Eastern adventure
By Rachel Aspden - 26 March 13:00

<strong>Misadventure in the Middle East: travels as tramp, artist and spy</strong>

Henry Hemming <

Beyond the green zone
By James Montague - 26 March 13:00

Iraqi Kurdistan is desperate to prove that it is safe and open for tourist business.

A breaking story
By Tim Lambon - 19 March 12:00

Conventional armies are a sledgehammer to crack a nut when it comes to fighting guerrillas.

"If they kill me they have killed an Iraqi patriot"
By Tim Lezard - 12 March 12:00

Tim Lezard talks to a soccer-star headteacher who won't be intimidated by daily threats of death

The predictable slaughter
By Tim Lambon - 12 March 12:00

"Shock and Awe" killed very few Iraqis, but the inept implementation of regime change has let loose

Iraq: the hidden cost of the war
By Andrew Stephen - 12 March 12:00

America won't simply be paying with its dead. The Pentagon is trying to silence economists who predi

Cameron's own goals
By Martin Bright - 05 March 13:20

Tory errors go relatively unnoticed as people focus on Labour's factional skirmishes

In Tehran, echoes of Baghdad 2002
By Rageh Omaar - 05 March 12:00

The resigned weariness of ordinary Iranians is horribly reminiscent of pre-war Iraq

Of poetry and princes
By Rachel Aspden - 05 March 12:00

In the UAE poetry is the pinnacle of manly achievement

Looking for truth among the lies
By Benjamin Pogrund - 26 February 12:00

Trying to find some reality among all the strong emotions that the issues of Israel and Palestine th

Iran - This, Mr President, is how wars start
By Andrew Stephen - 19 February 12:00

Andrew Stephen in Washington warns that war could easily be triggered by the Bush administration's s

Iran - Ready to attack
By Dan Plesch - 19 February 12:00

American preparations for invading Iran are complete, Dan Plesch reveals. Plus Rageh Omaar's insight

We are asking the wrong questions of Iran
By Rageh Omaar - 19 February 12:00

Rageh Omaar finds a country more complex than most in the west have ever realised

Time to speak out
By Martin Bright - 15 February 9:45

Why is the left silent on Iran's internal struggle?

Sunni v Shia
By Zaki Chehab - 12 February 12:00

The clash between Sunni and Shia Muslims is the greatest cause of strife across the Arab world. Here

Too complex for Dubbya
By Andrew Stephen - 12 February 12:00

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Rumsfeld and co never realised the Sunni-Shia division coul

History of a conflict
By Rachel Aspden - 12 February 12:00

Key facts about Sunni and Shia Muslims

How the left went wrong
By Nick Cohen - 05 February 12:00

In early 2003, the largest co-ordinated protests in history took place against the Iraq war. This, a

As opposition grows in America to the failed Iraq adventure, the war for Iran begins
By John Pilger - 05 February 12:00

The Bush administration prepares to fight on another ideological front.

The genocide continues: John Pilger on terror and starvation in Gaza
By John Pilger - 22 January 12:00

Palestine is engulfed by renewed violence. The international community looks on in silence.

Letter to a Parent of a British soldier in Palestine
By Arthur Koestler - 15 January 12:00

Taken from the New Statesman archive, 16 August 1947

Drawn to a fair future
By Amil Khan - 15 January 12:00

The epoch of the Arab superhero

Saudi torture: a Whitehall cover-up
By Geoffrey Bindman - 15 January 12:00

It is not just in arms deals that Britain twists the law to please the Saudis. The human rights lawy

A flawed process
By Chris Stephen - 08 January 12:00

Iraq has blown its chance to prove it has embraced the rule of law

An illegal hanging
By Sadakat Kadri - 08 January 12:00

Besides being barbaric, the execution of Saddam Hussein may well be illegal

The death of a failed adventure
By Staff blogger - 08 January 12:00

Saddam's execution provides an appropriate image for the war in Iraq

Looking for the spirit of hope
By Zaki Chehab - 18 December 12:00

Christmas around the world: Lebanon

Jewish Beliefs and Practice
By Rabbi Janet Burden - 13 December 10:03

What jews believe and how the rules of Judaism get applied in practice

Reflections on Jewish Identity
By Rabbi Janet Burden - 12 December 9:55

How Jews are not simply a race or a religion - they are an extended family with all that implies

What they didn't tell us about WMD
By Brian Jones - 11 December 12:00

As the Iraq Study Group reports on US operations to remove Saddam, Brian Jones, a former intelligenc