Standing up for Burma
By Helen Lewis - 13 June 16:49

Zarganar, the Burmese comedian, and Rambo IV.

The NS Interview: Yukio Ninagawa, theatre director
By Yo Zushi - 13 June 16:30

“Forks in the road come suddenly. I take the dangerous route”

New Statesman
Tooth and claw
By Alexandra Coghlan - 06 June 17:16

Alexandra Coghlan enjoys two operas wrestling with the follies of old age.

New Statesman
Tooth and Claw
By Alexandra Coghlan - 30 May 15:36

Alexandra Coghlan enjoys two operas wrestling with the follies of old age.

"I'm younger than that now": Dylan on ageing
By Yo Zushi - 24 May 17:13

A top-five list of his lyrics on growing old, to celebrate his 71st birthday.

New Statesman
Entirely bare: Sacha Baron Cohen
By Alice Gribbin - 18 May 12:51

The comedian's first-ever British interview as himself.

New Statesman
Donna Summer dies, age 63
By Alice Gribbin - 17 May 18:01

The "Queen of Disco" has died of cancer.

Review: Babel
By Miriam Gillinson - 16 May 16:35

Thank God the Brits love queueing in the rain. The preamble to Babel feels a lot like Wimbledon, as an audience of nearly 1,000 waits outside a sodden Caledonian Park in London. Unfortunately, just like poor old Tim Henman and Andy Murray, Babel fails to live up to the hype.

"I'm an old lion" Profile: Harrison Birtwistle
By Alexandra Coghlan - 16 May 15:26

“I find composing is either completely impossible or too easy – it’s never just running on the flat.” At 78, Harrison Birtwistle may have

New Statesman
Review: Love, Love, Love
By Andrew Billen - 09 May 17:52

Andrew Billen is engaged by a monstrous couple born at the right time.

New Statesman
The NS interview: Russell Kane, comedian
By Samira Shackle - 09 May 10:53

On the "smashing" of grammar schools.

New Statesman
A long, hot summer
By Matt Trueman - 02 May 20:02

Theatregoers have a lot to thank the Olympics for. Over the next four months, many of the best theatre companies from around the world will be performing in the UK in the biggest influx of international theatre this country has ever seen.

A 1934 production of The Importance of Being Earnest
Review: The Importance of Being Earnest/A Soldier and a Maker
By Alexandra Coghlan - 02 May 16:03

A gloriously irreverent operatic adaptation of Oscar Wilde's classic.

Vinyl fantasy
What's Jack White made of?
By Kate Mossman - 02 May 11:12

White never stops working and everything he works with turns to gold.

Review: Misterman
By Gina Allum - 25 April 12:57


New Statesman
Theatre Review: Making Noise Quietly
By Emily Wight - 24 April 13:26

Peter Gill's revival of Robert Holman's triptych at the Donmar Warehouse is unmissable.

New Statesman
Theatre Review: Wild Swans
By Emily Wight - 23 April 12:17

The first stage adaptation of Jung Chang's award-winning novel is a masterpiece.

Levon Helm
Levon Helm: 1940-2012
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 20 April 9:58

The Band's drummer dies of cancer at 71.

Global warning
By Sophie Elmhirst - 18 April 17:37

Should there be a boycott of the Israeli theatre company at the Globe?

New Statesman
The thing and the place
By Hari Kunzru - 18 April 14:35

Kraftwerk, half-men, half-machine, return to New York.

Eva Peron
Parodying Eva Perón
By Juliet Jacques - 17 April 16:33

Copi and an Argentinian classic of queer theatre.

Matilda Olivier Awards
Oliviers are for sharing
By Gina Allum - 16 April 17:33

But Matilda waltzes off with a record haul of Larrys.

New Statesman
Easter Arts Diary
By New Statesman - 05 April 13:34


Jubilee Park, E14, Anthony Caro, Until 25 May

Rani Moorthy.
"We had to witness at first cultural genocide and then all out genocide"
By Samira Shackle - 05 April 11:47

Rani Moorthy, Tamil Sri Lankan actress, discusses cultural dislocation, civil war, and her new one w

New Statesman
Theatre Review: Big and Small
By Sophie Cohen - 03 April 17:38

Cate Blanchett gives a magnetic performance in Botho Strauss's play.

Krzysztof Penderecki and Jonny Greenwood with the AUKSO Chamber Orchestra
By Yo Zushi - 30 March 12:34

Yo Zushi is awestruck at the Barbican by a Polish avant-gardist and his rock-star disciple.

Plan B
Appetite for destruction
By Yo Zushi - 30 March 12:19

Why Plan B's "iLL Manors" works.

Sprinting start
By Miriam Gillinson - 29 March 18:01

Over the past 15 years, Sprint Festival has become one of London's most enduring experimental theatre festivals.

Jarvis Cocker, BBC 6 Music
Eclectic avenues
By Sophie Elmhirst - 22 March 14:04

The appeal of BBC 6 Music.