Rani Moorthy.
"We had to witness at first cultural genocide and then all out genocide"
By Samira Shackle - 05 April 11:47

Rani Moorthy, Tamil Sri Lankan actress, discusses cultural dislocation, civil war, and her new one w

New Statesman
Theatre Review: Big and Small
By Sophie Cohen - 03 April 17:38

Cate Blanchett gives a magnetic performance in Botho Strauss's play.

Krzysztof Penderecki and Jonny Greenwood with the AUKSO Chamber Orchestra
By Yo Zushi - 30 March 12:34

Yo Zushi is awestruck at the Barbican by a Polish avant-gardist and his rock-star disciple.

Plan B
Appetite for destruction
By Yo Zushi - 30 March 12:19

Why Plan B's "iLL Manors" works.

Sprinting start
By Miriam Gillinson - 29 March 18:01

Over the past 15 years, Sprint Festival has become one of London's most enduring experimental theatre festivals.

Jarvis Cocker, BBC 6 Music
Eclectic avenues
By Sophie Elmhirst - 22 March 14:04

The appeal of BBC 6 Music.

Why are there so few right-wing rock stars?
By Pat Long - 08 March 8:22

An NME writer suggests that it's thanks to the influence of Britain's music press.

New Statesman
MDNA (Madonna)
By Kate Mossman - 06 March 17:47

Yearning for youth does Madonna no favours.

Shiny, shabby people
By Sophie Elmhirst - 22 February 13:51

The Brits was a mega-show, falling apart at the seams

BRIT Awards 2012: in pictures
By Alice Gribbin - 22 February 10:18

Two awards each for Adele and Ed Sheeran.

Sonik Kicks (Paul Weller)
By Kate Mossman - 20 February 0:00

Paul Weller says his new album is groundbreaking. Kate Mossman’s not so sure.

Adele: someone like you
By Sophie Elmhirst - 17 February 16:14

The singer’s unpolished manner is what makes her such a delight.

Whitney Houston: A voice that destroyed itself
By Alexandra Coghlan - 17 February 11:55

What was it about Houston's voice that reached beyond the emotional confines of her records?

"Whitney's death bath": a morbid curiosity
By Steven Baxter - 16 February 11:15

Long may such freedom of speech continue.

Grammy Awards 2012: in pictures
By Alice Gribbin - 13 February 10:53

Adele thanks "doctors who brought my voice back" as she takes home six Grammys.

Whitney Houston, 1963-2012
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 12 February 11:09

Death of a singer blessed with a voice that was "good to vowels".

Der Rosenkavalier (London Coliseum)
By Alexandra Coghlan - 12 February 0:00

The ENO can still do serious singing.

Mind your B-sides
By George Eaton - 30 January 0:00

Why we should mourn the decline of the B-side.

The Doors
By Stuart Maconie - 16 January 0:00

Greil Marcus’s latest foray into criticism fails to persuade that the bloated “tragic” myth of Jim M

This year's coolest xmas party: Occupy London's thank you gig
By Teresa Goncalves - 07 December 16:38

Guests including Thom Yorke and 3D from Massive Attack took to the decks.

Indie Christmas songs
By Yo Zushi - 01 December 16:56

Sick of Slade? Here's a selection of alternative festive treats that will rescue your stereo from the tyranny of Noddy.

Björkins, honey, I want you back
By Toby Litt - 01 December 11:02

No one has inhabited the spaces in which we hear
music like Björk. And that voice! Who else could

In your dreams
By Tom Ravenscroft - 28 November 0:00

Tom Ravenscroft finds musicians of all genres taking a collective nap.

"Through the Cervix of Hawwah": don't judge a song by its title
By Tom Ravenscroft - 17 November 12:48

The oddly-named metal records you must listen to.

The decline and fall of EMI
By Stuart Maconie - 16 November 0:00

It is faintly preposterous to feel sorry for a global corporate monolith, but anyone who has ever waved an imaginary baton to the strains of Elgar, tapped a foot to the Fab Four or the Shadows, or even frowned meaningfully whi

Sublime intervention
By April Welsh - 10 November 15:44

Bombino and the Tuareg guitar revolution.

Music Review: The Marriage of Figaro, English National Opera
By Alexandra Coghlan - 08 November 14:25

Fiona Shaw's delightful direction of Mozart's great opera.

Crossing continents
By Alexandra Coghlan - 08 November 10:53

The I, Culture Orchestra builds relationships in eastern Europe.

Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
By Androulla Harris - 01 November 14:37

Musical comebacks that are worth the wait.