From Prussia with hate
By Carolyn O'Hara - 14 November 12:00

Lynx and Lamb are Californian twin sisters hoping to become stars. But, as <strong>Carolyn O'Hara</s

Posh rock
By Lynsey Hanley - 07 November 12:00

The Dark Side of the Moon: the making of the Pink Floyd masterpiece

John Harris <em>Fourth Estate,

Beethoven who?

The Battle of Ideas is a series of debates presented by the Institute of Ideas. One of the fiercest

Playing for peace
By Avi Shlaim - 31 October 12:00

Part Israeli, part Palestinian, the Divan Orchestra is a beacon of hope in a gloomy landscape

Art attack
By Staff blogger - 17 October 13:00

You don't have to be in the Commons to make a difference. All sorts of artists use their work to cha

Radio head<br />
By Tom Armitage - 10 October 13:00

Electronic music - What do you get if you cross an upright bass with a chainsaw? Tom Armitage heads

Wot's so great about yoof?
By Michael Bywater - 10 October 13:00

As the Young@Heart Chorus prepares to astound London with its ancient cast, whose ages range from 73

Play that baby some Mozart!
By Mark Lythgoe - 03 October 13:00

The Barbican and Young Vic are devoting four months to the phenomenon of young genius. Mark Lythgoe

King Crimson rules OK
By Viv Groskop - 03 October 13:00

Observations on post-sov rock

Tom Sutcliffe - Behind the scenes
By Tom Sutcliffe - 26 September 13:00

Opera - Crucifixes and Christmas chic overwhelm Verdi and Nielsen, writes Tom Sutcliffe

Don Car

Archdukes of pop
By Alex Gibbons - 19 September 13:00

Art rock - Champagne-quaffing Christs and ready-salted crisps: Alex Gibbons enjoys Franz Ferdinand's

Beyond Neverland
By James Montague - 12 September 13:00

Observations on Jacko in Dubai

The media column - Peter Wilby
By Peter Wilby - 05 September 13:00

To judge from my e-mails, a fair number of people believe I have been "fomenting, justifying or glor

Michael Portillo - With the gods
By Michael Portillo - 29 August 13:00

Opera - A hyper-elaborate cycle stays true to Wagner's intentions, writes Michael Portillo


Dancing to his tune
By Ariel Dorfman - 29 August 13:00

Ariel Dorfman grew up believing Einstein was famous for music, not physics. A mistake? Not quite, he

Michael Portillo - Desert airs
By Michael Portillo - 22 August 13:00

Opera - Under the stars, a programme of adventurous spirit shines, writes Michael Portillo


Keeping it mighty real
By Sukhdev Sandhu - 22 August 13:00

Turn the Beat Around: the secret history of disco

Peter Shapiro <em>Faber & Faber, 350pp, £12.99</

Country cousins
By David Vascott - 15 August 13:00

Alternative music - Beagles and Land-Rovers, or tumbleweed and sipping whiskey? David Vascott invest

Minister of sound
By Sue Steward - 25 July 13:00

As claims of corruption rocked his country's government, the Brazilian minister for culture still en

Earthly delights
By David Benedict - 18 July 13:00

Opera - David Benedict is seduced by the thrilling exoticism of a scantily clad queen of the Nile

Northern exposure
By Michael Coveney - 18 July 13:00

Orkney - This magical island is the perfect setting for an annual feast of music and poetry, reports

Michael Portillo - Pop legends
By Michael Portillo - 11 July 13:00

Theatre - Breathtaking portrayal of a Svengali's fall. By Michael Portillo

Telstar: the Joe Mee

Real people power, or pernicious platitudes?
By Zoe Williams - 11 July 13:00

G8: I've changed my mind: it was an incredible outpouring of global fellowship

A revitalising victory
By Staff blogger - 11 July 13:00

In the past it took a disaster to bring the Olympics to London. In 1908 the city stepped in after Vesuvius erupted, leaving Rome bereft. In 1948 it was called upon to rescue the Olympic ideal for a Europe ravaged by fascist dictatorship.

Join the club
By Geoffrey Coombe - 04 July 13:00

Music - How do you learn to love jazz? Geoffrey Coombe, a lifelong aficionado, has a few tips for th

We liked it first time. We li-i-i-ked it. But now?
By Zoe Williams - 04 July 13:00

G8: Live 8 - Twenty years on from Live Aid, Bob's become an establishment figure, bands are wise to

Can we save the world with songs?
By Billy Bragg - 04 July 13:00

G8: Live 8 - Glastonbury holds a lesson for Bob Geldof about pop and politics, writes Billy Bragg. T

Miranda Sawyer - Battle of the bands
By Miranda Sawyer - 04 July 13:00

Film - On-the-road hell with the monsters of rock. By Miranda Sawyer

DiG! (15)

Slum rock
By John Harris - 27 June 13:00

Not Abba: the real story of the 1970s

Dave Haslam <em>Fourth Estate, 359pp, £12.99</em>

ISBN 000

We will, we will rock you
By Neil McCormick - 27 June 13:00

Observations on anthems