The greatest political songs of all time
By Daniel Trilling - 08 March 15:09

Do you agree with the Political Studies Association's list?

Germ-free adolescents
By Daniel Trilling - 04 March 7:08

On "Don't Stop Believin'" by the cast of Glee.

Notes on a scandal
By Norman Lebrecht - 01 March 8:16

Does arts criticism have a future? An exclusive essay to mark the launch of our search for young mus

Young Music Critic competition
By Staff blogger - 25 February 11:44

Writers: we want you!

Just Kids
By Jude Rogers - 25 February 7:07

Two whip-thin creatures, blinking into the sunlight for an old man on the boardwalk, smile softly from the cover of this moving memoir.

The Cello Suites: In Search of a Baroque Masterpiece
By Suzy Klein - 22 February 8:17

About 15 years ago, I made a serendipitous discovery in an Oxford bookshop. At the back, in an old cardboard box, was a pile of bargain CDs - and among them, a recording of Bach's cello suites by Paul Tortelier for 50p.

Highly strung
By Jude Rogers - 19 February 10:33

The standout pop star of the year is young, gifted – and plays the harp. Jude Rogers explains why Jo

Grateful dads
By Daniel Trilling - 18 February 7:09

On Status Quo's "Down Down".

England's dreaming
By Tim Burrows - 12 February 9:31

Iain Sinclair summons up the spirit of John Clare.

Down but not out
By Yo Zushi - 11 February 11:25

Why Leonard Cohen is the ultimate comeback kid.

The Art of Listening: Simon says relax
By Daniel Trilling - 04 February 6:28

On Helping Haiti's "Everybody Hurts".

Glow sticks, superclubs . . . and Bruce Forsyth
By Dan Hancox - 27 January 17:18

Mark Watson is wrong about dancing.

The Brit Awards matter . . .
By Yo Zushi - 21 January 12:50

. . . for all the wrong reasons. Like Coldplay.

Imperial blather
By Daniel Trilling - 21 January 7:37

On Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind".

Miss Motivator
By Daniel Trilling - 07 January 6:30

On Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance".

Culture Vulture: pick of the blogs
By Staff blogger - 06 January 10:55

Five highlights from the arts world, on Schubert, photography and the future of black literature

Speech Debelle-extended interview
By Sophie Elmhirst - 17 December 16:11

A longer version of this week's NS interview

The NS Interview: Speech Debelle
By Sophie Elmhirst - 17 December 7:06

“I don’t want to turn into Lily Allen”

Machine rage
By Becky Hogge - 17 December 7:06

And so, the decade ends with a clash of ideologies. In the blue corner, we have the individual, coiffed, tanned and flossed, battling against what life

Top of their voices
By Jude Rogers - 10 December 5:47

From accents to Auto-Tune, singers fought to stand out from the pack

Back to boom and bust
By Daniel Trilling - 03 December 7:18

On Dizzee Rascal's "Dirtee Cash".

What if . . . the Beatles had never formed
By Dominic Sandbrook - 26 November 5:41

Now that the plaudits are rolling in for Alan Bennett's play The Habit of Art, which imagines a meeting between Benjamin Britten and W H Auden, perhaps Bennett should turn his attention to another meeting that never w

Chick Corea/Béla Fleck
By Sholto Byrnes - 19 November 5:52

Sholto Byrnes applauds a jazz performance that is full of fireworks

Should Britney sync or sing?
By Mark Watson - 19 November 5:52

Recently, Britney Spears got into trouble for miming her way through shows. She'd sold her tour as a live performance, when in fact the songs are

Dames are forever
By Sophie Elmhirst - 19 November 5:52

Good old Shirley. Just when you thought the glittery dresses and James Bond theme tunes might be on the wane, out she marches with an album full of new songs.

1989: Bob Dylan Didn’t Have This to Sing About
By Owen Hatherley - 05 November 5:55

"Hegel, Joyce, Fukuyama, Jesus Jones: so goes culture's declension." This is the critical sentence of the academic and pop critic Joshua Clover's extraordinary work of political aesthetics.

Alfred Schnittke Archive
By Rick Jones - 05 November 5:55

Rick Jones discovers a forgotten genius of 20th-century music

Hallowed spaceboy
By Graeme Thomson - 22 October 8:48

Over 40 years, David Bowie has repeatedly reinvented himself, pursuing the idea that all pop is art.

Seckou Keita Quintet
By Stefan Simanowitz - 19 October 13:19

The Senegalese kora player unsettles Western perceptions of Africa

One famous Belgian
By Nick Currie - 15 October 8:38

Nick Currie, aka the artist and performer Momus, was struck by the music of Jacques Brel from an ear