New Statesman
Reviewed: Songs Cycled by Van Dyke Parks
By Kate Mossman - 10 May 13:14

Revolution in the head.

A still from the film Peaches Does Herself.
Lez Miserable: the teaches of Peaches
By Eleanor Margolis - 07 May 11:04

Eleanor Margolis meets the high-priestess of sexually charged punk electronica and singer of <em>Fuck the Pain Away</em>, <em>Diddle My Skittle</em> and <em>Tent in Your Pants</em>.

Once upon a time in America
By Barb Jungr - 02 May 6:47

Barb Jungr's tour diary.

Concert goers.
Are smartphones ruining art?
By Sarah Howell - 01 May 11:04

Videos on social media sites are merely dumbed-down replicas.

New Statesman
All Tomorrow's Parties is no more
By Catriona Gray - 29 April 14:52

Will artist-curated festivals become a thing of the past?

The world of music is straddled by female Goliaths. Why?
By Kate Mossman - 29 April 8:29

Young women are achieving every kind of musical success, while the idea of the "male pop star" seems to have ground to a halt with David Bowie. What's going on with the boys?

Soul deep: Liam Hayes and Plush
By Yo Zushi - 19 April 11:28

The musician talks to Yo Zushi about writing songs for Roman Coppola and the cost of remaining "autonomous".

Where are all the right-wing stand-ups?
By Stewart Lee - 16 April 12:53

Yes, Jimmy Carr avoided tax and the BNP loves Al Murray’s Pub Landlord, but it’s hard to find a comedian who votes Tory.

Justin Bieber is a glorified Furby. Why do we expect him to have views on the Holocaust?
By Eleanor Margolis - 16 April 9:32

We need much more of a Henry VIII-style attitude to celebrities – less adulation, and more “amuse me minstrels and if you’re very, very good I might not have you executed”.

Sir Colin Davis: a conductor without compare
By Caroline Crampton - 15 April 15:35

The London Symphony Orchestra's longest-serving conductor has died at the age of 85.

New Statesman
A cross-cultural masterpiece
By Sarah Howell - 12 April 15:50

Reviewed: Sutra.

The ultimate seduction: revisiting the case of Wagner
By Ed Smith - 09 April 8:26

Wagner aimed to overthrow 19th-century silliness and replace it with a new "music drama".

Starman returns: The perfect re-emergence of David Bowie
By Dylan Jones - 09 April 8:11

Reviewed: "David Bowie Is…” at the V&A.

The touring cast of The Book of Mormon.
Reviewed: The Book of Mormon
By Andrew Billen - 09 April 5:36

Not so salty.

New Statesman
Bach on the farm
By Alexandra Coghlan - 09 April 5:26

Alexandra Coghlan talks to John Eliot Gardiner.

Reviewed: What About Now by Bon Jovi
By Kate Mossman - 27 March 15:31

Hair apparent.

Reviewed: The Audience; Trelawny of the Wells
By Andrew Billen - 21 March 10:32

A cartoon of cameos.

Cabaret artist Meow Meow in the Threepenny Opera.
Reviewed: Threepenny Opera
By Alexandra Coghlan - 21 March 8:41

Mack the nice.

The action at Sleep No More.
Immersive theatre and the anxiety of choice
By Tara Isabella Burton - 16 March 10:12

Yes, you might discover a secret orgy in a hidden room or go on a desperate quest for a missing ring, but at heart, immersive theatre is about turning the traditional power dynamics of actors and audience on their head.

Tunnel visions: Krautrock on the Underground
By Paul Morley - 14 March 11:54

Paul Morley recalls 1979, and travelling on the London Underground with his first ever Walkman, listening to the other-worldly sound of Can.

President Saakashvili, upon whom “The President Has Come to See You” is based.
Playfulness and pragmatism collide as Georgian theatre comes to London
By Tara Isabella Burton - 13 March 14:40

As a biting satire of President Saakashvili makes its English language debut, Tara Isabella Burton explores the state of a fascinating theatrical tradition.

Should feminists lay off Rihanna?
By Sarah Ditum - 11 March 10:20

The pop star gets criticised for her hypersexual persona - and for returning to the man who abused her. But before you attack her choices, work out what you'd do if someone you actually knew was making the same mistakes.

Reviewed: Macbeth at Trafalgar Studios
By Jason Cowley - 07 March 8:33

The last king of Scotland.

Reviewed: Justin Bieber at the O2
By Kate Mossman - 05 March 12:51

Dazed and deeply confused.