These are the kind of laughs comedians at the Fringe would die for
Nicky Woolf's Edinburgh Diary: Late-night comedy revues
By Nicky Woolf - 20 August 15:32

Comedy at the Fringe is as much about the night-life as the day-life.

You should always read the reviews.
Edinburgh diary: Who are these reviewers, then?
By Nicky Woolf - 17 August 10:24

Without the deluge of daily reviews, the Edinburgh Festival would be very different. Nicky Woolf meets the people who write them.

Gleeful farces, world-class puppetry and the death of the ampersand
By Nicky Woolf - 12 August 9:53

Day 3 of Nicky Woolf's Edinburgh diary.

Surviving Black Wednesday - and checking out the Big Four
By Nicky Woolf - 10 August 9:05

Nicky Woolf's first Edinburgh diary.

Stage struck at the Edinburgh Fringe
By Matt Trueman - 08 August 16:38

Matt Trueman reviews an Edinburgh Fringe full of fighting talk.

Will Self: Is there nowhere I can escape the tyranny of muzak?
By Will Self - 08 August 13:44

All right-listening folk despise this piped sonic sewage.

Mark Kozelek: "I yelled at Tom Cruise about 20 times"
By Yo Zushi - 08 August 13:44

The Sun Kil Moon frontman talks to Yo Zushi about two decades on the road, his new album and why he finds Britain "very depressing".

Nadia Tolokonnikova inside a defendants' cage
Pussy Riot's protests threaten more than just the Putin regime
By Nelson Jones - 31 July 13:29

The treatment of Pussy Riot says much about the close relationship between Church and Kremlin in Putin's Russia.

Back to the soil
By Yo Zushi - 28 July 10:42

The Simpsons, Woody Guthrie, Gone with the Wind and Neil Young – and what they tell us about America's obsession with its land.

Twin passions
By Toby Litt - 26 July 10:20

Toby Litt pays homage to the otherworldly gifts of Elizabeth Fraser.

Top ten London songs
By Kate Mossman - 26 July 10:16

The NS's pop critic picks the ten best songs about the capital.

Mark Ronson at Rough Trade West
Tale of a city: Thank you for the music
By Dorian Lynskey - 26 July 9:41

Dorian Lynskey celebrates the Rough Trade record shop.

Pitchfork Music Festival
The pernicious rise of “indie-classical”
By En Liang Khong - 23 July 14:16

If you think classical music is snobbish, just take a look at indie culture.

Plan B wears a Skrewdriver T-shirt on the cover of Shortlist.
Why is Plan B wearing a neo-nazi band's T-shirt?
By Helen Lewis - 22 July 11:26

The rapper is pictured in a Skrewdriver shirt in Shortlist magazine.

Old albums are now outselling new ones. Do we need protectionism against the past?
By Alex Hern - 20 July 13:02

Long copyright terms may not reward the artist, but they make sure that people buy works by new musicians

Janell Monae
Right on the Monáe
By Kate Mossman - 18 July 17:28

The musical nerds taking over the world.

When Ziggy Played Guitar – review
By Yo Zushi - 18 July 16:44

Hero-worshipping David Bowie.

Sir Simon Rattle
Music as Alchemy - review
By Suzy Klein - 18 July 16:39

The age of the super conductor.

Obi Abili at the Criterion theatre
Actors over athletes
By Anna Lezard - 18 July 11:35

Beneath the Cultural Olympiad, the Criterion theatre will show the funny side of the Olympics in two new plays.

A Doll's House, The Young Vic
A Doll's House - review
By Sophie Cohen - 16 July 16:59

Sexuality and sacrifice in a new production of Ibsen's play.

Classical music should be about more than elite parties and private schools
By Andrew Mellor - 15 July 11:04

Exclusion in the classical music world stretches far beyond race.

TROSP Orchestra
The death of the concert hall
By En Liang Khong - 12 July 17:24

John Adams’s epic Harmonielehre is being re-imagined in a multi-storey car park.

I was never a full-throttle punk but how I loved the scene’s brief chaos
By Jo Brand - 11 July 16:44

Notes from a Pathetically Uncommitted Punk

Eva-Marie Westbrook as Dido and Brian Hymel as Aeneas in Les Troyens.
Les Troyens - review
By James Naughtie - 11 July 14:48

Ambitious storytelling is vital to our culture, writes James Naughtie

Too cool
By Francis Newton - 04 July 15:30

Jazz in the 1950s produced few musicians of stature.

A fine romance
By Christopher Reid - 04 July 13:07

I came late to jazz but when I listen to it now, I can travel to another dimension.

Poetry Parnassus, a gathering of poets from every Olympic nation
Poetry Parnassus: "This global chorus"
By Alice Gribbin - 03 July 12:44

An audacious celebration at the Southbank Centre.

Review: Le Nozze di Figaro
By Alexandra Coghlan - 03 July 10:22

Michael Grandage's Figaro settles into drawing-room farce