Lindsey Hilsum smells rotting strawberries
By Lindsey Hilsum - 27 February 12:00

Hamas has maintained a ceasefire, with no suicide bombings and no attacks on Israel, for a year. Tha

Mark Thomas flushes out a fatwa
By Mark Thomas - 27 February 12:00

A fatwa committee has sentenced the Kurdish writer Marywan Halabjaye to death, while Kurd leaders ju

Our man in Baghdad
By Stephen Grey - 27 February 12:00

My Year In Iraq: the struggle to build a future of hope

L Paul Bremer III <em>Simon & Schuster, 41

Paper parenthood
By Allegra Stratton - 27 February 12:00

Observations on Egpyt

History's witness
By Adam LeBor - 27 February 12:00

Photography - To understand Israel's story, we need pictures as much as words

Talking to terrorists
By Martin Bright - 20 February 12:00

Secret documents show the Foreign Office is ready to risk international fury by opening a dialogue w

Rory's week - Rory Bremner boggles in Dubai
By Rory Bremner - 20 February 12:00

Peter Mandelson (Peace Be Upon Him) informed the world's press that "we represent the masses, the pr

Mixed fortunes
By Samir El-Youssef - 20 February 12:00

City of Oranges: Arabs and Jews in Jaffa

Adam LeBor <em>Bloomsbury, 357pp, £18.99</em>

ISBN 0747

Iran: the next war
By John Pilger - 13 February 12:00

Bush and Blair are gearing up for it, and they are preparing us, too - just as they did before attac

Danish butter? No thanks
By James Montague - 13 February 12:00

You have to feel sorry for Thomas Bay. The affable Danish consul and trade commissioner to Dubai has arguably one of the hardest jobs in the world at the moment: trying to persuade Muslim consumers in the emirate to start buying Danish again.

Cartoons and oil
By Lindsey Hilsum - 13 February 12:00

The Americans are seeking ways to cut themselves off from the Muslim world. For Europe that is not a

Near-miracle of polling day in Nablus
By Shahid Malik - 06 February 12:00

Observations on Palestine

Lindsey Hilsum meets Arafat's heir
By Lindsey Hilsum - 30 January 12:00

"I think Marwan Barghouti is a terrorist," said the Israeli prison officer. "But in the end, he must

Victoria Segal - Patriot games
By Victoria Segal - 30 January 12:00

Film - Hollywood's top director makes a troubled foray into politics, writes Victoria Segal


His real aim was to divide and dominate
By Lindsey Hilsum - 16 January 12:00

Sharon: The Israeli leader did not become leftish or dovish; he just changed his tactics. His plan w

From the Archive, 2006: We were wrong about Ariel Sharon
By Jonathan Freedland - 16 January 12:00

His past is appalling and we may loathe his motives, but he did things that Palestinians and peaceniks have been demanding for years. And he would have gone on doing them, says Jonathan Freedland.

Passion high at the Tehran Hopkins Club
By Cyrus Shahrad - 16 January 12:00

Observations on books

Dubai pays a price for its mourning
By James Montague - 16 January 12:00

Observations on the Gulf

Power to fight both fires
By Samir El-Youssef - 16 January 12:00

Sharon: Amir Peretz won't win the March election but, argues Samir El-Youssef, he's the best hope fo

Kidnappers point the way to anarchy
By Laila el-Haddad - 09 January 12:00

Observations on Gaza

The failure to rebuild Iraq
By Staff blogger - 09 January 12:00

It was Tony Blair who brought history into it. That was in a speech to the US Congress in July 2003, when he declared that he was "confident history will forgive" those who, a couple of months earlier, had destroyed the "threat" from Saddam Hussein.

William Dalrymple: Christianity and Islam are not as far apart as Bin Laden and the neocons would like us to believe
By William Dalrymple - 19 December 12:00

In the year that Islamist terrorism finally reached London, when the Christian west and Islamic east are engaged in another major confrontation, there has never been a greater need for both sides to realise what they have in common.

NS Essay - 'It's noticeable how little historical perspective and sweep many MPs have, particularly when discussing something big such as Iraq'
By Greg Neale - 19 December 12:00

History may be fashionable on television and in the bookshops, but our politicians understand it les

Exit from the Holy Land
By Chris McGreal - 19 December 12:00

NS Christmas - Many in Bethlehem hoped that as the intifada eased, the collapse in their economy wou

Razing the past
By Robert Bevan - 12 December 12:00

Soldiers and civilians are not the only casualties of war. Aggressors also target the physical monum

Fiction - Land of myths
By Samir El-Youssef - 05 December 12:00

Gate of the Sun

Elias Khoury; translated by Humphrey Davies <em>Harvill, 501pp, £17.99</em>


Preparing Iran for judgement day
By Lindsey Hilsum - 05 December 12:00

President Ahmadinejad is mocked by Tehran's elite for his ugliness, stupidity and smelly socks. Yet