Wheeling and dealing
By Lana Asfour - 05 June 13:00

Moving between remote villages, glinting between patchwork fields of spinach, wheat and cotton, and parked decoratively in front of Byzantine ruins, motorcycles appear to be ubiquitous in Syria.

The secret state
By Patrick Seale - 05 June 13:00

Authoritarian and anti-western, Syria stands alongside Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas in defying US ambit

The many and the happy few
By William Dalrymple - 05 June 13:00

Syria - Politically repressive, the minority Alawite rulers have encouraged a surprising religious t

Who's who
By Nkem Ifejika - 05 June 13:00

Syria's top ten political power-brokers. Research

One small step
By Peter Tatchell - 29 May 13:00

Observations on Iraq

Female fans play political football
By Emilie Bickerton - 22 May 13:00

Observations on Iran

The writing on the wall
By Rachel Aspden - 22 May 13:00

From ancient Arabic script to Gaza City graffiti, a fascinating exhibition shows that the written wo

Identity parade
By Daphna Baram - 15 May 13:00

<strong>Occupied Minds: a journey through the Israeli psyche</strong>

Arthur Neslen <em>Pluto Pres

The worst man in the world?
By Robert Calderisi - 15 May 13:00

Paul Wolfowitz, the former US deputy defence secretary and main architect of the Iraq war, has run t

John Pilger detects the Salvador Option
By John Pilger - 08 May 13:00

The American public is being prepared. If the attack on Iran does come, there will be no warning, no

Not getting on their bikes
By Rachel Aspden - 01 May 13:00

With oil at $70 a barrel, Saudi Arabian society is in danger of capsizing under the weight of its ow

Wealth and terror
By Lindsey Hilsum - 01 May 13:00

Saudi Arabia's government is finally making moves to "re-educate" Islamic extremists - but a new gen

A struggle to exist
By Tim Lezard - 01 May 13:00

Tim Lezard on Iraqi trade unionism

NS Profile - Omar Sharif
By Shiv Malik - 24 April 13:00

Omar Sharif was the British suicide bomber who attempted an attack in Tel Aviv three years ago. now,

Iran: don't let it happen
By Katharine Gun - 17 April 13:00

"To me it would be a worse crime to stay silent if telling the truth could prevent war."

To nuke or not to nuke: Bush decides
By Andrew Stephen - 17 April 13:00

There will be an attack; that much is already assumed in Washington. Whether it should be nuclear is

The Euston Manifesto
By Norman Geras and Nick Cohen - 17 April 13:00

It started with some like-minded progressives meeting in a London pub. Disenchanted with what they s

Religion - Leading from the front
By Ziauddin Sardar - 10 April 13:00

Sir Jonathan Sacks talks to Ziauddin Sardar about the Holocaust, al-Qaeda, the future of Palestine -

John Pilger doesn't buy the sales pitch of war lovers
By John Pilger - 27 March 13:00

Turn on the television and there they are, night after night, intoning not so much their love of war

Lindey Hilsum defends her decision to wear a headscarf
By Lindsey Hilsum - 27 March 13:00

Wearing a headscarf is a wonderful thing, because it alerts the audience to the compromises a repor

Oh, what a foolish war
By Staff blogger - 20 March 12:00

Saddam may be on trial, but there is now, thanks to Blair and Bush, no better time to be a dictator

Iraq by numbers
By Katherine Haywood - 20 March 12:00

2,309: US soldiers killed since invasion . . . 103: British soldiers killed . . . 4,260: members of new Iraqi security forces killed . . . 33,658-37,754: civilians killed . . . 101: media workers killed . . . 1,012: car bombs since June 2004 . . . 280: foreigners kidnapped (of whom 45 killed) .

They ask, we ask: was it worse under Saddam?
By Zaki Chehab - 20 March 12:00

Kidnappings, power cuts, sectarian hatred, medical shortages, petrol queues, intimidation of women a

Iraq: the reckoning
By John Simpson - 20 March 12:00

The US and Iraqi governments insist that this isn't a civil war. If they are right, then how do you

"You won't be going to Jericho"
By Rachel Aspden - 20 March 12:00

Rachel Aspden was one of the Britons rapidly evacuated from Jerusalem following the Israeli army's p

Invasion was the courageous thing to do
By John Lloyd - 20 March 12:00

Mistakes have been made in Iraq and opponents of the war may revel in them, but nothing can alter th

Peace in our times
By Barbara Smith - 13 March 12:00

The People on the Street: a writer's view of Israel

Linda Grant <em>Virago, 214pp, £9.99</em>


Lindsey Hilsum - predicts Iranian cloned sheep
By Lindsey Hilsum - 13 March 12:00

Iran has a fervour for science. Its stem-cell research is nearly as advanced as Britain's

Britain's dirty secret
By Meirion Jones - 13 March 12:00

Exculsive - Secret papers show how Britain helped Israel make the A-bomb in the 1960s, supplying ton

Palestine's future is in our hands
By Staff blogger - 06 March 12:00

Hamas must be required to make a gesture; this should coincide with a longer-term economic package a