Ian Curtis remembered
By Mike Sweeney - 18 May 18:14

An interview with the Joy Division singer on the anniversary of his death.

Syd Barrett: a Very Irregular Head
By Jude Rogers - 13 May 11:38

All too often, music biographers are embroiderers of myths.

Eastern promise
By Rick Jones - 19 April 9:33

Rick Jones meets a Russian conductor who has set the classical world alight.

When Malcolm McLaren ran for mayor
By Daniel Trilling - 09 April 9:01

The late Sex Pistols manager's foray into politics.

Militant tendencies feed music
By Mark Fisher - 29 March 9:48

As the Political Studies Association unveils the 20 greatest protest songs, Mark Fisher asks if music can change the world if our songs remain the same.

Top 20 Political Songs: Redemption Song | Bob Marley and the Wailers | 1980
By Ian K Smith - 25 March 9:42

"Emanicipate yourselves from mental slavery"

Top 20 Political Songs: Won't Get Fooled Again |The Who | 1971
By Jennifer Thompson - 25 March 9:37

Plus ça change, says Pete Townshend

Top 20 Political Songs: Jerusalem | William Blake | 1916
By Jennifer Thompson - 25 March 9:22

Poem transformed into unofficial national anthem

Top 20 Political Songs: Shipbuilding | Robert Wyatt/Elvis Costello | 1982
By Jennifer Thompson - 25 March 9:17

Complex examination of the futility of war combined with empathy for soldiers in the Falklands confl

Top 20 Political Songs: The Internationale | Eugène Pottier | 1871
By Jennifer Thompson - 25 March 9:15

Worker's song that later became the first anthem of the Soviet Union

Top 20 Political Songs

Read the story behind the songs, listen to all 20

Top 20 Political Songs: Sunday Bloody Sunday | U2 | 1983
By Ian K Smith - 25 March 9:14

"Don't talk to me about the rights of the IRA, UDA"

Top 20 Political Songs: La Marseillaise | Claude de Lisle | 1792
By Jennifer Thompson - 25 March 9:12

The anthem of the Republic was penned by a Royalist who narrowly escaped the guillotine

Top 20 Political Songs: Imagine | John Lennon | 1971
By Jennifer Thompson - 25 March 9:10

The piano used for the composition of this hippie anthem would later fetch $2m

Top 20 Political Songs: Strange Fruit | Billie Holiday | 1939
By Ian K Smith - 25 March 9:08

"Blood on the leaves and blood at the roots"

Top 20 Political Songs: What’s Going On? | Marvin Gaye | 1971
By Jennifer Thompson - 25 March 9:07

Title track of Gaye’s groundbreaking 1971 Motown album, nearly performed by Joan Baez

Top 20 Political Songs: Mississippi Goddam | Nina Simone | 1964
By Ian K Smith - 25 March 9:06

"This is a show tune, but the show hasn't been written for it yet."

Top 20 Political Songs: The Times they are a-Changin’ | Bob Dylan | 1964
By Jennifer Thompson - 25 March 9:06

"This was definitely a song with a purpose" - Bob Dylan

Top 20 Political Songs: Free Nelson Mandela | The Special AKA | 1984
By Jennifer Thompson - 25 March 9:04

Composer Jerry Dammers admitted he had known little of Mandela’s situation until the previous year a

Top 20 Political Songs: Killing in the Name | Rage Against the Machine | 1992
By Ian K Smith - 25 March 9:04

"You justify those that died by wearing the badge"

Top 20 Political Songs: Talkin' 'bout a Revolution | Tracy Chapman | 1988
By Ian K Smith - 25 March 9:03

"Poor people gonna rise up and take their share"

Diva forever for pop’s prima donna
By Suzy Klein - 25 March 7:06

Verdi offered the teenage Rufus Wainwright consolation and escape. Now, inspired by Callas, the spar

Making it pay
By Daniel Trilling - 18 March 7:11

On “Never Be Your Woman" by Wiley and “Pass Out" by Tinie Tempah

Behind NME lines
By D J Taylor - 12 March 8:09

“Nice boys” like Nick Kent wrote about the louche stars of Seventies music in a sharp but open-minde