Clash of the titans
By Alexandra Coghlan - 15 June 12:11

Pierre Boulez conducts Daniel Barenboim and the Berlin Staatskapelle.

Cultural Capital podcast: Emmy the Great
By Yo Zushi - 13 June 19:12

A conversation on music, lyrics, the monarchy and the end of the world with the singer-songwriter.

Tim Key: he's a poet and he knows it.
By Tom Ravenscroft - 08 June 11:56

Tom Ravenscroft's music blog

Mozart, cubed
By Alexandra Coghlan - 06 June 14:06

A bold but flawed production of Don Giovanni at Glyndebourne.

The NS Interview: Annie Lennox
By Samira Shackle - 02 June 12:23

“I’m not going to use my sexuality to define me”

Unknown pleasures
By Tom Ravenscroft - 02 June 12:07

Tom Ravenscroft on what to look forward to at this summer's music festivals.

Tom Ravenscroft's music blog
By Tom Ravenscroft - 01 June 17:19

Dreamy, haunted, but strangely comforting - welcome to the world of The Caretaker.

The NS Interview: Lang Lang
By Sophie Elmhirst - 26 May 13:18

“China is much better, more open, but also rediscovering its roots”

Tom Ravenscroft's music blog
By Tom Ravenscroft - 25 May 12:54

What to expect when a band you already love release a new album?

Magical menace
By Alexandra Coghlan - 25 May 12:30

A startling production of Britten's opera A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Beyond the horizon
By Barb Jungr - 18 May 18:17

The singer Barb Jungr on Bob Dylan's inimitable voice at the age of 70.

Tom Ravenscroft's music blog
By Tom Ravenscroft - 18 May 16:12

Meet Dark Dark Dark, the best band in the world (for now).

Gustav Mahler
By Norman Lebrecht - 12 May 13:28

Composers take up a great deal more shelf space than authors.

Preview: Netaudio London 2011
By Alexandra Albert - 11 May 17:35

Highlights of a festival that explores the relationship between music and technology.

Tom Ravenscroft's music blog
By Tom Ravenscroft - 11 May 12:31

The dos and don'ts of talking at gigs.

Fleeting visions
By Alexandra Coghlan - 10 May 14:23

James MacMillan's latest chamber opera is difficult to pin down.

Bob Dylan: Writings 1968-2010
By Kasia Boddy - 05 May 12:13

“Becoming a Bob Dylan fan made me a writer," says Greil Marcus, introducing an anthology that charts the uneasy progress of his dual vocations.

Tom Ravenscroft's music blog
By Tom Ravenscroft - 04 May 13:24

After a holiday, I'm ready to fall in love with music again. Listen here to what I've found.

Tom Ravenscroft's music blog
By Tom Ravenscroft - 27 April 19:05

An afternoon tuned in to Britain's greatest nostalgia station.

By Alexandra Coghlan - 27 April 12:37

These attempts to shake up the opera world fail.

He's a runner
By Tom Ravenscroft - 27 April 12:36

Tom Ravenscroft tries to find the perfect songs to soundtrack a jog.

Poly Styrene, 1957-2011
By Clare Conway - 26 April 13:29

The former X-Ray Spex singer has died aged 53.

Tom Ravenscroft's music blog
By Tom Ravenscroft - 18 April 16:47

I appear to have been made DJ to the Royal Wedding. What shall I play?

Random Polaroid #1
By Jarvis Cocker - 14 April 13:51

Jarvis Cocker on how the election of New Labour ushered in a long hangover.

No fuss
By Jason Cowley - 07 April 17:10

Peter Brook once complained of his “deep hatred" for what he described as the "motionlessness" of opera.

Back to our roots
By Rob Young - 07 April 17:07

Tracing the utopian visions conjured by folk in the 20th century.

Tom Ravenscroft's music blog
By Tom Ravenscroft - 06 April 15:26

Drunk pirates or sombre storytellers? Listen here to Australia's most enchanting new band.

Tom Ravenscroft's music blog
By Tom Ravenscroft - 30 March 17:25

Free album for download; and more African guitar pop.

Opera for the ADHD generation
By Alexandra Coghlan - 26 March 8:45

A thrilling production of Monteverdi's Ulysses by a first-time director.

Out of Essex
By Ursula Donnelly - 25 March 13:58

London Gypsy Orchestra builds cultural bridges in wake of Dale Farm evictions.