young pianist who knows what to leave out.

New Statesman
Alt-J win Mercury Prize
By Kamila Kocialkowska - 02 November 16:20

Prestigious prize is scooped by Leeds group for their debut album

Bedding In
Bedding In: An interview with Liz Crow
By Jonathan Socrates - 02 November 16:13

In response to the coalition's benefits overhaul, Liz Crow is Bedding In.

XTC in 1978 - Colin Moulding, Barry Andrews and Andy Partridge
"Gonwards" and the building blocks of the blues
By Kate Mossman - 01 November 8:03

Kate Mossman is entranced by a strange masterpiece, board game included.

Laura Carmichael and Anna Friel in Uncle Vanya.
From Russia with hope
By Rachel Halliburton - 01 November 7:59

Rachel Halliburton previews a radical Uncle Vanya coming to London.