Slum rock
By John Harris - 27 June 13:00

Not Abba: the real story of the 1970s

Dave Haslam <em>Fourth Estate, 359pp, £12.99</em>

ISBN 000

We will, we will rock you
By Neil McCormick - 27 June 13:00

Observations on anthems

Black and white
By Sarfraz Manzoor - 20 June 13:00

The Record Men: Chess Records and the birth of rock and roll

Rich Cohen <em>Profile, 220pp, £11.99

Let's get lyrical
By Dan Hancox - 13 June 13:00

Poetry in music - Working on a platinum rap CD, but lacking inspiration? Dan Hancox finds help, of s

Michael Jackson: American beauty
By Joan Smith - 13 June 13:00

His fantasies and desperate quest for physical transformation are a logical extension of the dream s

Julian Clary - Lap him up
By Julian Clary - 13 June 13:00

Theatre - Ewan McGregor is good enough to swallow whole, writes Julian Clary

Guys and Dolls


In the basement
By Thomas Jones - 30 May 13:00

Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan at the crossroads

Greil Marcus <em>Faber & Faber, 297pp, £12.99</e

Terry-land: nul point
By Tim Luscombe - 23 May 13:00

Song contest - Wogan might laugh, but Eurovision is an important political statement, insists Tim Lu

By Rachel Halliburton - 16 May 13:00

Broadway - New Yorkers are using outrageous comedy to demonstrate their political colours

A culture of performance
By Joseph Horowitz - 16 May 13:00

A century ago, the United States confidently predicted the arrival of its answer to Beethoven or Wag

Another time
By Sukhdev Sandhu - 16 May 13:00

Rip It Up And Start Again: post-punk (1978-1984)

Simon Reynolds <em>Faber & Faber, 577pp, £16.99</

The Download
By Dan Hancox - 09 May 13:00

After the revolution comes tyranny. And so it is that the British Phonographic Industry envisages for itself a Bonapartist future, where legal downloading rules with an iron fist and record-company profits soar.

Notebook - Rosie Millard
By Rosie Millard - 09 May 13:00

Blair's government has always been nervous about waving the cultural flag enthusiastically

No regrets
By Stuart Nicholson - 02 May 13:00

With Billie

Julia Blackburn <em>Jonathan Cape, 354pp, £17.99</em>

ISBN 0224075896

Andrew Billen - Good ol' girls
By Andrew Billen - 02 May 13:00

Television - The men aren't so easy to stand by in a revealing documentary, writes Andrew Billen

Brass in pocket
By Alice O'Keeffe - 02 May 13:00

Encounters - The Buena Vista Social Club was just the start for Cuba's musical capitalist Juan de Ma

Michael Portillo - Empire lines
By Michael Portillo - 25 April 13:00

Theatre - A musical romance of the Raj sings loud and clear, writes Michael Portillo

The Far Pa

Bach to school
By Jessica Duchen - 18 April 13:00

Dazzling when he sprang on to the world stage as a pianist, Daniel Barenboim has conquered the arena

You cannot be serious
By Michael Coveney - 18 April 13:00

Theatre - The reinvention of The <em>Holy Grail</em> as a musical is another triumph for satirical t

The snore of the crowds
By Carole Woddis - 28 March 13:00

As <em>Billy Elliot: the musical</em> hits the West End stage, hot on the heels of <em>Mamma Mia!</e

Nous vous aimons
By Rachel Halliburton - 14 March 12:00

Encounter - Jane Birkin is awe-inspiring compared to today's Botox-riddled sex goddesses, finds Rach

Move over, Bob Geldof
By Chris Thompson & Dominic Elliott - 14 March 12:00

African special - Observations on the musician's view

Meet Dave 'n' Sue
By David Self - 28 February 12:00

A once-vital source of news and personality, BBC Local Radio has turned into a blandly uniform comed

Michael Portillo - Happy ending
By Michael Portillo - 28 February 12:00

Opera - A revived production of Mozart that came close to perfection. By Michael Portillo

Le No

A play of two halves
By Michael Portillo - 21 February 12:00

Theatre - Wood and Walters prove one of the great comedy partnerships, writes Michael Portillo

The download
By Dan Hancox - 21 February 12:00

Conor Oberst is the man for February. The wintry wisdom of this Nebraskan singer-songwriter, under the musical moniker of Bright Eyes, is toasty enough to both warm cockles and roast chestnuts.

All you need is lovability
By Charlie Lee-Potter - 21 February 12:00

Observations on ny-lon

The Download
By Dan Hancox - 07 February 12:00

The download revolution has begun. Last year, legal song downloads increased tenfold to more than 200 million worldwide. Illegal downloads fell by only 30 million, to 870 million, but the tide seems to be turning.

The wow factor
By Jason Cowley - 07 February 12:00

With her first single up for a Brit Award and a new album soon to be released, Kate Bush is back in

West End boys
By Michael Coveney - 31 January 12:00

The king of theatreland, Andrew Lloyd Webber, seems on the verge of abdicating. Is he feeling restle